Marshall Woburn II Review – Excellent Sounding Bluetooth Speakers

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Marshall Woburn II Review – Short words

Marshall Woburn ii review: This rectangular Bluetooth speaker and solid structure produce a fantastic sound performance. They support various connectivities such as RCA, 3.5mm, and the latest Bluetooth 5.0. Besides, the Woburn ii also supports aptX technology provides lossless wireless sound at a range of up to 30 feet. Classics look and there are control dial buttons (analog control) to control volume, bass, and treble. Or you can customize these via the Marshall Bluetooth app.

Marshall Woburn ii review

Marshall Woburn II

Bluetooth 5.0 speaker, easy control bass/treble/volume via the top-panel control, very loud
sound profile: with high trebles, handles low bass with ease, and clear mid-range


For a couple of years, it seems that for a few years, the Marshall label has gradually been expanding beyond its live amp equipment and studio-friendly zone. After that, they are moving into the realm of home speakers through its Acton, Stanmore, and Woburn speakers as well as its Marshall Major audiophiles. However, it’s only in the Marshall Woburn II that the company has fulfilled the promise of an ear-splitting classic hard-rocking history. I will show you about details of these excellent wireless Bluetooth headphones in the Marshall Woburn ii review.

Bold, big Big, bold, and “all-the-way-to-11” loud, the Marshall Woburn II is a stunning speaker with the right features to play a variety of musical styles and can be a beast when you pair it with some of your most raunchy tunes.

Marshall Woburn ii Bluetooth Speakers – Design

Marshall Woburn ii review

The Woburn II measures 400 x 308x 200mm (the exact dimensions of the predecessor). The Woburn II Bluetooth speaker is an impressive piece of equipment. It’s like a stage amplifier – place it on your living room floor, and you’ll want to set your feet on top of it and then make your horns sway upwards as you cut your carrots.

While it’s similar to the original Woburn in size, this one is heavier than the original model around 0.65 kg (8.55kg compared to 7.9kg). It’s one of the heaviest products we’ve reviewed on our loudest Bluetooth speaker guide. It shouldn’t pose a problem it’s the Woburn II Bluetooth speaker isn’t made to be portable. It’s powered by the mains and doesn’t have a carry strap as well as it’s not weather-proof.

It’s Woburn II Bluetooth speaker has all the standard features that we’ve come accustomed to from Marshall’s amplifiers and speakers. Including a textured vinyl covering (available in white, black, or brown) and a brass plate that is etched with the design “1962” (the year in which Marshall was founded). There is Marshall’s name printed across the grille with the distinctive italic font.

The control panel on the upper right of the device is precisely the same as it was before, sporting a 3.5mm input socket and dials for bass, volume, and the treble. There are some changes that the source button has been relocated to the opposite side of the panel. This is sensible since it’s now located alongside indicators to show the source currently providing your music. The flick switch to turn off or on functionality has been replaced with the modern soft switch.

Marshall Woburn II Review – The Sound Quality

Marshall Woburn ii - Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 500

The Woburn II being an absolute beast, It was an unsurprising fact that it can handle the bass with ease. It helps that the speaker includes an enclosure that is bass reflex and has a port for rear-firing. This was especially evident during Another One Bites The Dust. The speaker’s powerful performance delivers the full extent of John Deacon’s swinging tune.

When you listen to”Don’t stop me now, The Woburn II’s Bluetooth range truly shines with the performance of the operatic musings of Freddie Mercury with a clean and slick style. Even at high volume (and the speaker can get very loud), the speaker keeps things in place with the tiniest indication of degradation. When the song came to its thrilling conclusion, It was easy to understand why Marshall has been the most popular choice for stage performers for over a decade.

Connectivity and audio options

Marshall Woburn ii - Connectivities and controls

As we said earlier in this Marshall Woburn II review, it uses Bluetooth 5.0, which provides good connectivity to mobile devices throughout the day, and a 10-meter range is claimed to be accurate. The Bluetooth standard here is multi-host Bluetooth that lets you connect two devices simultaneously, which means no more arguments between the family over who gets to play which game.

