Sonos playbar TV Sounder Review

Sonos playbar TV Sounder Review

Sonos is not the first manufacturer to produce multi-room digital music. However, Sonos technology is undeniably superior and simple to use. This makes Sonos Playbar really commendable in spite of its premium price.

Sonos is popular for its expensive multi-room audio systems.  Sonos Playbar soundbar is made for people who want to see movies and benefit from the company’s ecosystem, like combining it with the Play 5 in their bedrooms or living room.

This product is an incredible 3.0 audio system with the right, left as well as middle speakers. But, you can group it as one with other products of Sonos to make 3.1 or 5.1 audio system respectively, providing you lots of flexibility to make your sound system bigger.

Sonos playbar

The Design

The state-of-the-art Sonos Playbar Soundbar is long and black. It is virtually wide and can be mounted on your wall using a specially designed bracket, or you can simply put this audio system in front of the TV. Like other speakers produced by this company, the bar has an extremely simple design, even if it appears to be older than the recent additions.

The latest editions of Sonos audio systems have a clean, more streamlined look with plastic materials; the Sonos Playbar Soundbar has black material as well as grey metal trimming besides plastic that leads to an older and fussier look as opposed to the Sonos One, Play 5 and Playbase.

It comes with an IR receiver panel located at the top and on the front of the audio system. Therefore it does not matter how you mount this speaker, on the right side of the speaker is the mute button and volume control keys as well. This only means that you can control the volume manually if you do not have your tablet, phone or television remote at hand.

Sound Quality

Normally they keep relatively quiet regarding the precise drives collections in its audio systems. But they are very happy to announce they utilized 6 middle-range drivers and 3 tweeters.

This might look like a huge number but is relatively common. Left, right and middle channels of this speaker get 2 mid-range drivers and a tweeter. The left and right tweeters are mounted on the rim of the Playbar at approximately 45-degree angles in order to fire positional sound data as ample as possible.


Sonos playbar TV SoundbarA higher frequency audio is more positional compared to lower frequency audio that is the reason why it is very essential plays your home theater satellites in the appropriate area. The driver setups function well, generating an extensive, thorough as well as ground sounding soundstage.

Sonos Playbar TV sounder makes sounds genuinely bigger than its dimension, but to make the best results, you have to place the soundbar upright. The sound is detailed and crisp, a tonality which is ordinary in aluminum bodied audio systems. There are a real flair and grace in its delivery of sound as well as dialogue.

sonos playbar tv sounder
Sonos Playbar TV Sounder
5.1 Surround System, Wireless Streaming TV/Music Speaker, Wall mountable, Speech enhancement, Night mode

Surround Sound

With Sonos Playbar, you are not just restricted to 3.0 audio. Adding a subwoofer, you can get a 3.1 audio that really makes a remarkable experience.

For beginners, the whole unit is rebalanced to allow for Playbar to generate less bass, as that job now performed by the subwoofer. It provides genuine low thumping bass which movies really need, which make the soundtracks real.

The subwoofers not relatively as thumping and as loud as many standalone subwoofers however it is made for and balanced with this Playbar. So, meaning the subwoofers do not dominate the audio and still, you get the whole range, instead of a muddied bass-heavy mess.

Sonos Playbar TV Sounder Setup

The fact that this audio system was made by Sonos, expects a stress-free setup. In case you already a Sonos audio system, all you need to do is to connect the power wire, connect it to your television through the optical output. Utilize the controller to put it into the audio system.


Sonos playbar TV Soundbar reviewThe moment the system is detected, you are taken in a small configuration wizard, which plays some tones for you, asking which sound better in order to help the unit configure its audio properly. Also, it will ask you if you like to connect with a Subwoofer for further bass and 2 play 3 players that will serve as the unit’s rear speakers.

There is an IR repeater located on the front that could be utilized to learn how to control the volume using your remote control.

Sonos Playbar TV Sounder – TV Setup

To make the most out of this soundbar, connecting it to your television is highly advisable. I meaning you will need a TV integrated with optical output because this is the only input of this Playbar. A lot of televisions had this output, most essentially if you have bought a model made years ago.

Sonos playbar review

In case your TV doesn’t have this optical output, you will need to connect your device to set-top box straight to the audio system. Also, you will have to disable the speakers of your TV, in order that the audio is pumped only to the Sonos Playbar.

The best thing about this unit is that it instantly default to its optical input, therefore turning the TV gets you audio right away without needing to mess around.

This Playbar TV Sounder offers many benefits and some minor flaws:


  • Easy setup.
  • Great sound.
  • Voice control through an Alexa enabled device.
  • Plenty bass without subwoofers.
  • Sonos application platform stays one of the most excellent out there.
  • Flawless multi-room integration with company state of the art system.


  • No HDMI.
  • Very expensive.
  • No 7.1 support.
  • There is DTS surround support.


Sonos Playbar review shows that this audio system a remarkable piece of home theater accessory that really brings on its pledge of quality and simplicity.

It is not cheap, but it is a good addition to your current Sonos network, which leads to a more flexible audio system.

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