Popular Headphones Under 80

If you are one of those people looking for headphones. Are you think the $100 headphones are too expensive? If yes, reviewsbestheadphones.com have selected quality headphones for under $100 which overall for less than $80 for you to choose one of them.

Although these non-big-brand headphones like Bose, Sony, Sennheiser which you can not buy them cheaper than 80 dollars, these headphones are very popular on Amazon due to their affordable price and good quality, and many great features. Let’s go to these popular headphones under 80 dollars.

Note: Prices below 80 $ may be changed. Sometimes the price can be above 80 $ and sometimes it can be significantly lower than 80 $ depending on promotion at a time.

Over-Ear Headphones Under 80

Over-ear headphones under 80 bucks are plentiful on the market today. But will it be right for you? Let’s look at the specs and features of each headphone

Cowin E7 ANC Vs Cowin E7 Pro Vs Vankyo C751 Vs TaoTronics TT-BH090 Vs Mpow H19 BH329B Vs Mpow H21

Besign BTH01 - specs

Besign BTH01 (Transmitter & Headsets)- Wireless Headphones For TV

Specs: fit-type: over-ear, dimension: 8.39″ x 8.03″ x 4.41″, weight: 1.54 pounds, playtime: 35-hours, talk-time: 30-hours, charging time: 4H, connectivity: optical/Aux(3.5mm)/RCA audio out port
Features: Bluetooth 5.0 (100-feet/30-meters work range), plug & play, no audio delay, auto connection, auto on & auto charging, clear sound quality, compatibility: tablet/laptop/computers/TV/record player/AV receiver, adjustable headband
In the box: Besign BTH01 Bluetooth Transmitter/Headphones set/Power Adapter/USB power cable/3.5mm audio cable/3.5mm to RCA audio


SuperEQ S1 review

Super EQ S1

Specs: fit type: over-ear, dimension: 6.54″ x 5.47″ x 3.62″, weight: 14.9 ounces, 40 mm driver, 20 – 20KHz, 20 – 20KHz, impedance: 16 ohm, S/N: ≥85dB, Noise Reduction Depth: 28-33 dB, Battery 800 mAh, 40H (ANC+Bluettot)/45H (Bluetooth mode)/50H (wired & noise cancelling mode)
Features: Bluetooth 5.0 (range 33-feet/10-meters), wireless/wired mode, hybrid active noise-canceling & ambient mode, hi-fi stereo sound, deep bass sound mode, ultra-soft protein leather earcups (with memory foam), built-in mic, hand-free call, foldable, adjustable headband, waterproof rating: IPX5, talk thru technology
In the package: COOSII Bluetooth Headphone/Detachable Pole Microphone/Micro USB Charging Connector/3.5mm Audio Cable/Usual Manual cable/Optical audio cable/6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter/User Manual


COOSII P80C Bluetooth Headphones Review


Specs: fit type: over-ear, dimension: 7.32″ x 7.28″ x 3″, weight: 14.9 ounces, playtime: up to 40-hours, battery capacity: 600mAh, charge time: 2-hours, driver size: 40mm large-aperture driver offer hi-fi audio sound and deep bass
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, microphone: dual mic with CVC 6.0 noise reduction, crystal clear sound, foldable & adjustable headband, superior comfort with soft protein memory earmuffs


Mixcder E9 review

Mixcder E9

Specs: fit type: over-ear, dimension: 7.6″ x 6.61″ x 3.39″, weight: 9 ounces, driver size: 40mm, battery capacity: rechargeable 500mAh, long last battery: up to 35-hours, Bluetooth 5.0 (audio code: SBC, AAC)
Features: wireless, active noise-cancellation (30dB reduces noise), foldable, quick charge: 5-minutes get 2-hours,  cloud-soft memory-protein cushions, rotatable earcups


Anker Soundcore Life Q20 review

Anker SoundCore Life Q20

Specs: fit-type: over-ear, dimension: 7.68″ x 7.09″ x 3.07″, weight: 9.3 ounce, drive size: 40mm, playtime: up to 60 hours, Bluetooth 5.0
Features: wireless, Hi-Res audio, 4-mic hybrid active noise cancellation for music, BassUp function, foldable design, adjustable headband, memory foam earpads, fast-charge: 5-minutes get 4-hours, dual EQ mode