In addition, it has an AUX-In and AUX Out connectivity and RCA connectivity if you want to integrate Woburn II as part of your more extensive Hi-Fi system. For the cost, it would have been nice to have had more innovative features, like multi-room support in conjunction with the other products from Marshall’s multi-room line would be highly appreciated, such as Spotify Connect or AirPlay functionality.

It might not be for everyone’s tastes; however, as a former budding guitarist, I’d like to have the Marshall line include a guitar input jack someday If the gods of engineering allow it. Having a speaker like this that can be compatible with your guitars would be fantastic and provide a truly unique aspect to the Marshall’s Bluetooth line.

How about Marshall Woburn iis’ Performance?

Marshall Woburn II Bluetooth Speaker Review

The one thing that I can say, is the Marshall Woburn ii offers incredibly loud whatever the source audio you are connecting to. Thanks to two tweeters and two of 5.25″ subwoofers and each driven by Class D amplifiers that are cranked to their maximum 110-watts output power. And I recommend if your testing room for this very loudspeaker is not a soundproof room, Please don’t turn up the volume too loud. Because it’s might be disturbing your neighbors or next door

What’s the point of volume without clarity and detail? It’s a good thing, and even if the noise that melts your eardrums isn’t to your preferences, it’s impossible to disprove the Woburn II’s audio. Utilizing a redesigned DSP to ensure clarity even at louder volumes, The Marshall Woburn (like its stablemates) is still a rock star when it comes to music. However, it’s pretty effective with other styles as well.

Unfortunately, even though these Bluetooth speakers come at pricey, there is no wireless which makes them not easy to portable. If you are looking for a portable and wireless speaker that offers some playtime, the Woburn ii is not your choice. I Recommend trying to look at the Standmore Kilburn II.

Compare Marshall Kilburn ii to Other Marshall Speakers

Marshall Woburn ii Vs Marshall Standmore ii Vs Marshall Kilburn ii Vs Marshall Uxbridge

Marshall Woburn ii - specs

Marshall Woburn ii

Specs: dimension:  15.75″ x 12.20″ x 7.87″, weight: 18.85 pounds, analog control knobs on the top: source/volume/bass/treble/play-pause/power lever, power amplifier (woofer): 2 x 50-watt class D/2 x 15-watt class D (tweeters), frequency response: 30 – 20 kHz, max SPL (sound pressure level): 110 dB @ 1m, cabinet principle: bass-relfex, connectivity: Bluetooth/3.5 mm input/RCA input
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX, Bluetooth work range: up to 10 meters, customizable sound profile: Marshall Bluetooth app, multi-host functionality: connect & switch between 2 Bluetooth devices


Marshall Stanmore ii review

Marshall Stanmore ii

Specs: dimension: 13.78″ x 7.68″ x 7.28″, weight: 10.25 pounds/4.62 kg, connectivity: RCA input/3.5mm input/Bluetooth, frequency response: 50 – 20kHz, maximum SPL: 101 dB @ 1m, app: Marshall Bluetooth app, cabinet principle: bass-reflex,  power amplifies: 1 x 50W class D amplifier (woofer)/2 x 15W class D amplifiers (tweeters)
Features: Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX, Bluetooth range: 33 feet, aptX technology provide lossless wireless audio, analog control knob – customizable sound (bass and treble), multi-host funcatinality: easily connect & switch between 2 Bluetooth devices, top panel controls: source/volume/bass/treble/play/pause/power level
In the box: Stanmore ii Bluetooth speaker, manual guide, legal and safety information, mains lead


