VANKYO C750 Review

VANKYO C750 Review

You can find tons of tons of affordable over-ear headphones under 50 that do not work properly because people do not know how good ANC headphones work. Hence today, we’re going to the VANKYO C750 review, which is a feature-packed model from VANKYO manufacturer and we will see this headset fares with its performance, design, build and comfort level.

VANKYO C750 Review – Design and build quality

VANKYO C750 Review

The VANKYO C750 incorporates a pretty standard design with its round ear cups. The ear cans are quite big as well, which gives this model a bulkier look.

The earpads are made from a cozy mesh material which is comfortable enough on the skin. Though prolonged use might make your head and ear feel warm. The ear cups of the C750 headphones also swivel 90 degrees that allow it to lay flat on your chest when worn around the neck.

This is a necessary addition as the cups are considerably big. The headband also features the correct amount of padding added comfort.

The good quality of the band is with best-notch flexibility, we tried stretching as far as we can it managed and return to its actual form with relative ease. Furthermore the headband extendable and easy.

The build quality of this headphone is good enough like C751 to handle some blows. Twisting or turning the headset does not produce annoying squeaky sounds.

The headphones consist mainly of plastic. I’d have preferred a more durable, reliable design but still, you’d be capable to use the C750 headset for a couple of years without too many issues.

Inside the packaging, you get the headphone itself, and a case, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a USB charging wire. The case allows for simple and compact travel. Moreover, these wireless headphones are a good option for work environments

C750 Review – Soft and Comfort

VANKYO C750 - Fold flat design

When I notice after first wearing VANKYO C750 is how comfortable they are compared to VANKYO C751. While a few have mentioned the clamping force is a little tight, I would completely disagree. There is enough to keep the headsets from sliding off your head, they fit snug around your ears, but yet they are not putting any force against your head either.

And the thick ear pads to work actually well and giving a fine comfortable listening experience. The challenge is that about 40 minutes of wearing these cheap Bluetooth headphones or so you can start to develop a hot area on the peak of the head.

And I believe this is due to the big ear cups and the way the weight of the headphone is distributed. This is one of those things that’ll affect every person differently, but if you are somebody like me who’s prone to discomfort below the top of the headband, that is something to consider if you plan to wear VANKYO C750 all day long.

But still, whenever I first wear these wireless headsets on they are always super comfortable and feel quite soft and cozy around my ears.

C750 ANC Headphones – Sound performance

VANKYO C750 Active Noise Cancellation headphones

Compared to other models of VANKYO, you will notice the sound performance has improved noticeably. The biggest difference is that it sounds less tinny and sounds more balanced well. So you do not have some frequencies massively overpowering others.

You also get a wider response from the frequency with VANKYO C750 because it now has 40mm drivers. So as an outcome, you do get a fuller and deep bass compared to any competitors in a similar category.

Specifically, one of the most noticeable features in the lows is that the bass is very deep and BOOMY. This makes a big impact when listening to any contemporary track that has low end presence. Just this alone would be enough for buying this wireless headphone for me.

The MIDS is still the weak point of the product. Though, little great than many other models in this same category, vocals as an instance can sound a tad withdrawn as well as veiled. Still compared to other active noise-canceling headphones in this price tag, this model is way better.

Compare Vankyo C750 to Other Over-Ear Headphones

Vankyo C750 Vs Anker SoundCore Life Q20 Vs Mpow H19 IPO ANC

VANKYO C750 Review

Vankyo C750 Model: JH-ANC805

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 7.00″ x 8.00″ x 3.00″, weight: 8 ounces, playtime: up to 30-hours, driver: 40mm large-aperture,
Features: wireless, active noise-canceling, hi-fi stereo with deep bass, Bluetooth 5.0 (work-range: 33feet/10meters), fast-charge: 10-minutes get 2-hours, 90° rotatable earcups, ergonomic design, adjustable headband, soft & comfortable with memory foam protein earpads, built-in CVC8.0 noise reduction microphone


VANKYO C751 Review

Vankyo C751

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 9.44″ x 7.36″ x 4.88″, weight: 26.4 ounces, playtime: up to 30-hours, battery capacity: 600mAh, charge time: 3-hours, driver size: 40mm large-aperture driver offer hi-fi audio sound and deep bass
Features: wireless, hybrid active noise-canceling, hi-fi stereo with strong bass, Bluetooth 5.0 (super-fast and stable connection), CVC8.0 noise-canceling mic, quick-charge: 10-minutes get 2-hours, comfortable for wearing, foldable design earcups, 2-devices connection, 5 EQ mode preset (pop/classic/rock/jazz /voice), 2-years support


Anker Soundcore Life Q20 reviewAnker SoundCore Life Q20

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 7.68″ x 7.09″ x 3.07″, weight: 9.3 ounce, drive size: 40mm, playtime: up to 60 hours, Bluetooth 5.0
Features: wireless,Hi-Res audio, 4-mic hybrid active noise cancellation for music, BassUp function, foldable design, adjustable headband, memory foam earpads, fast-charge: 5-minutes get 4-hours, dual EQ mode


Mpow H19 IPO BH388A Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - Specs

Mpow H19 IPO Active Noise Cancelling, Model: BH388A

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 3.23″ x 6.30″ x 5.12″, weight: 8.5 ounces, driver: 40mm tuned sound driver, playtime: 35-hours, Bluetooth 5.0,
Features: wireless, hi-fi stereo deep powerful sound, feedback active noise-canceling technology, CVC8.0 noise cancellation, soft memory-protein earpads, ergonomically-designed 90° swivel ear cups, adjustable headband, foldable design, fast-charge: 10-minutes get 2-hours



Long Playtime With C750

Though the VANKYO C750 claims to have a battery life of 30hrs, in my experience it was closer to 27 to 28hrs. But this is still extremely impressive considering these headphones have 40mm drivers to power.

VANKYO C750 Review – Pros & Cons


  • Impressive battery performance
  • Strong ANC feature
  • Deep bass and decent sound quality with low leakage
  • Memory foam protein earpads to reduce pressure and comfortable to wear
  • An affordable option for a low budget person


  • Gets little warm during long time use
  • Bulky design
  • Not foldable

VANKYO C750 – Final words

So that is it from the VANKYO C750 review, and the final verdict is without a doubt, the VANKYO C750 ANC headphones are the best affordable headphones that are also best sound and premium quality plus with active noise-canceling (ANC) technology.

A good battery performance, comfortable ear cups, decent sound quality, with the supreme bass response and Bluetooth connectivity makes a joyful experience for the listeners.

Where to buy VANKYO C750 ANC Bluetooth Headphones

VANKYO C750 - Fold flat design
VANKYO C750 Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones:
Bluetooth 5.0 (33 feet), powerful deep and strong bass, and hi-fi audio sound
30 hours playtime, soft and comfortable with protein earpads


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