Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds 2020 – Top 9 best review

Wireless earbuds are a remarkable choice for listening to music, especially when doing something active line walking, running, or working out at the gym. Currently, there are several reliable, affordable. Although, cheap wireless earbuds options making it hard to find the best cheap wireless earbud deals and decent prices.

Top 9 Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds in 2020

To help you find a pair of earbuds that meet entire your needs and your budget. We have rounded up the best wireless earbuds deals with several features. Such as noise cancellation, advanced Bluetooth tech, and in-ear, over-ear options. Read on to find the wireless earbuds that are perfect for you.

1. SoundPEATS Wireless NeckbandWireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

SoundPEATS q12 Plus

For wireless earbuds that would not break the wallet, you cannot possibly do better than these SoundPEATS wireless neckband in-ear magnetics earbuds. For the low price under 40 USD, you get a pile of stunningly high-end features including CVC 8.0 noise cancelation, 4 ear tips, and 3 types of ear fins to give a comfortable fit, IPX5 waterproof for workouts and an excellent built-in mic and controls.

SoundPEATS Wireless Neckband – Perfect for traveling, hiking and running and more

Noise cancellation is a function we normally see just on costly headphones, and while these do not have the finest noise cancellation you can get. But it is remarkable to find this function at such a cheap price.

Like most earbuds, these are small, weighing only 5.6 ounces. Magnet built into the earbuds attaches to each other so you can wear the headpieces like a necklace when you are not utilizing them.


  • IPX5 water-resistance
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Multipoint connectivity
  • aptX-HD support
  • Great Battery life (30-hours playtime)
  • Magnetic housings
  • 12 months hassle-free warranty


  • Mic quality
  • Sound quality

Before charging adapter, have to make sure the current should not over 1A.

Final words

If you are looking to get the absolute most out of every penny spent on pair of wireless earbuds. The SoundPEATS wireless earbuds should be top on your list. Its IPX5 waterproof feature, voice assistant support, and Bluetooth 5.0 firmware make this a tough-to-pass-up option.

best cheap wireless earbuds
SoundPEATS Wireless Neckband Magnetic Earbuds:
IPX5 waterproof for outdoor activity and sport, 30 hours playtime, support voice assistants
and wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0


2. Shure SE112-K-BT1 – Great Deep Bass Earbuds

Shure SE112-K-BT1

The Shure SE112-K-BT1 sound-isolating earbuds provide fine sound quality and secure ear inserts for a cheap price, but they are a hassle to put on.

When I’ve my earbuds in, I expect to hear nothing but my songs. The Shure SE112-K-BT1 sound isolating earbuds make that happen by blocking out ambient noise from the outer world. Under 100 USD, they are a cheap pair of buds that offer impressive sound quality that’d make them look pricier. Though, the inconvenient over-ear wire formation prevents them from being stellar.

If you have not used Shure earbuds before, you will rapidly be impressed by the quality. There is no metal anyplace to be found on the buds but that does not stop it from feeling a top-quality item. The Shure SE112-GR is built like a tank, which is unsurprising as musicians utilize same style earpieces to monitor themselves on stage.

The earbuds themselves are a little bigger than your usual buds, but for fine reason. Inside, you will find a dynamic micro driver, a tried and real tech that is driven simply by devices like mobiles and tablets.

The Shure SE112-K-BT1 sound-isolating buds pump out extremely fine the sound but could stand for more oomph back the bass.


  • Respectable level of detail.
  • Clear, open soundstage.
  • Sound isolate block up to 37dB of ambient noise.
  • Solid construction.
  • Greate sound with deep bass.


  • Upper register occasionally too snappy.
Final words

All in all, the Shure SE112-K-BT1 is some of the finest budget buds on the market. If the quality sound is of major concern, we do not normally recommend pay less than 100 USD for a pair of earbuds. But if you just do not have the cheddar, you’d probably pick up the Shure SE112-K-BT1.

Shure SE112-K-BT1
Shure SE112-K-BT1:
Sound isolate, inline remote and mic, comfortable, Lightning and mini USB connection communication cable


3. Anker SoundBuds Curve – Popular Wireless Earbuds Under $50

Anker SoundBuds Curve

The Anker SoundBuds Curve is fine sports headphones, with solid battery life and a fine sound. They are highly comfortable with stable ear hook shape for work out and working out.

They are compact enough to fit into your pockets and they are finely built, though the sound cable is a bit thinner than comparable wireless in-ears.

Unfortunately, they don’t block that much noise so they might not be the finest option for loud, noisy environments and their sound performance might be a little too bass-heavy for some people.

