Doss SoundBox Touch Review

Doss SoundBox Touch Portable Speaker

First of all, I prefer the price of the Doss SoundBox Touch that affordable, just less than $40. But sometimes the seller drops the price by more than 25%. The decision for some customers is to choose the price to be the judge of the quality. But Doss SoundBox Touch is not, they are cheap, … Read moreDoss SoundBox Touch Review

OontZ Angle 3 Review – 3rd Gen

OontZ Angle 3 review - 3rd Gen

The OontZ Angle 3, a very popular portable Bluetooth speaker from Cambridge SoundWorks which combines everything a cheap Bluetooth portable speaker should have. They are small and easy portable with a friendly budget, less than $30. The sound quality is decent for the price point, but if you are looking for performance sound quality you … Read moreOontZ Angle 3 Review – 3rd Gen

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra 3rd Gen Review

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra review

One of the cheap Bluetooth speakers and decent better than price point, OontZ Angle 3 Ultra 3rd Gen is very popular in the Bluetooth speaker market. These cheap Bluetooth speakers also are very popular and are Amazon’s top 10 best sellers. Oontz has some products which are popular in Amazon best sellers for several months … Read moreOontZ Angle 3 Ultra 3rd Gen Review

Polk Audio T15 Review

Polk Audio T15 - Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio is a beloved and reputable audio device manufacturer known for its huge selection of speakers that span the complete price spectrum. Still, while their top-end speakers are wonderful, one of the toughest strengths is sparing no costs to make their affordable outings the finest they’d possibly be. In our Polk Audio T15 review, we … Read morePolk Audio T15 Review

Edifier R1850DB Review

Edifier R1850DB Review

Edifier R1850DB promises the best sound quality and amazing features at a budget-friendly price. Considering the brand’s previous success with same budget-friendly speakers, we wished to investigate if these speakers would be a fine fit for the home music studios, let’s get into the Edifier R1850DB review and see how fine they’re: Edifier R1850DB Review … Read moreEdifier R1850DB Review

Avantree SP750 review – Best Bluetooth Computer Speaker?

Avantree SP750

In this Avantree SP750 review, I’m going to clarify all the crucial information you need before making a purchase. Let’s start! Avantree SP750 – Design and Build Avantree SP750 wireless speakers have a very nice modern look design that looks impressively when shown next to a TV or desktop monitor. They are already clearly of … Read moreAvantree SP750 review – Best Bluetooth Computer Speaker?

Avantree Torpedo Plus Review – Cheap Small Soundbar

Avantree Torpedo Plus

It’s one of the Avantree Torpedo Plus is an extremely small soundbar and also cheap soundbar. It’s very much useful option for those if using a small home or in an office. If you want an apartment, portable and simple mini soundbar with a much great sound, we’d recommend this one. For more details let’s … Read moreAvantree Torpedo Plus Review – Cheap Small Soundbar

Edifier R2000DB Review – Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker

Edifier R2000DB Review

Before starting my Edifier R2000db Review, I want to talk about the studio monitor speaker. Finding the perfect studio speaker for your individual goals and needs can be a huge challenge. The main reason for this is that you wish your speakers to not just fill a visual void son your bookshelf. But, you also … Read moreEdifier R2000DB Review – Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker

Edifier R1280DB Bookshelf Speaker Review

Edifier R1280DB Review

  Today, we’ve edifier r1280db review – as this is one of the oldest and finest models from Edifier. In of the looks, it seems vintage feel. As for the other formation, you can pick from it, it looks exceptionally well. This is what makes it an ideal option for the entire your aesthetic needs. … Read moreEdifier R1280DB Bookshelf Speaker Review