Fiio A5 Review – Portable Headphone Amp

Fiio started with some amplifiers where they were able to make their own name. However, with all the positive feedbacks that they are gaining from all the products they offer, they continued to create other variants. They are now proud to offer their newest Fiio A5 in the market. Well, the Fiio A5 is a well-known headphone amplifier as the best variation when compared to other E-series types of analog amplifiers in the market today.


Fiio A5Fiio A5 wanted to attract the existing users of the E12a who aim to have more juice in driving their headphones while retaining efficiency refinement. Take note that Fiio will no longer make the E12a and E12 into reality, hence, the new buyers will only have one choice and that is the Fiio A5.

Fiio A5 With High-Quality Build


headphones amp reviewThis Fiio A5 is available in two different colors namely black and titanium. You may also observe subtle differences on this A5 compared to the E12a. The first is more on the chasis type of sandblasted finish of this analog amp that is more refined than the previous brush metal designed of the E12a. The plate in front surrounding the pot has also the slightly more contoured type of finish.

The new Fiio A5 pot is more slimline, less grippy, and a little smoother. It has also a more refined and distinctive look than older knobs. It has constructed its knob for mimicking string instruments with the 56 45 degrees of lies laser that is etched to the center dial with an excellent ring finish. In general, it has nicer look than before.


Fiio A5 review

In line with the I/O’s this Fiio A5 has similar positioning and kind as E12a. It also retained its blue power of LED light configurations and charging on the top left.

It also gains control positioning on the right side of the front plate just beside its pot for a new volume. Its gain switch also stays where it is located the same as the previous analog amp as well as the bass switch.

The left panel is impressively completed by micro USB charging of the female port just a few millimeters down its bass. When you are charging this A5, the LED light just on the top portion of the panel will flick a red color. This is a sign that it is already charging. The light will cease blinking once it is already fully charged.

This A5 also packs look like kind of battery that is the 880mAh li-poly type of battery. This battery offers thirteen hours of power with two to three hours of charging cycle from a full drained one. Take note that the previous battery hours of the E12a is about 20 hours but it is reduced to 13 hours – this is considered to be the best hit.

Packaging and Accessories

This Fiio A5 comes in new and whiter retail theme type of packaging. It also includes a USB cable for charging, a very cute IC line measuring at about 3.5mm, two rubber stacking mats in protecting the knock, three silicone bands that hold the A5.

This A5 also comes with the same polyester Velcro that is locked into a soft type of carrying pouch with a start-up guide as well as a warranty card.

Sound Impression

When it comes to the tonal balance of this analog amp, it provides warmth low-end responses that are meaty and solid with competent details and extension. It has five stagings that are more depth with a very decent width.

It has also more planted and elevated low-end with the neutral type of vocal performance. The treble is also changed into a more subtle one. It also remains to be at its good control. You will never find anything sibilant, peaky, brittle or splashy with this A5.

There is also a decent type of transparency level with this Fiio A. This only means to say that you will have an exciting listening experience with this kind of headphone amplifier.

Lower Price

As far as the placement of this headphone amplifier in the market is a concern, you will never experience any stress or difficulty purchasing it. This is because of the fact that this product is offered at its lowest price compared to the previous analog amps they offer.

Compare Fiio A5 to Other Portable Headphone Amp

Fiio A5 Vs FiiO BTR5-384K Vs Fiio E10K USB DAC Vs EarStudio ES100 MK2

Fiio A5

Fiio A5 Portable Headphone Amplifier

Specs: dimension: 4.9″ x 2.6″ x 0.6″, weight: 5.9 ounces, frequency response: 10 – 90kHz, THD at 1V output: <0.002% (1kHz), Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >115dB, input impedance: 16-300 ohms, output impedance: <0.3Ω, stereo crosstalk: > 75dB, output power: 800mW@32Ω, 150mW@300Ω
Features: USB smart-charge: ability charging from PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone, high/low gain switch and a bass boost,  drive high-impedance headphones including most planar magnetic models, durable, run time: 12-13 hours/charge


FiiO BTR5-384K - review

FiiO BTR5-384K Bluetooth/Reciever/USB DAC/DSD Headphones Amp

Specs: dimension: 0.98″ x 0.39″ x 2.28″, weight: 1.6 ounces, microphone: 2-mic CVC 8.0 noise-canceling, battery life: 9-hours
Features:  CSR8675 Bluetooth 5.0 (Qualcomm aptX), Bluetooth audio: aptx-HD/aptX low latency/AAC/USB audio DAC, supporting up to 384kHz and native DSD, deliver studio-quality sound, remote-controlled via FiiO Music app, 8 different DAC lowpass filter, 10-band EQ, NFC, BTR5 support idle time power off


Fiio E10K USB DAC - Headphones Amplifire


Specs: dimension: 0.83″ x 1.93″ x 3.11″, weight: 2.72 ouncds, connectivity:  front-panel 1/8¡± headphone jack/a rear-panel 1/8¡± line output/a rear-panel coaxial digital output/USB, DAC chip: PCM5102
Features: portable design, high-resolution headphones amp,  handle PCM files up to 24-bit/96 kHz, improving audio quality, optimized low-pass filter


EarStudio ES100 MK2-24bit Portable Headphone Amp - Specs

EarStudio ES100 MK2 Portable Bluetooth/Reciever/USB DAC/Headphone Amp

Specs: dimension: 1″ x 2″ x 0.5″, weight: 0.64 ounces, , signal noise ratio: 109dB (unbalanced), output impedance: 1 ohms (unbalanced/balanced), battery capacity: 350 mAh (lithium palymer), continuous play time: 14-hours
Features: Reciever, USB DAC, Bluetooth (Qualcomm CSR8675 chipset), Bluetooth profile: HFP/ASP/A2DP/AVRCP, codec support: aptX/aptX HD/AAC/SBC, max work range: 10-meters


USB smart-charge circuit allows charging from laptop/PC, tablet, or smartphone

Product Features

  • Large capacity Li-polymer battery delivers +/- 11 volts, with total output power up to 800mW at 32 Ohms
  • Utilizes MUSES02 & LME49600 op-amps, resulting in near-zero distortion at .00003%
  • High/low gain switch and a bass boost
  • Ability to drive high-impedance headphones including most planar magnetic models
  • USB smart-charge circuit allows charging from laptop/PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • Durable attractive aluminum enclosure
  • Battery run time is approximately 12-13 hours per charge

Product Sales!

DS600 Desktop DAC

DS600 Desktop DAC

Lavaudio DS600 HiFi DAC Decoder, Amplifier Headphone 3.5mm Out/ RCA Out XMOS DSD512 768K/32bit, LDAC Bluetooth 5.0, Preamp Audio DAC Converter USB in for PC, Coaxial/Optical in for CD Player, Stereo.


Fiio A5 – Conclusion


  • Well-built
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fairly designed
  • Provides great sound
  • Perfect when it comes to its size
  • Lots of excellent power
  • Very decent when it comes to its price


  • Poorly implemented and designed bass boost
  • The gain is too high for the IEMs
  • Doubtful quality control


As you read some headphones amp reviews, you may immediately see that this A5 is the top choice of all at this price level. In the Fiio A5 review, you can also see how users of this portable headphone amp are really satisfied and happy with the experience that this headphone amplifier offers them.

This Fiio A5 is truly a one-of-a-kind portable headphone amp that you may consider. From its price up to its build quality and design, you will be very impressed as to how this headphone is built just for you.

Where to buy Fiio A5 Portable Headphone Amplifier

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