Edifier H840 Headphones – Review & Buying guide

Edifier H840

There’s been increasing demand for high-quality audio devices lately as more and more people want a good sound experience. Edifier is a well-known Chinese manufacturer which produced some decent audio products that are also available in the US now as the brand is rising through the ranks in the US market. Edifier H840 is the my … Read moreEdifier H840 Headphones – Review & Buying guide

ideausa v201 Headphones Review

ideausa Wireless Headphones

It is always a pleasure to use a pair of IdeaUSA headphones. IdeaUSA is known for having extremely high standards in their audio equipment, and so the IdeaUSA v201 noise canceling headphones is one of the best. This is one of the best pairs of headphones available with noise-canceling feature the company has ever made … Read moreideausa v201 Headphones Review