The design of the Anker SoundBuds Curve has more premium than its cost would suggest. The earbuds feel dense, reliable, and are a little more comfortable than usual in ears. They also have an ear hook feature with more stability fins that make them very stable enough for the gym.

The earbuds are a decent sounding pair of closed-back in-ear earpieces. They have a deep, solid, and consistent bass, a neutral and clear mid-range, and an even finely balanced treble.

These cheap earbuds have a great imaging performance, but like most others, they do not have a bit and speaker-like soundstage.


  • Locked fit and for working out.
  • Enormous sound quality.
  • Nano-coating for sweat resistance.


  • Don’t block noisy.
  • Somewhat bulky remote.

Final words

All in all, the Anker SoundBuds Curve features great sound and a comfortable fit for running. They are perfect if you do not want to spend a lot of cash on jaybird and beats earbuds, but still want quality sound while running.

Anker SoundBuds Curve
Anker SoundBuds Curve:
Battery life to 18 hours, fast charge 10-minute for 3 hours playtime IPX7 Waterproof,
Bluetooth 5 and noise-canceling features


4. TREBLAB XR800 – Cheap Noise Cancelling Headphones Earbuds

Treblab xr800

TREBLAB XR800 truly wireless earbud is the best cheap wireless earbuds with noise cancelation feature, extremely comfortable, and best quality with HD microphone. These earbuds are perfectly made for workout or runner, whether you’re exercising outside or at the gym, these TREBLAB XR800 Bluetooth wireless earphones serve you good.

TREBLAB XR800 review

If you’re looking for the best quality bass and treble in your earphones, it’s a perfectly suitable pair to opt for. The quality of the sound of these earbuds is of the next level, and it is considered ideal while you’re working out or running to motivate you to do better.

As a matter of fact, you’d utilize these earbuds during the practice session of the sports like to play to pump up you with ultra rock-solid music. These earbuds are water-resistant and have IPX7 rating to prevent any sort of damage from heavy sweating.

Apart from being a highly comfortable and perfect fit, the earphones have advanced passive noise canceling feature, and the surrounding ambient noise will not interrupt with your audio listening unless it’s too close.

The connectivity of the earbuds is super consistent with the range of ten meters. It has the longest-running battery life with nearly eight hours for audio play possible. The complete charging takes almost 2 hours, and the brand offers a lifetime warranty.


  • Stimulated HD sound.
  • Crisp treble and Strong bass.
  • Passive noise cancellation.
  • Secure fit.
  • Strong wireless connection feature.


  • Poor microphone.
  • Bulky earphones.

Final words

All in all, TREBLAB XR800 earbuds are one of the best quality wireless with noise-canceling earbuds for working out is this price tag that less than 50 bucks. The calling feature is found a bit inefficient due to the performance of the mic, though, the sound quality is exceptionally well and worth the price.

treblab xr800 review
Passive Noise Canceling, Truly HD sound, and more comfortable fit 9 hours playtime
great for running and workout


5. TREBLAB XR500Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds Under 50

treblab xr500

The TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth earbuds are of the best cheap wireless earbuds under 50 due to their amazingly good looks and highly versatile features. The TREBLAB XR500 has passive noise-canceling capabilities.

Unique expandable foam ear tips you get with these help block outside noise and let you concentrate on whatever you are listening to. Bluetooth 4.1 provides the TREBLAB XR500 an increased signal range, a super clear connection, and the ability to link simultaneously to 2 devices.

The earbuds are water-resistant and will manage anything short of being soaked in a pool. Whether you are a runner who needs sweat-resistant earphones. Or a traveler who wishes to continue using his earbuds even when it is raining, then this is the best cheap wireless earbuds for you.

A built-in mic allows you to make and take phone calls from your earphones using a multi-feature button that’ll also help you to manage your music.

The powerful battery in TREBLAB XR500 will provide you about 9-hours of non-stop music. The earbuds will take 2 hours to charge, and you will see the remaining battery level form your mobile device.


  • Decent battery life.
  • Sweat and splash-proof.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Ear-hooks and sturdy design.


  • An updated version is a bit costly
  • Heating issue after continuous use

Final words

For several people, this will be the best choice. If you are on the go, there’re very few earphones that can offer a similar range of features provided by the TREBLAB XR500.

treblab xr500 review
Passive Noise Canceling, Truly HD sound quality, Secure & comfortable fit
8 hours playtime, 33 feet signal-range


6. TBI Pro Sport Bluetooth Earbuds – Cheap Earphones for Sport

TBI Pro Sport Bluetooth headphones - upgraded 2020

These Sports Bluetooth headphones form TBI pro seems like any other earbuds on the market currently, but when you at the nuts and bolts of what is gone into their creation, you will find a set of earbuds that are complete about the basics.

