Fiio A5 Review – Portable Headphone Amp

Fiio A5 Portable Headphones Amp

Fiio started with some amplifiers where they were able to make their own name. However, with all the positive feedbacks that they are gaining from all the products they offer, they continued to create for other variants. They are now proud to offer their newest Fiio A5 in the market. Well, the Fiio A5 is a well-known headphone amplifier as the best variation when compared to other E-series type of analog amplifier in the market today.


Fiio A5Fiio A5 wanted to attract the existing users of the E12a who aim to have more juice in driving their headphone while retaining efficiency refinement. Take note that Fiio will no longer make the E12a and E12 into reality, hence, the new buyers will only have one choice and that is the Fiio A5.

Fiio A5 With High-Quality Build


headphones amp reviewThis Fiio A5 comes into two different colors namely black and titanium. You may also observe subtle differences on this A5 compared to the E12a. First is more on the chasis type of sandblasted finish of this analog amp that is more refined than the previous brush metal designed of the E12a. The plate in front surrounding the pot has also slightly more contoured type of finish.

The new Fiio A5 pot is more slimline, less grippy and little smoother. It has also more refined and distinctive look than older knobs. It has constructed its knob for mimicking string instruments with the 56 45 degrees of lies laser that are etched to the center dial with excellent ring finish. In general, it has nicer look than before.

Fiio A5 Portable Headphones Amp
FiiO A5 Portable Headphone Amplifier, Titanium
High/Low Switch for Various Headphones, small package with bass boost


Fiio A5 review

In line with the I/O’s this Fiio A5 has similar positioning and kind as E12a. It also retained its blue power of LED light configurations and charging on the top left.

It also gains control positioning on the right side of the front plate just beside its pot for new volume. Its gain switch also stays where it is located the same as the previous analog amp as well as the bass switch.

The left panel is impressively completed by micro USB charging of female port just some few millimeters down its bass. When you are charging this A5, LED light just on the top portion of the panel will flick a red color. This is a sign that it is already charging. The light will cease blinking once it is already fully charged.

This A5 also packs look like kind of battery that is the 880mAh li-poly type of battery. This battery offers thirteen hours of power with two to three hours of charging cycle from a full drained one. Take note that the previous battery hours of the E12a is about 20 hours but it is reduced to 13 hours – this is considered to be best hit.

Packaging and Accessories

This Fiio A5 comes in new and whiter retail theme type of packaging. It also includes a USB cable for charging, very cute IC line measuring at about 3.5mm, two rubber stacking mats in protecting the knock, three silicone bands that hold the A5.

This A5 also comes with the same polyester Velcro that is locked into a soft type of carrying pouch with start-up guide as well as a warranty card.

Sound Impression

When it comes to the tonal balance of this analog amp, it provides warmth low-end responses that are meaty and solid with competent details and extension. It has five staging that is more depth with very decent width.

It has also more planted and elevated low-end with neutral type of vocal performance. The treble is also changed into a more subtle one. It also remains to be at its good control. You will never find anything sibilant, peaky, brittle or splashy with this A5.

There is also decent type of transparency level with this Fiio A. This only means to say that you will have an exciting listening experience with this kind of headphone amplifier.

Lower Price

As far as the placement of this headphone amplifier in the market is a concern, you will never experience any stress or difficulty purchasing it. This is because of the fact that this product is offered at its lowest price compared to the previous analog amps they offer.

Product Features

  • Large capacity Li-polymer battery delivers +/- 11 volts, with total output power up to 800mW at 32 Ohms
  • Utilizes MUSES02 & LME49600 op-amps, resulting in near-zero distortion at .00003%
  • High/Low gain switch and a bass boost
  • Ability to drive high-impedance headphones including most planar magnetic models
  • USB ‘smart-charge’ circuit allow charging from laptop/PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Durable attractive aluminum enclosure
  • Battery run time is approximately 12-13 hours per charge

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  • Stereo Crosstalk: > 75 dB
  • Inputs: 1/8″ (3.5mm)
  • Outputs: 1/8″ (3.5mm)
  • Output Voltage: 14.96Vp-p
  • Output Impedance: <0.3Ω
  • THD at 1V output: <0.002% (1kHz)
  • Output Power: [email protected]Ω, [email protected]Ω
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 90KHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >115dB
  • Weight: 168g
  • Dimensions: 124mm x 65.5mm x 14.5mm
  • Charge time: +/- 3 hours
  • Runtime: approx. 12-13 hours


Fiio A5 – Conclusion


  • Well-built
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fairly designed
  • Provides great sound
  • Perfect when it comes to its size
  • Lots of excellent power
  • Very decent when it comes to its price


  • Poorly implemented and designed bass boost
  • The gain is too high for the IEMs
  • Doubtful quality control


As you read some headphones amp review, you may immediately see that this A5 is the top choice of all at this price level. In the Fiio A5 review, you can also see how users of this portable headphone amp are really satisfied and happy with the experience that this headphone amplifier offers them.

