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What are closed Back headphones?

There are basically two types of headphones, with the back closed and the back open. You can easily identify closed headphones by looking at the earbuds.

If the headsets are closed on the outside, it means that you hit the jackpot. Closedback headphones are designed to maximize the total sound isolation possible. This is done by a closed outer shell design and on the ear cushion.

Likewise, the closed external design of the headset also prevents music from leaking into the surroundings. Although open headphones have become fashionable, closed headphones remain favorites, especially for musicians.

best closed-back headphones

What is the difference between a closedback headphone and an openback headphone?

Closed earphones have closed ear pads and ear cups so that no sound can escape or enter your ears. This type of headphone is known to isolate the sound. The physical design eliminates the interference factor so that the user can hear every detail. In some highend closed headsets, the isolation is achieved via active noise suppression, an integrated circuit is integrated into the ear cups, which eliminates much of the noise.

The openback headphones have open ear cushions and ear cups so the listener can stay connected to what’s happening around him while listening to his favorite album. This type of headphone aims to offer the user a good listening experience while remaining aware of its environment.

The design of the open earbuds lets air in and out so that the user is aware of his surroundings while listening to his music. This type of headset is less useful if you go to the studio.

How to choose the bestclosed back headphones?

A lot of people want to know the answer to this question. We all have different needs for our headphones. Some people like to mix and edit, while others use their headphones only to listen to music casually. Choose a closed headphone according to your needs, keeping in mind a realistic price to spend.

Best Closed-Back Headphones Review – Compare specs & feature

 Sennheiser HD 820 Vs Oppo PM3 Vs Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium Vs Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic Vs KRK KNS 8400

Sennheiser HD 820 closed-back headphones

Sennheiser HD 820

Specs: around-the-ear, dimension: 13.39″ x 5.12″ x 11.42″, weight: 2.16 pounds, driver-type: dynamic, circumaural closed-back, frequency response: 12 – 43.8 kHz (-3dB) / 6 – 48 kHz (-10dB), impedance: 300 ohms, SPL (sound pressure level): 103 dB at 1 kHz, 1V, jack plug: 6.35mm/4.4mm (XLR-4 optional), cable length: 3-meters
Features: soft comfortable microfiber ear pads, minimal resonance, best for classical, Jazz and electronic music


Oppo PM-3

Oppo PM3

Specs: over-ear, closed-back design, dimension: 10.9″ x 9.8″ x 5.1″, weight: 10.4 ounces, frequency response 5 – 50 kHz, impedance: 25 ohms @ 1 kHz, sensitivity: 102 dB SPL/V, driver type: planar magnetics, cable type:Straight ‘Y’
Features: noise-isolation, true audiophile performance, planar magnetic driver,  2-channel speaker system, 1.2-meter portable cable for iPhone with mic & controls included


Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium

Ultrasone Edition 8 Palladium 

Specs: over-ear,  dynamic principle (closed), dimension, 7.48″ x 6.3″ x 21.36″, weight: 9.2 ounces, frequency response: 8 – 42 kHz, impedance: 32 ohms, sound pressure level 98dB, driver size: 30mm titanium  plated
Features: USC cord length: 1.2m (OFC cable), USC extension cable 4m (OFC cable), 3.5mm gold plated plugs, ULD technology


best closed-back headphonesUltrasone Signature Pro S-Logic

Specs: dimension: 21″ x 16″ x 16″, weight: 1 pounds, closed-back design, 40mm titanium-plated driver, frequency response: 8 – 42 kHz, SPL: 98dB, impedance:  32 ohms
Features: ULE technology, S-Logic Plus technology, 2-detachable cords boasting B-Lock connections, Mu Metal buffer board field emission based on ULE standard