TBI Pro Sport Bluetooth headphones, that inclusion of an APTX and CSR8645 Chipset to facilitate crystal clear performance when playing audio and a 170 mAh battery that can provide over 12-hrs nonstop music playtime and over 240-hrs on standby.

These cheap earphones, TBI pro, works overtime to ensure that their high tech technology is forever updated, and they come with Bluetooth 5.0. It also maintains IPX7 water-resistant. It does not have the more up to date feature that some of its more established opponents do, but it gives a top-notch and best quality take on the necessities you would from a solid pair of sport Bluetooth headphones.


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • Backed by a one-month money-back guarantee and full-time customer support.
  • The chipset allows for ultra-clear performance for calls and listening to audio.
  • Adjustable ear hooks and tips fit a number of ears easily.


  • Comfortable earmuffs.
  • Better sound performance.
  • Friendly customer support.
  • Simply to charge while on the go.


  • Not for small ear canals.

Final words

If you are looking best cheap wireless earbuds that price below 50 for sports activities, then look no further these TBI Pro Sport Bluetooth headphones are perfectly made for you.

TBI Pro Sport Bluetooth headphones - upgraded 2020
TBI Pro Sport Wireless Earbuds:
CVC 6.0 Noise Canceling, 12 hours playtime, Bluetooth 5.0 and support APTX codec
Best wireless earbuds for running, gym, and workout


7. MX10 Bluetooth Headphones – Best Running Earbuds Under 50

MX10 Bluetooth Headphones

The MX10 running earbuds of MULTITED, designed not to fall out, withstanding the most energetic workouts causes. Their ergonomically formed tips form a solid seal within the mouth of your ear canal and the solid but highly comfortable over-ear hooks are full size. This assist then hold their exact positioning perfectly.

The MX10 Bluetooth headphones are recently upgraded set which has ultra-clear sound with greater definition than the older model. The battery life has also been tweaked and upgraded to give an extra two hours of life. They now capably run for ten hours with ANC.

The integrated mic is fine quality and gives a clear stable signal through onboard wireless assisted by its advanced CSR chip. The noise cancelation helps eliminate outside decibel levels. Which keeps the conversation complete free of interference and confusion. They can be linked to two devices at a single time, pairing with relative case.

The miniature driver array works really well and gives balanced HD sound with depth and best clarity. The MX10 earbuds are IPX7 rated to make sure they’re protected in the rain. They come with three silicon tips and two different sizes of foam cushions to pick among to give a perfect fit and the next level of comfort possible.


  • Decent base.
  • Comfortable and stay in the ear really well when running.
  • 3-sizes of silicone tips in the box and two noise-canceling foam tips.
  • Compatible with any device.


  • Sound quality is not as best level as higher-end headphones.

Final words

In short, MX10 best wireless earbuds under 50 for running and workout, the best companion with Apple and Android devices, you can feel free and run with the wind over the mountains and mix your soul with your favorite music.

MX10 Bluetooth Headphones
MX10 Bluetooth Headphones – Wireless Earbuds for Running:
Best for running and sports workout, HD sound quality and comfortable, 10 hours playtime


Like most things in your life, when it comes to picking the right earbuds or earphones, you get what you pay for. In the box, you will get earbuds, Zip Case, 5 Eartips, and clips. Though some spaces can be useful, things like response number of frequency can be deceptive.

8. Diginex Bluetooth Earbuds – Great Sound with Ultra Clarity

Diginex Bluetooth earbuds

Here we are looking best wireless earbuds under 50 – the Diginex Bluetooth Earbuds! They provide strong, firm sound quality with ultra clarity and bass, provided the solid driver unit, but they also excel in many other areas of performance.

These Diginex Bluetooth Earbuds pack a quick charging and long-lasting battery. They can upload up to complete 9hrs of full playtime (possibly little less if the volume is maxed out). With just one hour of charge, you will be capable to get it back to full power, though.

They are rated IPX7and are protected by a special kind of nano-coating layer that even further boost the water-resistant features it sports. This best cheap wireless earbuds can even survive accidental submersion for a while or so.

One more remarkable thing about these is that they have a highly convenient design which gives a remarkably comfortable, secure fit. The earbuds are magnetic, which means that they can simply wear round the next when not in user mode.

