AfterShokz Aeropex AS800 Review

Aeropex AS800 - Open-ear design

The AfterShokz Aeropex AS800 is the best bone conduction headphones available in the market now. Due to their amazing design that uses vibration instead of speakers to generate the sound, they do not on or inside the ear on any side, and the buds simply rest on your temples. Due to this, they do not … Read moreAfterShokz Aeropex AS800 Review

AfterShokz Titanium AS600 Review

AfterShokz Titanium Review

Music is about immersion. However, this doesn’t mean totally cutting off the sound from the world outside. This doesn’t seem so with AfterShokz Titanium AS600, that’s why its athlete-focused titanium sports headsets do the opposite. The primary thing to experience if you put a headset outside your ear is the bass. To address this issue, … Read moreAfterShokz Titanium AS600 Review