KRK KNS 8400

KRK KNS 8400

Specs: on-ear, dimension: 10.75″ x 4″ x 9.75 “, weight: 8.2 ounces, circum-aural dynamic, earcups type: acoustic cellular foam, headband material: premium leatherette,  ambient noise isolate: up to 30dBA, frequency response: 5 – 23kHz, impedance: 36 ohms, sensitivity: 97dB SPL, 40mm neodymium driver
Features: detachable in-line volume control, class-leading studio monitors, max SPL: 124dB SPL, replaceable part: cable/head/ear cushions, adjustable headband, foldable design


Status Audio CB-1

Status Audio CB-1

Specs: design: around-ear circumaural, closed-back, dimension: 6.54″ x 3.62″ x 8″, weight: 8 ounces, connection: wired (3.5mm), driver: 50mm dynamic
Features: detachable cables, memory foam earpads, adjustable headband, foldable earcups, application: recording/mixing/audiophile/music casual


1. Sennheiser HD 820 – Best Closed-Back Headphones

Sennheiser HD 820 review

The Sennheiser HD 800 is highly acceptable in sound quality. The HD800 and HD800 S are open-back headphones that have some leaking music out to the outside and let some noise in. Not good in terms of noise isolation, but the Sennheiser HD820’s closed-back design

can reduce reflections and resonances that means reduces distort the sound.

Although the Sennheiser’s HD820 is high-end closed-back headphones that have a bit of leaking sound and also not too much resonance because the design breathable earcups and it can cover whole ears.

Premium Design but quite a bulky

The Sennheiser HD820 is a full-size and closed-back design, which means it can block outside noise very well. The design is completely back color and gorgeous, but highlights are a glassing ear cup to review the driver inside. The glass design is not just for beauty, but the design to help throughout spread resonant. It’s a cool, elegant, and unique design. The earpads inside are microfiber fabric material that enhances comfort while wearing and good ventilation.

The overall design is similar to Sennheiser HD800 S. I think the HD820 looks a lot like a refined model of the HD800 S. While the Sennheiser HD800S is an open-back design, but the Sennheiser HD820 is a closed-back headphone. The Sennheiser proudly proclaimed that they will create the headphone that improved on the sound of the most-open sounding headphones like HD800 S in closed-back design. That is the Sennheiser HD820, which is one of the best closed-back headphones in the high-end class.

However; it’s closed-back headphones and not as breathable as HD800 S so, it is a little warmer than HD800 S. In my private opinion should take some breaks especially long sessions wearing them.

With the bulky and not foldable, so the Sennheiser HD 820 is not ideal for traveling. Except you have a lot of available space in your luggage which should be big luggage. You may use the box that comes with their package as the case for containing the headphone.

Sennheiser HD820 Review – Built quality

The Sennheiser HD 820 has a great built quality that gives a premium feel. But it’s might not be the most sturdy and rugged headphones, however; it is not too fragile. I like the design of the earcups that mix plastic and glass. With the clear gorilla glass of the back earcups, you can see the inside of the driver. It’s a nice design and stylish and different. They look great and have a high-end look and feel.

The earpads are more luxurious than the old models. The headphones are not feeling too heavy and no trouble while wearing them for hours.

However; with the over-ear and closed-back design, also it’s so bulky, and not great for any sports or not perfect for wearing while movement body activity. Another thing is that with the high-end specification, so you need a suitable powerful amp for drive great sound output.

Sennheiser HD820 – Best Closed-Back Headphones Performance

The HD820 does the noise isolation quite well but not as good as other premium closed-back like Focal Elegia. Although, it is closed-back headphones but also has a little of your music out at the high volume level. If you listen to music with loud volume, people around you may hear some sound leak.

HD820 Review – Sound Quality

best audiophile under 2500

When it comes to the sound quality, the glass is not just aesthetics – the curved design will help the resonance sound that emanating is spread throughout. These reduced the resonances and thinned. This design also provides this closed-back headphone from Sennheiser that can achieve a wider soundstage and more spacious soundstage than most closed-back headphones.

The Sennheiser HD 820 provides very deep bass including upper and lower bass is a complete detail. The vocal is natural and harmonious with the instrument. The vocal is not floating in the front but seamlessly with the instrument’s sound naturally.