This Fiio A5 is truly a one of a kind portable headphone amp that you may consider. From its price up to its build quality and design, you will be very impressed as to how this headphone is built just for you.

Where to buy Fiio A5 Portable Headphone Amplifier

>> Fiio A5 Portable Headphone Amplifier


Beyerdynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier Review

Beyerdynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier

You may not need to have your own headphone amplifier until you have found this Beyerdynamic A20. This is the best headphone amplifiers that you need at its affordable price. This headphone amplifier maybe meets your expectation. This Beyerdynamic A20 is equipped with high-quality features that make it on top of the lists of all headphone amplifier buyers.


Beyerdynamic A20Design and Features   

This Beyerdynamic A20 is an inspiring and high-quality technology piece that you should not miss to purchase. You will definitely fell in love with this kind of amplifier right after taking it out of its box. Compared to other manufacturers, all the products offered by Beyerdynamic are made at its highest quality standards. It only manifests that there will never be things that you need to complain about its finishes, designs, and materials.

Beyerdynamic A20 discount

Everything about this headphone amplifier is flawless hence; all throughout Beyerdynamic A20 review, you can see how people are completely satisfied with this gadget or equipment. It is a natural reproduction of open and dynamic sound. It has aluminium housing and two parallel types of headphone outputs.  The Beyerdynamic A20 has also its ALPS potentiometer.

On the front portion of this amplifier, you may see a LED button for the power, two outputs for the headphone in its parallel mode as well as the ALPS potentiometer mentioned above. This is perfect for light and smooth turning. At the back portion of this headphone amplifier, you may see the power input, RCA outputs, and inputs.

Beyerdynamic A20 review

The design of this headphone amplifier is truly amazing. Hence, more and more people these days are showing their interest to have this headphone amplifier on their lists. You will never regret having this headphone amplifier because of the excellent design and features it provide.

Transparent and Natural Sound Spaciousness and Excellent Resolution

The two parallel types of headphone outputs of this headphone amplifier can help you listen to your favorite music.

It has recommended impedance of headphone output from 30 up to 600 ohms. This gives you a clear and very pleasing type of sounds you will surely enjoy.

Hence, Beyerdynamic A20 review always put emphasis to the transparent and very natural sound that it offers.

Beyerdynamic A20 review
Beyerdynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier – Silver
Natural and transparent sound, excellent resolution and spaciousness

Beyerdynamic A20 – Professional Technology Perfect for Audiophiles

Only those high quality and top components and materials are used to make this Beyerdynamic A20. This is to assure durability and give you excellent quality of sound. This type of headphone amplifier has its sufficient reserve of power intended for simultaneous two headphone operations. It can also perfectly handle dynamic peaks as well as high-level sounds.

Beyerdynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier

High Quality and First Class

This headphone amplifier is made from brushed and sturdy aluminium. Its housing is a resonance-free and high profile. Because of the innovative design of its mechanical parts, no screws are made visible for you especially on the external surfaces. The ALPS potentiometer of this equipment is operated through rotary knob crafted from a solid type of aluminium. This headphone amplifier is a durable and outstanding one.

Flexible and Simple

This headphone amplifier also comes with cinch inputs that are connected even to different sources of high-level sounds. Its input signals are primarily looped all throughout audio signal results. Input jacks are forwarded free from the signal loss up to its output jacks. Great thanks to the two types of headphone jacks of this amplifier since two persons can listen to whatever type of music at the same time.

Beyerdynamic A20 Headphones Amplifier – Pros & Cons

Reading some Beyerdynamic A-20 review, you can surely get hints on how people are satisfied whenever they use this headphone amplifier. This is not only because of the features but due to the design and all other materials it is made and all the benefits it offers.

Apart from the benefits that this Beyerdynamic A20 offers, there are still some other drawbacks or little problem you may encounter with this amplifier.

This works better when used in the high-impedance type of headphones. This only means to say that you need not expect this headphone amplifier to be at its best performance on all types of headphones. You need to make sure that the headphone that you have matches to the capability and features of this Beyerdynamic A20.

