Best Headphones under 3000

When it comes to hi-end headphones, one thing to keep in mind is that budgets are set up. Premium headphones range from 500 to 2000 or 3000 or more. For this article, we will discuss the best headphones under 3000.

Note: Prices may change up and down. Sometimes the price may be higher than $ 3000 and sometimes may be lower than $ 2000. That is a depend on of sellers in each duration too.

1. HiFiMan HE-1000 – Best open-back headphones under 3000

HifiMAN HE 1000 - Best headphones under 3000

This is the best company to choose if you are looking for planar magnetic headphones.

Hifiman is a renowned brand when it comes to headphones and so I am reviewing the HE-1000 of this brand which is one of the best open-back headphones.

Quality, features, and comfort: The headphone has a classic look but with a modern twist using the earcup shape and drivers. It is prone to cracks and breakage because of its material but the frame is sturdy as it is made up of stainless steel.

The earcups are huge and tall too which makes it a lot comfortable for listening to songs for long hours. The weight is evenly distributed amongst the folding head strap and earcups.

Sound: The bass is not hiked in the mid-bass region, but it is linear and well extended too. The sound is clean and sounds full and the bass is light and lacks impact. It is the best product for an all-rounder listener. It has a good decay rate and speed too and provides a natural transition from the bass.

Specifications of the headphone:

  • It falls under the category of over-ear headphones.
  • The jack plug is 3.5 mm in size.
  • The transducer is of the planar magnetic type.
  • Impedance: – 35 +/- 3 ohms.
  • The frequency response is in the range of 8 Hz to 65 KHz.
  • HE-1000 can handle maximum power of 6 watts.
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB.
  • The weight of the headphone is 16.9 Oz or 480 grams or 1.06 lb.



  • Having a unique mellow and soft design and presentation.
  • It reduces outside noise while listening to music and makes listening to music completely and comfortable that you can feel
  • The depth and staging of music.


  • fine details are missing from this headphone.
  • It does not scale much with its source gear and its lack of air which makes it slightly tizzy treble.
  • It is a bit overpriced.

This is a premium headphone which is hard to hate but it gives a little artificial sound in the treble.  It is an all-rounder and is a truly musical headphone.


HiFiMAN HE1000
HiFiMAN HE-1000
Open-Back, Planar Magnetic Headphones, adjustable headband and detachable cable



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2. SONY MDR-Z1R Signature – Best Headphones Under 3000

Sony MDRZ1R Signature - Best headphones under 3000

Since its launch, Sony was involved in creating quality equipment more than any other company. It has launched equipment for various purposes ranging from music production to filmmaking. It has designed a series of best hires headphones and audio products that are a lot popular.

The box of Sony MDR-Z1R signature weighs only 9 pounds and the hard case inside is of 6.5-pound weight. This case serves to protect the headphone and can be used for storage too. After unboxing the first thing about this headphone that will mesmerize you is the attractive design.


There are two headphone cables available to connect to the MDR-Z1R. One is the short balanced on one connector while the other is a standard one which is 9 feet long. Each end of the connector screws well with the headphones to get a perfect fit.

To distinguish between the left and right ear cups they have marked a red dot on the right and white dot on the left ear cup. The cables are also marked to point to the front or back. This unusual design convention works very well.

There are 2.76 inches huge HD drivers included with these best hi-res headphones. It provides a resonance-free enclosure and the impedance is 64 ohms.

These headphones provide a multitude of benefits like open-back headphones by giving a sense of space. Also, it isolates the sound for you. This is possible by use of a Japanese papermaking technology which allows creating an acoustic filter that can reduce resonance and deadens the sound.

What is the signature sound?


  • It has an excellent and detailed resolution.
  • The tonal balance is even and the bass is powerful.
  • There is plenty of scale and headphones are comfortable.
  • It has a superb design, finish and build.


  • It works best with quality electronics.

Sony MDR-Z1R signature is one of the best hi-res headphones in the closed-back category. It works like a wonder with quality electronics. Although it is a bit high priced it is a premium product too. If you are looking for a premium headphone for your high priced electronic then this is the best alternative.


Sony MDRZ1R Signatur
Sony MDR-Z1R Signature:
Best Hi-Res Headphones from Sony, Light-weight and Luxury, Superior Sound Quality, Foldable Design


Comparison chart for these hi-end headphones. Let see features of them.

HiFiMan HE-1000 Over-Ear, 19.6 Oz, 8 - 65K Hz, Impedance: – 35 +/- 3 ohms, Sensitivity: 90dB
SONY MDR-Z1R SignatureOver-Ear, 47.52 Oz, 4 120K Hz,64 Ohm 70mm HD Driver,