Edifier H840 Headphones – Review & Buying guide

Edifier H840

There’s been increasing demand for high-quality audio devices lately as more and more people want a good sound experience. Edifier is a well-known Chinese manufacturer that produced some decent audio products that are also available in the US now as the brand is rising through the ranks in the US market. Edifier H840 is one … Read moreEdifier H840 Headphones – Review & Buying guide

Cowin E8 Review Why I choose Cowin E8?

Cowin E8 Review

When choosing noise-canceling headphones, you have to determine which style, earbud or around the ear, you prefer to wear. Comfort is essential when choosing the best noise canceling headphones. Today, one of the best noise-canceling headphones available is the Cowin E8. This Cowin E8 review will help you know more about this product.

V-MODA M-100 Headphones Review

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Metal

V-Moda M-100 is the buyer’s choice in line with the other kinds of headphones in the market. Now, it never fails the users in delivering quality whichever aspect we look at it. Compared to the previous V-Moda headphones, this model has many enhancements. No wonder it earns the vote of DJ Mag to be the … Read moreV-MODA M-100 Headphones Review

ideausa v201 Headphones Review

ideausa Wireless Headphones

It is always a pleasure to use a pair of IdeaUSA headphones. IdeaUSA is known for having extremely high standards in their audio equipment, and so the IdeaUSA v201 noise-canceling headphones is one of the best. This is one of the best pairs of headphones available with noise-canceling feature the company has ever made and … Read moreideausa v201 Headphones Review

Avantree HT3189 Wireless Headphones Review

Avantree HT3180 review

Wireless headphones can be an ideal companion for all music lovers. It is very important to review the numerous advantages of a wireless headphone which can affect your decision when buying your next pair of headphones. Since headphones serve as a great partner in portable music, you have to choose the best model that will … Read moreAvantree HT3189 Wireless Headphones Review

Bluedio UFO Plus Review

Bluedio UFO PLus Review

It’s an undeniable fact that headphones are growing in great popularity these days. In fact, they became very popular since the dawn of MP3 players. Headphones come in a huge variety of styles and specs, which include sound quality. Because of this, the pursuit of finding the most suitable headset becomes more complex since shoppers … Read moreBluedio UFO Plus Review

Taotronics TT-BH22 Review – Affordable Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

TaoTronics TT-BH22 review

Maybe you’ve read a Taotronics TT-BH22 review before. Whether you want to increase your productivity at work, improve your workout routine or you just want to listen to your favorite music. The Toatronics TT-BH22 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones can provide the sound quality and convenience that you are looking for. Read this Taotronics TT-BH22 review … Read moreTaotronics TT-BH22 Review – Affordable Active Noise-Canceling Headphones

Mpow H5 Noise Canceling Headphones

Mpow H5 reviews

Thе  Mpow H5 Active Noise Cаnсеlіng Bluеtооth Hеаdрhоnеѕ аrе juѕt thе latest release that аudіорhіlеѕ аrе gоіng tо want thеіr hаndѕ оn. Thеѕе headphones perform just аѕ gооd as thеу lооk too. Rаthеr than just bеіng a generic раіr of noise-canceling hеаdрhоnеѕ wіth a funkу lоgо, these аrе ѕресіfісаllу dеѕіgnеd tо offer thе lіѕtеnеr a premium … Read moreMpow H5 Noise Canceling Headphones

Yamaha rh50a review – Professional Headphones

Yamaha RH50A

Planning to get a new pair of headphones to listen to your favorite music? Do you want to get yourself the new professional stereo headphones for digital piano? Today, there are a great number of headphone manufacturers and models to select from. One leading manufacturer and model is the Yamaha rh50a. This Yamaha rh50a review … Read moreYamaha rh50a review – Professional Headphones

Skullcandy Hesh 3 Review

Skullcandy Hesh 3

Skullcandy Hesh 3 is the latest Bluetooth over-the-ear wireless headphone model from Skullcandy, one of the big names in terms of headphone products. In this latest release, it looks like Skullcandy is refining the design as well as sound signature of their headphones. Is this Skullcandy worth your money? Let’s look at what it has … Read moreSkullcandy Hesh 3 Review