So all in all if your target is the most open-sounding closed headphone without use any software to help, the HD820 is a product successful in the target. The sounds are huge for closed-back headphones cans and the soundstage did not lose most of the open-back headphones.

Unfortunately, have something that doesn’t have in the Sennheiser HD820. For example, it doesn’t have active noise canceling, no built-in microphone, no Bluetooth, no wireless (just wired).

Sennheiser HD820 Review – Pros & Cons


  • Excellent sound quality and distortion-free sound
  • Nice beautiful design and great built quality
  • expansive soundstage
  • Can give supreme perfect sound when working with the great ideal amp


  • High price
  • Lack wireless, Bluetooth, ANC, and built-in mic

Where to buy Sennheiser HD820

Sennheiser HD 820 review
Sennheiser HD820:
Closed-back, audiophile-grade, excellent sound quality, and supremely comfortable
sound-isolate closed earcups, ring radiator drivers with glass reflector technology


2. Oppo PM-3 Headphones – Closed-Back Planar Magnetic

Oppo PM-3

The OPPO PM-3 combines real audiophile performance, stylish styling, noise isolation, and portability in elegant, lightweight, and stylish headphones. With the PM-3, users can easily repeat a pair of flagship headphone experiences, or a high-quality 2-channel speaker system in an audible room.

However, in a portable format that can be taken anywhere. Turning the scale to just over 10 oz, the PM-3 is the world’s lightest closed magnetic headphones. This makes the PM-3 the ideal headphone for a person always on the move.

Its elegant style and refined finish make this headphone a pleasure to wear in public. Its lightness and exceptional comfort facilitate listening for hours. The closed nature of the PM-3 provides insulation from the outside world, blocking surrounding noise while preventing headphone sound leakage.

Bonus: 1.2-meter portable cable for iPhone with microphone and controls included. Contact us before production if you want Android or No Mic / Control instead.

Oppo PM3 Review – Pros & Cons


  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Good isolation.
  • Smart design.
  • Class sound.


  • Use synthetic leather, unlike some at a price.
  • Some open back sets offer a larger scale.

The Oppo PM-3 headphones are very unusual, although they may look like a more adult version of the Beats Studio. Why? They have a completely different type of driver – the planar tape recorder – a type that is usually only seen in much more expensive headsets.

These are the most affordable magnetic headphones we have ever worn. The Oppo PM-3s are closed headset headsets; it’s pretty much the only style to choose from if you want to offer both portability and extreme comfort.

Best Headphones under 500 - Oppo PM-3 headphones
Oppo PM-3 Closed-Back Headphones:
Closed-back planar magnetic headphones, true audiophile performance,
and noise isolate, excellent sound-quality


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3. Ultrasone Edition 8 S-Logic  Professional Closed-back headphones

Ultrasone Edition 8 review

Many headphones have a high price, but not all are worth the money you spend. Then there is Ultrasone. As for the premium headphones, they are at the top. The Ultrasone 8 edition is the answer to the prayers of music developers around the world. These headphones are a perfect example of a unique design.

The first thing you’ll notice when you see the Ultrasone Edition 8 helmet is its look. The amazingly stylish quality they have about them is striking and you can see that the attention to detail has been brought to their design by Ultrasone Edition 8. The elegant design of S-Logic Edition 8 adds to the advanced technology used indoors to give them exceptional sound quality.

They are also very easy to wear, the alleged process in the design stage was to offer a set of headphones that could be enjoyed and worn for hours at a time without the user being distracted by any discomfort.

The outer ear cups are made from a metal called “Ruthenium”, a precious metal known for its incredible durability while offering an elegant look. The inside of the atria is lined with Ethiopian sheepskin leather. Not only is this soft leather very comfortable, but it also offers the best insulation among all the leathers available.

If you want to use these headphones from your portable devices, you will really love the sound quality they can produce. You do not need an additional amplifier with the 8 editions, as they can actually produce a high-quality sound level.