Diginex Bluetooth Earbuds also have the built-in mic onboard, as-well-as, form of a noise-canceling feature with CVC chip which allows you to enjoy your audio. And take your calls without any hindrances.

Sadly the wire is not overly durable and without perfect care it’d snap rater simply. Though they might not be ideal for a gym or jogging.

They have one of the best waterproof rating earbuds, a robust soundstage, and comfortable design. So they are practically perfect for commuting, in some cases swimming and same conditions.


  • Lightweight.
  • Splash-proof and sweat-proof.
  • 9 hours of battery backup.


  • Wire quality should be great.

Final words

All in all, if you’re looking for hi-fi best cheap wireless earbuds, look no further than the Diginex Bluetooth Earbuds.

Diginex Bluetooth earbuds
Diginex Bluetooth Earbuds:
Noise Canceling, built-in HD mic, IPX7 water-proof, 9 hours battery life and 300 hours standby


9. TBI Pro AIR-TOUCH Upgraded 2020 Bluetooth Earbuds – Power Sound Performance With Rich Boosted Bass

TBI PRO AIR-TOUCH Upgraded 2020

Unlike a typical pair of buds, these TBI Pro AIR-TOUCH Bluetooth earbuds were designed smartly, first and foremost. If you work in a very loud environment, then hearing protection should be the best priority.

The best cheap wireless earbuds feature noise cancelation which widely reduces the effect of persistent, loud sound. You can even answer calls and rely on noise cancelation to mute any sort of disruptions such as lawnmowers, flying planers, vacuums, and fans.

The earbuds themselves are made from a unique custom-fit material that molds to the formation of your ear and the internal speakers feature safe max tech which allows allowing users to play audio at the maximum level without damaging their hearing.

Best performance polymer batteries with less than two hours of charge will allow you to listen to your favorite audio tracks up to 12-hours and 240-hours for standby. That’s why make this product be one of the best wireless earbuds under 50.

Internal coating in TBI PRO AIR-TOUCH buds and IPX7 waterproof rating prevent rain and sweat during training. So there’s no need o worry about water getting into the earbuds – only to enjoy your workout or running in the rain.

With TBI PRO AIR-TOUCH, the wireless range just only up to 33 feet. However; you’ll have a solid connection in this distance with in-ear earphones with the top end QCC-3003. Besides, Bluetooth 5.0v connection permits you to rapidly and simply link them with any device and enjoy the best quality clear sound anywhere and anytime.


  • Power sound performance with rich boosted bass.
  • Waterproof.
  • Best connectivity.


  • I think short Battery life, just 12 hours. But someone don’t think so.

Final words

All in all, the best cheap wireless earbuds at this price tag. TBI Pro AIR-TOUCH delivers just about all you’d want in earbuds in decent price tag, form waterproof design, and a perfect fit to fine sound quality.

TBI PRO AIR-TOUCH Upgraded 2020
TBI Pro AIR-TOUCH wireless earbuds:
Bluetooth 5.0, 12 hours battery life, 33 feet wireless range, built-in mic, super soft and comfortable
for running and workout


There is no substitute for listening carefully and critically. To pick the best cheap wireless earbuds, considering how you plan to utilize your new earbuds is also vital in pinpointing the correct model.

earbudsbattery life (hrs)water-resistantFeatures 
SoundPEATS Wireless Neckbandup to 30IPX5Magnetic earbuds, bulit-in mic CVC 8.0, Bluetooth 5.0, support voice assistant. weight 5.6 oz
Shure SE112-GRup to 8-Deep bass, sound-isolate design, inline remote and mic, Bluetooth 4.1, weight 4.56 oz,
Anker SoundBuds Curveup to 18IPX7In-ear extra soft earhook, Bluetooth 5.0, secure & comfortable fit, weight 0.8 oz
TREBLAB XR800up to 9IPX7HD sound, passive noise canceling, Bluetooth 4.1, built-in mic CVC 6.0, weight 0.77 oz
TREBLAB XR500up to 8IPX7HD sound and passvie noise canceling, Bluetooth 4.1, built-in mic CVC 6.0, weight 0.6 oz
TBI Pro Sport Bluetooth Earbudsup to 12IPX7CVC 6.0 noise canceling, APTX support weight 0.64 oz
MX10 Bluetooth Headphones10IPX7CVC 6.0 noise-canceling, built-in mic, weight 0.3 oz
Diginex Bluetooth Earbuds9IPX7CVC 6.0 noise-canceling, built-in HD mic, weight 3.84 oz
TBI Pro Air-Touch Upgraded 2020up to 26IPX5CVC 6.0 noise-cancelling and triple driver, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless range 20m

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