Anker Life Q30 Review

Anker SoundCore Life Q30

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 7.8″ x 7.09″ x 3.07″, weight: 1.69 ounces, driver size: 40mm dynamic, frequency response: 16 – 40kHz, impedance: 16 homes, playtime: 60-hours (ANC off)/40-hours (ANC on), connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0/AUX/NFC, Bluetooth range: 15 meters, 2-microphones with uplink noise reduction, charging type: USB-C
Features: wireless, hi-res certified sound, hybrid active noise-canceling (4 modes): indoor/outdoor/travel/transparency, fast charge: 5-minutes get 4-hours, foldable design, multi-point rotation, memory foam earcups with protein leather, ergonomic headband, Soundcore app, multi-point connection, warranty: 18-months


Wireless In-Ear Headphones Under 80 dollars

Most wireless in-ear headphones are quite cheap, but in-ear wireless headphones that are a bit higher will be of a bit higher quality. Let’s take a look at wireless in-ear headphones under 80 dollars as below. Probably you may interest one of them.

Sabbat E12 Vs Monster Achieve 100 AirLinks Vs Lypertek Tevi Vs Back Bay Duet-50 Slim Vs Skullcany Indy Evo

Sabbat E12 ReviewSabbat E12 Ultra True Wireless

Specs: fit type: in-ear, dimension: 2.36″ x 1.26″ x 1.57″, weight: 8 ounces,
Features: true wireless earbuds, waterproof rating: IPX5, battery life: 6-8 hours (single charge)/30 hours (with charging case), support wireless charging, automatic paring (when picking them out of charging case), automatic off and recharge (when put it back to charging case), deep bass, hi-fi stereo sound, CVC 8.0 noise-canceling, 7 ear tips in the box, Bluetooth 5.0, support audio: aptX/AAC, mode: mono/dual, warranty: 18-months


Monster Achieve 100 AirLinks - Specs

Monster Achieve 100 AirLink

Specs: fit type: in-ear, dimension; 6.77″ x 3.86″ x 1.97″, weight: 7.7 ounces, charge type: USB-C,
Features: waterproof rating: IPX5, playtime: 6-hours, total playtime (with charge case): 24-hours, mode: single/twin, fast charge: 5-minutes get 1-hours, Bluetooth 5.0, one-step paring, soft & secure fit, 3 size of ear tips provide (S/M/L), 3 size of sport clips (S/M/L)


lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earbuds - Specs

LYPERTEK TEVI True Wireless Earbuds

Specs: fit type: in-ear, dimension: 4.21″ x 1.77″ x 4.53″, weight: 3.53 ounces, driver: high performance 6mm graphene driver, frequency response: 20 – 20kHz
Features:  wireless, sound profile: hi-fi stereo sound/balanced/good bass/wide sound stage sound signature, Bluetooth 5.0 , Bluetooth code: Qualcomm aptX/AAC/SBC, waterproof rating: IPX7, battery life (at volume  50%): 10-hours (single charge)/70-hours(with charge case), microphone: built-in/CVC 8.0 noise-cancelling/echo cancelling/noise suppression, voice assistant calls, silicone tips: S/M/L


Duet 50 Slim review

Back Bay Duet-50 Slim aptX TWS Earbuds

Specs: fit type: in-ear, dimension: 2.90″ x 1.80″ x 1.10″, weight: 1.59 ounces, driver size: 6mm, driver sensitivity: 95±3dB, impedance: 16Ω±15%, frequency response: 20 – 20kHz, THD: ≤5%, microphone sensitivity: -42±3dB
Features: wireless (range 30 feet), Bluetooth 5.0, codecs supported: APTX/AAC/SBC, profile supported: HFP/HSP/ A2DP/AVCP, playtime: 8-hours (single charge)/30-hours (with charging case)


Skullcandy Sesh Evo Review

Skullcandy Sesh Evo

Specs: fit-type: in-ear, dimension: 7.28″ x 4.21″ x 1.54″, weight: 63.5g, driver diameter: 6mm, frequency response: 20 – 20 kHz, impedance: 32 ohms, total harmonic distortion (THD): <3% at 1KHz, SPL (sound pressure level): 99 – 105dB, Bluetooth 5.0
Features: true wireless in-ear, playtime: 5-hours (earbuds)/ 24-hours (with charge case), use either bud solo, 3-EQ mode selectable (music/movie/podcast), built-in tile technology, IP rating: IP55 sweat & water & dust resistance


Airpods True Wireless Under $80

We don’t need to buy Apple AirPods which are expensive. There are a lot of AirPods style earphones for under 80 bucks, let’s see some of AirPods true wireless under 80 dollars that you can owner.