Ultrasone Edition 8 S-Logic Review – Pros & Cons


  • Elegant metal chandelier.
  • Very detailed audio with a bass of beef.
  • Excellent seal.
  • Low impedance allows use with iPod.


  • The cable is not detachable.
  • The midrange and the treble sound a bit at the limit.

These headphones have pretty much everything. They are incredibly elegant, very comfortable to wear and sound great. They have a fairly high price, so they will not be in everyone’s budget range. But if you’re looking for a great headset and the price does not bother you too much, the Ultrasone Edition 8 is a great choice.

Ultrasone Edition 8
Ultrasone Edition 8 S-Logic:
Professional closed-back headphones  Surround sound, ULE technology,
maximum comfort with great sound quality


4. Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic

Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic

The Ultrasone product is known for exceptional handcraft, which paired with astonishing audio. The Ultrasone Signature Pro comes with S-Logic plus and ULE audio technologies like other Ultrasone products. Besides, they also come with the titanium plated sound transducer which can offer acoustics audio at the highest level as excellent.

The Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic guarantee of durability with 5 years. In package include ultra-soft-cable (USC) with a 3.5mm stereo jack, 2 p pairs earpads, coiled-cable with a stereo jack. Also, they come with a transportation case for keeping them more durable.

Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Log is a high precise pair of closed-back headphones. Thanks to 400 mm titanium-plated drivers that offer the high very sharp, mid-range are clear and low-range are very great. All of The 3 sound ranges are very clear.

Ultrasone Pro S-Logic Review – Pros & Cons


  • Top-quality material.
  • Extreme sound quality.
  • Superb comfortable.


  • Very expensive, but the price decent for their quality.

These closed-back headphones come with high-price, however; they give excellent sound quality and extremely comfortable. If you don’t mind your budget, the Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic is excellent for your experience listening to favorite songs.

Ultrasone Signature Pro
Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic:
Surround sound professional closed-back headphones,
ULE technology clear audio sound


5. KRK KNS 8400 – Professional closed-back Dynamic Headphones

KRK KNS 8400

KRK headphones deliver a precise listening experience that takes you from the personal studio to the commercial studio, to the evaluation of songs on the fly. They allow you to enjoy your music with precision, with the philosophy of consistent expression.

With honest reproduction of the best producers, studio musicians, performer, and engineers ended up trusting it. KRK KNS 8400 headphones provide an incredibly natural frequency response that gives you a reference standard unaffected by your location. Day or night. Studio or house. Without disturbing others. Without compromising your tracks.


KRK KNS 8400 Review – Pros & Cons


  • Lively and very articulate, with a lot of definition.
  • Easy to drive.
  • Noisy playback on demand.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Lockable detachable signal cable.
  • Detailed, precise, and fantastic answer.
  • Backgrounds, details, comfort, price, neutrality.


  • Supports lean bass and bass sounds.
  • play loudly.
  • Could be more insulating.
  • Incompatible with glasses, small sound stage, low light.
  • Soft pouch instead of a hard case, the cable is pretty good.
  • The extension could be better.

Looking for a pair of headphones specially designed to reproduce music as it should be heard with the ability to satisfy experienced ears? KRK KNS 8400 on-ear closed-back headphones have always been focused on accurate monitoring.

The KNS 8400, with its ability to reveal exactly what you have on the slopes, is an ideal choice for critical listening. Being able to discern the most subtle differences in pitch, timbre, and tone helps you to understand each mix, each shot, each performance. Isolating the shape memory foam in the pads provides a better response at low frequencies. As they gently adapt to the shape of your head, you can wear them all day long.

KRK KNS 8400
KRK KNS 8400 on-ear closed-back headphones:
Circum-aural dynamic, great performance both in reproduction and isolation


6. Status Audio CB-1 Monitor Headphones – Cheap Closed-Back Headphones

Status Audio CB-1

The Status Audio CB-1 is one of the best cheap closed-back headphones that are mainly designed for the experts who earn a living via their craft. The Status Audio CB-1 is for remarkable voiceovers, music production, mixing audios instrumentalists live tracking, and recording vocals.