Marshall kilburn ii portable Bluetooth speaker - specs

Marshall Kilburn ii

Specs: dimension: 9.57″ x 6.42″ x 5.51″, weight: 5.5 pounds/ 2.5 kg, connectivity: wired (3.5 mm input)/wireless (Bluetooth 5.0 aptx), full charge: 2.5 hours, frequency response: 52 – 20kHz, maximum sound pressure level: 100.4 dB SPL @ 1m, cabinet principle: bass-reflex, power amplifiers: 1 x 20W class D amplifier (woofer)/ 2 x 8W class D amplifier (tweeters)
Features: maximum playtime: 20 hours, quick charge: 20-minutes get 3-hours, multi-directional sound, Bluetooth 5.0 aptX, water-resistant: IPX2, multi-host functionality: easily connect & switch between 2 Bluetooth devices, top panel control: treble/bass/volume/Bluetooth/power/battery indicator
What’s in the box: Kilburn II portable stereo loudspeaker, power cord, quick start guide, legal and safety information


Marshall Uxbridge home voice speaker

Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker

Specs: dimension: 5.04″ x 4.84″ x 6.61″, weight: 3.06 pounds, connectivity: Bluetooth/wi-fi, frequency response: 54 – 20kHz, maximum sound pressure level: 96dB SPL @ 1m, output power: 30 watts class D (woofer and tweeter), app: Marshall Voice app/Google Home, Bluetooth 4.2
Features: recommended use: for TV, wireless, voice assistant: Amazon Alexa, classic mid-sized wireless speaker, bass & treble adjustable independently, unique/elegant/durable design, premium material


Woburn 2 Bluetooth Speaker Review – Features

Marshall Woburn 2 is all about making an impact concerning both the visuals and the sound. It’s not the most advanced Bluetooth speaker ever since it’s not equipped with intelligent assistant features such as access.

However, you will have Bluetooth 5.0, and we’ll talk about it in a minute. You can adjust the volume and the bass and treble at scale with this Marshall Woburn 2, thanks to the top panel. In addition, there’s a specific Bluetooth application that allows control of the audio.

You can also access specific presets that will enhance your sound dependent on the music playing. This Marshall Woburn 2 speaker features multiple host accessibility, meaning you can switch between several speakers, and you have the option of playing music using an actual wire as well.

If you’re searching for an audio experience that you could customize to meet your specific needs, then this speaker is what you need.

The features include:

  • RCA as well as 3.5mm output
  • Music control can be fine-tuned using the Bluetooth app or analog controls
  • The latest technology in
  • APTX audio codec that allows lossless audio
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Two tweeters as well as dual subwoofers
  • Class D amplifiers
  • Amazing frequency choices
  • Multi-hosting functionality

It’s a shame the device doesn’t come with the latest technology and features, such as wireless charging, particularly for the cost.

Marshall Woburn II Review – Pros and Cons


  • Amazing volume
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Looks fantastic in any color
  • Excellent customer service (up to 90-day refund policy)
  • Great for audiophiles
  • Aux input/output
  • Incredible bass depth
  • Easy to use the app
  • Lots of control over sound quality


  • The guitar or mic is not working.
  • Super expensive
  • The functionality is limited at a price.
  • Can benefit from innovative new assistant technologies

Final Verdict/Where to buy Marshall Woburn II

It’s difficult to doubt how good this Marshall Bluetooth speaker is. It’s the ideal accessory to any home with a rock and roll theme and an iconic look that’s impossible to duplicate. Furthermore, the audio and volume are unparalleled.

It also comes with the most recent audio and Bluetooth codecs inbuilt to ensure that you don’t lose any sound quality. The only issue is that the speaker is expensive for the features you receive. Some features could have been added to provide the Woburn with an extra glimmer.

Thank you for reading till the end of the Marshall Woburn II review and I hope this content will help you know more something about Woburn ii and make the right decision about buying them.

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Marshall Woburn ii review
Marshall Woburn ii:
Bluetooth 5.0 speaker, easy control bass/treble/volume via the top-panel control, very loud
sound profile: with high trebles, handles low bass with ease, and clear mid-range


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