Here are the lists of some of the benefits and some drawbacks you may acquire if you choose this Beyerdynamic A20 over other headphone amplifiers:


  • Premium build and design.
  • Makes musical sound cleaner and richer.
  • Can drive to various types of headphones.


  • Not best performance on all types of headphones. This headphone works well with the high-impedance type of headphones.

Having these benefits in mind, you can already conclude that Beyerdynamic A20 review will always give this headphone amplifier positive and high rating.

Beyerdynamic A20 – Verdict

There are huge numbers of headphone amplifiers offered in the market. However, this Beyerdynamic A20 is one of headphones amplifiers. This carries not expensive too price tag yet its quality is never compromised. Its high-end features make it on top of the lists of those who are longing for the best headphone amplifier.

So, have this Beyerdynamic A20 today!

Where to buy Beyerdynamic A20

>> Beyerdynamic A20



Teac UD-503 Dual-Monaural USB DAC Review

Teac UD-503

Looking for a headphone amplifier/USB DAC that is developed and backed by audio design expertise? If yes, Teac UD-503 is the right option for you to consider.

With its dual-monaural structure that is just exactly the same with what is used in UD-501, this is really promising as a USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier. The Teac UD503 has also been supported by two of the most trusted AK4490 DAC chips.

These have so far been classified as the newest models manufactured by the Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation. Actually, there are still more features that are included to ensure guarantee satisfaction of users.


Teac UD-503 review Teac UD-503B review

Build Quality and High Performance

Excellently-built to meet even the most meticulous buyers out there, the Teac UD-503 has once been on the list of top choices available. This is because of the fact that its analog output circuits are classified and chosen to be the best. They serve as the keystone for good audio quality. There are also the so-called TEAC-HCLD circuits which have been the output buffer amps.

Prior to operation, it was classified as something of high performance. This is because it is completely-balanced and it simply utilizes parallel-unbalanced and XLR output, particularly when using unequal RCA output.

The DAC section, for instance, has simply exceeded the demands and expectations of customers and users. Even its headphone amp is known for its discrete structure. In the front part of the panel, there are 2 TRS phone jacks that promise such a strong driving force.

The Teac UD-503 is an extraordinary product because of its high and precise volume control. This control feature enables two-hundred fifty-six setting steps including remote control. This newest generation of headphone amplifier/USB DAC is recognized as the premier desktop audio to captivate your attention for its quality built and high performance.

Teac UD-503 – Sound Performance

Teac UD-503

The Teac UD-503 boasts its sound that is widely known as one of its promising and strong points. With its good and easy listening sound and the vocals sound that is such a lush and rich, the more that you will love and appreciate this headphone amplifier.

Nothing has been mentioned about its low frequency, mid frequency, and high frequency. But, it is great because of the fact that it is ready to greet you with a full-bodied and round sound. Embodying an easy and good listening quality, it can simply be just ready in grabbing your attention.

Such a deep solidity can be heard from the first words uttered by a singer, like Kate Bush. There is simply enough insight to how she communicates the emotional outpouring of the lyrics. Thus, this is something that is not provided by other headphone amplifiers.

Soundstage and Separation

buy Teac UD-503

Buy the Teac UD-503 that exudes an even deeper soundstage, tighter bass, and darker background.  This is even greater than other similar products because it does not bring any form of harshness. This, therefore, makes it an ideal option to consider.

The Teac UD-503 has also been proudly announced to have received the most authoritative standing. That is because it significantly achieved a clearer and better sound quality. And as highly emphasized, it comes with an excellent channel separation that no other products can offer.


Pairing & Connectivities

When the Teac UD-503 is connected via USB, it is expected that it does not pair well with a computer clock that is noisy and stable. It just mainly supports USB transfer mode and it allows it to be in control of the DSD and PCM signals. It actually pairs up with its clock that is generated by a built-in and precise crystal oscillator.

Teac UD-503-S review

The pairing or synchronization is also possible because of the ten megahertz external master clock input. By pairing up with a clock that comes with higher precision, you will be able to enjoy an improvement in audio quality and changes in tone quality. Search for Teac UD-503 for sale and notice just how great it is in a pairing.