Status Audio CB-1 headset has an ergonomic shape that gives fine comfort to the wearer in the long term of using them. CB-1 Closed back-headphones provide you with an over-ear shape that’ll provide you a remarkable passive noise cancelation from surrounding environments. Status Audio CB-1 is remarkable for instrumentalists.

Great Sound, Great Price

Status Audio CB-1 closed-back headsets will provide you with stunning audiophile enjoyment. Audiophile function makes sure you get to hear details from your music that you’d not have heard with any other sort of headphones.

500 drivers deliver wonderful detail and an enormous soundstage. The headphone has ergonomic ear pads that give you extended terms of high comfort while wearing them. Unique folding ear cups collapse and offer a convenient method of storing Status Audio CB-1. Status CB-1 has adjustable headsets which fit rightly into different head sizes.

Office professionals can utilize Status Audio CB-1 in their offices as they give long-lasting comfort and noise-canceling from the ambient surrounding. These headphones are also remarkable for mobile consumers that look for quality sound while on the go.


  • Enormous for all media platforms
  • Spacious soundstage
  • Super-affordable
  • Comfy and lightweight design
  • Not one, but 2 audio wires


  • Noise isolation is not the best one
  • Lack of mobile-friendly features
  • Mediocre aesthetics

All in all, the Status Audio CB-1 is mixed bad throughout but subtracts the bad from the fine and you are still left with an extremely good value pair of headsets. Their scale of sound is the best feature, provided by huge 50mm drivers.

Status Audio CB-1
Status Audio CB-1 Monitor Closed-Back Headphones – FBA_SACB1:
Around-ear & circumaural dynamic, standard for recording, mixing, mastering, and also listening to music


In addition to all the closed-back headphones mentioned above, throughout online now there are many more other interesting closed-back headphones I search and compare their information about features and specification on below.

Compare Specs & Features – Other Closed-Back Headphones

Closed-Back Headphones –  Specs and Features

Focal Stellia review

Focal Stellia

Specs: over-ear, closed-back circum-aural, driver: 40mm pure beryllium “M” shape dome, frequency response: 5 – 40kHz, sensitivity: 106dB SPL / 1mW a 1kHz, impedance: 35 ohms, audio sensitivity: 100dB
Features: ear cushions: 20mm memory foam, cable provided: (4ft OFC 24 AWG cable with 1/8″ (3.5mm) TRS jack connector, 10ft OFC 24 AWG cable with 4-pin XLR connector, jack adapter, 1/8″ (3.5mm) female – 1/4″ (6.35mm) male), detachable cable


Sennheiser HD 820 closed-back headphones

Sennheiser HD 820

Specs: around-the-ear, dimension: 13.39″ x 5.12″ x 11.42″, weight: 2.16 pounds, driver-type: dynamic, circumaural closed-back, frequency response: 12 – 43.8 kHz (-3dB) / 6 – 48 kHz (-10dB), impedance: 300 ohms, SPL (sound pressure level): 103 dB at 1 kHz, 1V, jack plug: 6.35mm/4.4mm (XLR-4 optional), cable length: 3-meters
Features: soft comfortable microfiber ear pads, minimal resonance, best for classical, Jazz and electronic music


Focal Elegia Audiophile Closed-back headphones

Focal Eligia

Specs: dimension: 5″ x 10.1″ x 10.1″, over-ear, closed-back circum-aural, impedance: 25 ohms, sensitivity: 105 dB SPL / 1 mW a 1 kHz 40mm Aluminum-Magnesium “M” shape dome, ear cushions: 20mm memory foam covered with microfiber fabric,
Features: full-range speaker drivers, audiophile circum-aural closed-back headphones, excellent ambient noise soundproofing, comfortable and ergonomic design, hard-shell carrying case


Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper

Specs: Around the ear and closed-back, dimension: 11.5″ x 8.6″ x 6″, weight 32 ounces, frequency response: 5 – 5o kHz, impedance: 32 Ohms, sound pressure level (SPL): 100dB ( (1 mW / 500 Hz)), support Bluetooth profiles HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP, Bluetooth work-range: up to 10-meters, cable length: detachable 1.2 m
Features: wireless, codec aptX™, aptX™ LL, aptX™ HD, AAC, SBC, touchpad on earcups to play song and calls, battery life: 30-hours, charging time: 2-hours soft headband, personalization sound by Beyerdynamic MIY app, hi-end Tesla Bluetooth, Built-in microphone in the earcups


Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 11.40″ x 10.00″ x 4.10″, weight: 10 ounces, closed-back dynamic, magnet neodymium, driver diameter: 45mm, frequency response: 15 – 28kHz, impedance: 38-ohms, sensitivity: 99dB, voice coil: copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW)
Features: great sound isolation, Clear Sound for Studio, Live, DJ & Personal Use, 90° swiveling earcups, collapsible design, cable: detachable 1.2 m – 3.0 m (3.9′ – 9.8′) coiled cable and detachable 1.2 m (3.9′) straight cable, accessories included: protective carrying pouch and 6.3 mm (1/4″) screw-on adapter


Meze 99 classics over-ear headphones

Meze 99 Classics – Top rated best closed-back headphones 

Specs & Features: closed-back, dimension: 9.45″ x 8.67″ x 4.33″, weight: 9.2 oz, 40mm driver, frequency response: 15 – 25 kHz, impedance: 32 ohms, sensitivity: 103dB at 1kHz 1mV, self-adjusting PU headband to comfort fit for all head sizes, soft PU leather earpads with memory foam, passive noise isolating, microphone
In the package: hard carrying pouch for better protection, detachable 1.2m thread Kevlar OFC cable with microphone and remote, detachable 3m thread Kevlar OFC cord, 3.5 mm to 6.3mm gold-plated jack adapter, airplane jack adapter, cable pouch.


Best ClosedBack Headphones Buying Guide

We have listed over 6 nominees for the best closed-back headphones currently available above. From affordable to ultraluxury options, every headset we’ve featured has earned a place on our list. The market is populated by many closed headphones, but before taking out your credit card, let’s talk about the basics first.

What is the main purpose of closedback headphones? They are simply responsible for removing unwanted sounds from the environment and preventing sound leaks. Closed-back earphones have a closed outer ear design that blocks out surrounding noise when you listen to music or mix your album. The model on the ear pad prevents sound from escaping the headphone.

Noise can be stopped by two methods, passive noise isolation or active noise cancellation. Passive sound insulation depends on the body of the headphone. It rests on the contour of the ear and on the design of the closed outer shell to block the sound. Beyond the closed-back earphone options, the inear headphones also offer excellent passive isolation.

On the other hand, openback headphones only provide passive isolation when the outer ear cups are open. The typically closed headphones block from 8 to 12 dB, while the inear headphones block from 10 to 15 dB. Some highend closed headphones are specially designed for heavy hitters to reduce noise by around 25 dB so they can focus when it matters most.

Headphones with active noise suppression use a microphone, amplifier, and speaker to pick up, amplify, and reproduce background noise in an inverted pattern, so that noise is canceled without affecting the sound source. This feature requires a battery to disconnect their circuit.

Active noise cancellation can cut about 20 dB, but it should be noted that it mainly applies to constant and lowfrequency sounds.

What are the benefits of closed-back headphones?

The closed headphones ensure the removal of ambient noise and prevent sound leakage. Compared to openback headphones or even counting the autonomous benefits of closedback headphones, we have a lot to cover.

First, closed-back headphones are ideal for situations where you monitor closely or perform detailed editing. They are also perfect if you want to enjoy this bass without disturbing the stranger next to you on the bus. The advantage of closed headphones is the suppression of noise, which has many practical applications.