Ankey SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Vs Monster Mission V Wireless Earbuds Vs EarFun Air Pro TW302 Vs Monster Clarity 102 AirLinks

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 ReviewAnker Soundcore Liberty Air 2, Model A3910

Specs: fit type: in-ear, dimension: 1.97″ x 2.20″ x 0.98″, weight: 2.08 ounces, frequency response: 20 – 20kHz, impedance: 16 ohms, Bluetooth transmitter frequency: 2402-2480 MHz
Features: waterproof rating: IPX5, battery life: 7 hours (single charge), total playtime with charging case: 28 hours, fast charge: 10-minutes get 2-hours, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth range: 10 meters, Bluetooth transmitter frequency: 2402-2480 MHz, mic: 4-mics with CVC 8.0 noise reduction, crystal clear call, multiple ear tips: XS/S/M/L/XL, full touch control


Monster Mission V1 Wireless earbuds - specsMonster Mission V Wireless Earbuds – Gaming earbuds

Specs:  fit type: in-ear, true wireless earbuds, dimension (charging case): 6.5″ x 4.2″ x 1.8″, weight: 8.4 ounce, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth range: 15-meters, playtime: 5-hours (single charge)/25-hours (with charging case), charging type: USB-C
Features: noise-canceling earbuds, high-performance gaming audio, low latency: 48ms, auto connection, fast wireless charging ( wireless charging not included), easy rest the earbuds, stylish design with lights LED indicators, sound mode: music/game, voice assistant, built-in dual mic, comfort & snug fit, touch control
In the box: earphones, charging case, 3 different sizes of ear tips, USB-C charging cable, quick start guide


EarFun Air Pro TW302 reviewEarFun Air Pro, Model TW302

Specs: dimension: 2″ x 1.5″ x 2.5″, weight: 9.6 ounces, driver diameter: 10mm dynamic driver,
Features: active noise canceling, crystal clear and hand-free calls, 6 mics ENC (environment noise cancellation), playtime: 7-hours ANC on/9-hours ANC off, total playtime: 32-hours (with charging case), intuitive tap control, smart play/pause with sensor detection (pause auto when taking off and resume when putting it back), single-mode, transparent mode, ultra-soft, 3 size of ear tips (S/M/L) included, waterproof rating: IPX5, voice assistant: Siri/google assistant


monster clarity 102 AirLinks review

Monster Clarity 102 AirLinks – Great for Sports

Specs: fit type:in-ear, dimension: 7.17″ x 4.06″ x 1.85″, weight: 8.4 ounces, driver diameter: 6mm, frequency response: 20 – 20kHz, impedance: 16 ohms, Bluetooth frequency: 7.17 x 4.06 x 1.85, ergonomic design for snug fit, charging port: USB type C, battery capacity: 60mAh (each earbud)/500mAh (charging box)
Features: true wireless in-ear, subwoofer with TWS stereo, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth range: 10 meters, support audio codec: AAC/SBC, playtime: 11-hours (single charge/at volumn 50%), total playtime: 44 hours (with charging case/at volumn 50%), fast charge: 5-minutes get 60-minutes, mic: built-in 2 mics 9th gen noise cancellation technology on each earbud, automatically connect, 360-degree rotatable charge case, 3 different sizes of ear tips providing, waterproof rating: IPX5


Boltune BT-BH024 review

Boltune BT-BH024 Wireless Earbuds

Specs: in-ear, dimension: 2.95″ x 1.54″ x 1.14″, weight: 1.8 ounces, playtime: 7-hours only earbuds/total up to 42-hours (with charging case), charging type: USB C, Qualcomm chipset, Bluetooth 5.0, audio code: SBC/AAC/Apt-X, Bluetooth work-range: 20m/66ft
Features: CVC8.0 noise cancellation (crystal-clear calls), waterproof rating: IPX8, Aptx deep bass, 2-mics,  quick charge: 10-minutes get 1-hours, dynamic driver, touch control, open the lid to automatic pair, comfortable fit & secure, role switch technology



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