Teac UD-503 review
Teac UD-503 Silver Dual-Monaural USB DAC with Headphone Amplifier
Teac UD-503B review
Teac UD-503 Black Dual-Monaural USB DAC with Headphone Amplifier

Feature & Specifications from Manufacturer

  • USB DAC that supports 11.2MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM
  • Dual-monaural circuit structure used from the power supply to the digital and analog sections
  • Both left and right channels have their own high-end AK4490 DACs, which are made by Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation
  • Two high-capacity toroidal core power transformers—one each for left and right channels
  • Isolation circuit that completely separates the digital and analog sections electrically
  • 4 TEAC HCLD buffer amplifiers, which are current-enhancing output buffer circuits, are used for the line amplifiers
  • Up-conversion to formats up to 12.2MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM using an FPGA (programmable IC) that utilizes a fluency function
  • Two types of DSD filter and four types of PCM digital filter, as well as an OFF mode
  • 10MHz external clock input supported (available during USB asynchronous transmission)
  • Two high-precision internal clocks—one each dedicated to 44.1kHz and 48kHz signals (available during USB asynchronous transmission)
  • One pair of RCA analog unbalanced inputs
  • Volume output can be set to fixed, fixed +6dB or variable for the one pair of XLR analog balanced outputs and one pair of RCA analog unbalanced outputs
  • XLR jack polarity can be set (2 HOT or 3 HOT)
  • TEAC QVCS high-precision volume circuit
  • Large digital volume display with excellent visibility and remote control with one-button operation of various functions
  • OELD display shows input signal type and various settings (with 3-level dimmer and off functions)
  • Fully-balanced drive headphone amplifier with discrete construction and maximum output of 700 mW + 700 mW
  • Headphone amplifier can be switched among 3 drive types: unbalanced, balanced and active ground
  • Digital inputs on the back include one USB, one coaxial and one optical
  • Combined coaxial mini/optical mini digital input connector on front is convenient for digital input from portable devices
  • Low power consumption design and automatic power saving function meet modern expectations
  • The full-metal body realizes both vibration control and elegant style in an A4-size body that enables placement on a desktop
  • TEAC original design for three-point support using pinpoint feet with attached bases
  • Compliant with RoHS


My Conclusion for Teac UD-503

In this Teac UD-503 review, I conclude that the Teac UD-503 is your good choice for a headphone amplifier/USB DAC because of its positive points highlighting great sound, excellent pairing, and affordable Teac UD-503 price. This is a lot better than any other pricier DACs that can be purchased on the market today. Its sonic persona and dynamic space presentation just make it even more deserving of earning an audio network sound award.

Final Verdicts

The Teac UD-503 is a super DAC that utilizes the latest DAC chips, high and precise volume control and more. This also stands out because of its connectivity features and pairing capability. This is a lot better than any other more expensive DACs to purchase on the market. This is by far the ultimate headphone amplifier/USB DAC that presents all its excellent functions!

>> Teac UD-503 Dual-Monaural USB DAC


Sennheiser HDVD 800 Review

Sennheiser HDVD 800

Sennheiser is considered as one of the leading companies to have successfully released a lot of impressive products that include HD600/HD650, HD700, HD800, and Orpheus. With all these products comes the newest Sennheiser HDVD 800 that remarkably highlights an advanced technology for headphones. This is known to perform well to specific headphones which also go well with its impedance synergy. Sennheiser HDVD800’s balanced output can provide an even more powerful and better overall presentation.

Sennheiser HDVD 800

Build Quality

Sennheiser HDVD 800 is built with high-quality material for its main body and also includes a metal. Glass is also found right exactly on top which will allow users to see the component inside. Prior to the glass of Sennheiser HDVD 800, it is as well manufactured and applied with shock resistance feature making it a good quality product. As compared to its rivals, it just is simply the best because of a bonus that is also given.

Right through its front most part, 2 balanced and 2 single-ended outputs, power button, a switch to choose outputs/inputs and a volume pot can be found. The manufacturing materials that have been utilized are far more superior as compared to other products.

In the side and in the back part of the unit, there are coax inputs, optic, EBU/AES, USB that can easily be found. There are also completely-balanced outputs intended for DAC section. There are balanced inputs designed for the amp board. So far, there’s nothing bad that can be said about the outputs/inputs of Sennheiser HDVD 800.

Sennheiser HDVD 800 review the Sound

Low Frequency

The Sennheiser HDVD 800 presents such a non-fatiguing and natural low frequency. Even though this may not promise an excellent bass depth, it still brings out a nicer and better performance.

It is also easily connected to tracks and it has consisted of a bass depth that complements well to a quantity documented in tracks.  It does not actually tighten the stage but it still somehow affects the space involving the instruments. Its mid-bass presentation is situated slightly next to the stage in order that it does not outperform other frequency ranges.

