Boltune BH011 Review – Best Value for the money?

If you consider yourself a true audiophile, then you might have heard about the Boltune BH010. They are a type of mixed-use headsets that have upgraded into the Boltune BH011. This upgraded version offers better sound performance but they have sacrificed great bass that users had become utilized to with the previous model. Though, Boltune … Read moreBoltune BH011 Review – Best Value for the money?

Mpow H12 Review – Is best Value for the money?

Mpow H12 - Hybrid ANC Headphones

In this Mpow H12 review, we are going to feature an affordable, well-built and greater sound headphones with ANC tech. it has an amazing 30hrs of battery life and comes with a charging wire and a carrying case. They’re made of plastic and enough aluminum to keep them from falling to pieces. It also simply … Read moreMpow H12 Review – Is best Value for the money?

Popular Headphones and Earbuds

In this post, we take a look at what headphones and speakers that very popular and best sellers on The following are products (headphones and speakers) for the most selling on Over-Ear Headphones The first kind of headphones, over-ear headphones, has several price ranges from under $50 to more than $3000. But which … Read morePopular Headphones and Earbuds

7 Best Audio Technica Headphones For Any Event

Recently, Audio-Technica has been struggling with premium headphones, whether for gaming, recording music or just enjoying your favorite mix on your iPod. Like competitors to the infamous Beats By Dre headphone line, many are headed towards Audio-Technica because they have lower prices but still have higher quality headphones. They may not be as popular as … Read more7 Best Audio Technica Headphones For Any Event

Top 6 Best Audiophile Headphones

best audiophile headphones

Audiophile headphones, there are many options in the headphone market. But best audiophile headphones should give the clearest sound and precisely. Important, best audiophile headphones should require an excellent frequency response and also great harmonic distortion performance. Besides, comfort is one factor to choose the best audiophile headphones and should be well-built. In order that … Read moreTop 6 Best Audiophile Headphones

Top 5 Amazing Mpow Headphones

At times listening to music with headphones is much better than listening to music with headsets. Because the headphones are designed with a comfortable design and on the ear with a correct driver to turn you into another dimension. In fact, there are many affordable branded headphones. Which belong to various leading companies and in … Read moreTop 5 Amazing Mpow Headphones