Sennheiser HDVD 800 review

Sennheiser HDVD 800 promises a resolved, well-positioned and natural low-frequency presentation. This is not suggested for all bass-heads but it sounds so smooth and musical. One more impressive thing about this product is that its low frequency is easy and convenient to follow.


Mid Frequency

It has its balanced and neutral midrange frequency in the stage. It is also not that too forward and not too recessed. Its musicality and tonality in mid-presentation are the best. It is not just natural but it really promises a higher level of emotional notes and resolution. There’s no such thing as sacrificing transparency and details, so far.

High Frequency

Sennheiser HDVD 800 presents its slightly sharp, forward and thin presentation. Its forwardness or sharpness is not quite disturbing. It is also impressive to see the positioning of the treble presentation. You will notice a better feel of the detail right through the treble section. So far, there’s nothing bad that can be said about its good performance. This is especially true to its tonality and resolution.

Soundstage and Separation

The product has its better width despite the fact that it maintains a deeper stage. Its stage depth supports the amp for having clearer layers resulting to good separation. Treble notes are also horizontally situated right next to its thin-stage structure. The problem of thinning treble notes has already been resolved by Sennheiser through this product. So far, the product is great for its easy and convenient to follow the presentation and nice imaging.


In this Sennheiser HDVD 800 review, the product is specifically manufactured and designed for headphones manufactured by Sennheiser. These headphones have actually consisted of HD800S and HD800. This way, it will have its better and more improved synergy with completely-sized cans.

But, it is suggested that HDVD800 should not be utilized for low impedance because of its structure and output specifications.


The DAC Board of Sennheiser HDVD 800

This product is impressive because of its completely-enhanced DAC board. This also proudly presents its great amplification performance. However, users will not be able to completely get satisfying DAC and stellar lamp until they already have a better source.

Sennheiser HDVD 800
Sennheiser HDVD 800 Headphone Amplifier with DAC
Premium performance headphone amplifier with built-in digital to analog converter


Sennheiser HDVD 800 Main Highlight

Sennheiser HDVD800 is great because of its more distant sound which is specifically one of its highlights. The sound that it has is clearer and closer. When it comes to in-depth layering, this one’s a lot better than any other products. Its highlights include a sharp and non-fatiguing treble and a stage structure that can be so easy for you to follow.

Another highlighted fact about the Sennheiser HDVD 800 is that it promises better tonality and more natural notes on both female and male vocals. 

It is highly regarded for its more control and it is great in reducing the space that surrounds the vocals.


  • Frequency Response: 0.3 Hz – 100 kHz
  • Input Impedance at 1kHz (ohms): 20 kΩ
  • Inputs: XLR-3, RCA, S/PDIF RCA, TosLink, AES/EBU, USB
  • Output Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Outputs: 1/4″ & XLR-4
  • Dimensions: 8.8 x 1.7 x 12 in.
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • THD at 1V output: less than -110 dB (1 kHz / maximum gain)

Product Features

  • Digital amplifier for audiophile headphones
  • Symmetrical (XLR) and asymmetrical (RCA) analog inputs; AES/EBU, S/PDIF and USB digital inputs
  • Sophisticated metal housing protects against signal scatter and vibration; controls made from solid metal for long-term stability
  • D/A converter for all common formats up to 24-bit/192 kHz; can be used for CD and DVD players
  • Symmetrical output
  • Sockets for 4 sets of headphones (2 of which are symmetrical)


Sennheiser HDVD 800 in Conclusion

In my own verdict for this Sennheiser HDVD 800 review, it is indeed an impressive and wonderful sounding unit. It will simply make you feel comfortable because it is manufactured to meet your standards. Below are some of the positive points and negative points of the product.


  • The Sennheiser HDVD800 Looks so nice and has lots of impressive outputs and inputs
  • Perfect for audiophile headphones
  • Takes Advantage of its Stage Depth
  • Very Simple to Use
  • Beautiful sound and fantastic quality


  • It’s a bit quieter
  • Requires a balanced XLR cable that really shines


Final Verdicts

Sennheiser HDVD 800 is impressive because it is one of the excellent headphone amplifiers with DAC.

It highlights its positive and strong points of versatility, studio sound, and excellent pairing capability. Its quality is something that any user can be proud of. It is highly-engineered and beautifully-constructed to meet the standards of the simplest or even the most meticulous users out there.

Truly, this is a high-quality product that is worth your money. There’s nothing that can beat it when it comes to quality, construction and more.

Where to buy Sennheiser HDVD 800