Tozo OpenEgo Review – Affordable Wireless Open-Ear Headphones

Tozo OpenEgo Review – Short words

Tozo OpenEgo Review: These Tozo wireless earbuds have decent sound quality, great battery life, IPX5 water-resistant, and strong connectivity. With Bluetooth 5.3, the Tozo OpenEgo is fast for pairing and connecting. The sound has good bass and a balance of mids and highs. Besides, they are compatible with the Tozo app, which allows you to choose from 16 EQ sound profiles. Overall, these open-ear wireless earbuds are cheap, good quality, and a good choice for those looking for wireless earbuds with good sound and great awareness of surrounding sounds.

Tozo OpenEgo Review

Tozo OpenEgo True Wireless Open-Ear Headphones

form-factor: on-ear, ear-hook style, true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5.3, water-resistant: IPX5, battery life: 12 hours of playtime (single charge)/30 hours of playtime (with charging case), dual power display, support app: yes (TOZO app), 16 EQ preset in the app, great sound quality


The Tozo OpenEgo is a true wireless open-ear headset that looks beautiful and stylish. I just got them today, white. I had tested them for a week before starting to write this review. How about the Tozo OpenEgo? There are some good things, and some are not so pleasant. What is it? Let’s see in the Tozo OpenEgo review.

Tozo OpenEgo True Wireless Open-Ear Headphones – What’s in the box

Tozo OpenEgo - True wireless earbuds with good sound quality

  • OpenEgo open-ear wireless earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable, 50cm
  • Quick guide and user manual

Tozo OpenEgo Review – The Design

Tozo OpenEgo Review

At first glance, oh! They are pretty bulky wireless earbuds. Both the charging case and earbuds. Most open-ear headphones are bulky, like this. But they are still portable or take on the go, not too large, and quite lightweight. The charging case’s dimensions are around 6.5 x 7.5 x 3 cm. You can put them in a bag or backpack. The charging case’s size is double that of the Gloden X1’s case. The Tozo OpenEgo is an open-ear headphones design, so it’s not a surprise why the size is quite bulky (most open-ear headphones have bulky sizes, at least bigger than wireless in-ear headphones or earbuds). When you open the case, the earbuds automatically turn on and pair. Once you take the earbuds off of the case, they will automatically connect to the latest device.

You can see the battery status at the front of the charging case. When you open or close the case, the percentage of the charging case’s remaining battery will show.

The Durability

As I said, the OpenEgo wireless open-ear headphones are IPX5 water-resistant. So, these earphones can withstand sweat and drizzling rain. Earphones can work well even if you are sweating a lot.

The headphones are lightweight because most materials are plastic. I have dropped them a few times (they fall out of my ears). There is nothing broken, and they still work well. But for the charging case, there is a chance that it will break if it drops on the ground (personal thoughts).

Intuitive Touch Control

Touch control is placed on the outside panel of the buds. You can easily control playback and volume.

On the right

  • One tab – Play/Pause
  • Double tab – Next track
  • Triple tab – Activate voice assistant
  • Tab and hold – Volume up

On the left

  • One tab – Play/Pause
  • Double tab – Previous track
  • Triple tab – Activate voice assistant
  • Tab and hold – Volume down

Secure Fit and Comfortability

Tozo OpenEgo - Best cheap wireless open-ear earbuds

In my own personal headphones style, I’m not too fond of open-ear headphones. Because usually, this kind of headphones does not block outside noise. But they are ideal for working out, running at the park, and walking around the street. While listening to music with the Tozo OpenEgo, you still hear environmental sounds such as traffic, announcement sounds, or the voices of people talking around you. You can use them for exercise or outdoor activities without worrying about sweat because the headphones are IPX5 water-resistant. The headphones can withstand sweaty or drizzling rain.

These wireless open-ear headphones are not much more comfy after a few hours. I feel a little annoyance and irritation behind the ears. I think about their design, making me feel a slight pressing force behind my ears. I’m not sure if this happens to others. But when I read the other reviews on Amazon, many users say that they are very comfortable. Everyone’s preferences and feelings are different, right?

The Tozo OpenEgo is not a supremely secure fit in the ears; I felt it wasn’t tight. But when I walk around and shake my head, the earbud still stays in place and does not easily fall out. However, even if it doesn’t fall out of your ear, I feel like it’s quite loose, not very tight.

Tozo OpenEgo True Wireless Open-Ear Headphones – Battery Life

Tozo OpenEgo - Cheap wireless earbuds with good quality

According to OpenEgo specs, they provide up to 30 hours of total playtime. I listen to music for 4 hours, and the battery of my earbuds is around 70%. As a result, if I calculate proportionally, a full single charge yields approximately 12 hours of playtime. That’s very excellent. The Tozo OpenEgo has exceptional battery life. So impressive.

Bluetooth 5.3 – Excellent Signal

Tozo OpenEgo - Easy and fast pairing and connected

The Tozo OpenEgo utilized Bluetooth 5.3, which provides fast pairing and stability signals. I walk around my house (240 square meters), and the Bluetooth signal is not dropped. I still clearly listen to music without any hiccups or lost signals.

However, the strength of the Bluetooth signal depends on the devices you connect. It means the signal will be unstable if you connect to a device that uses an old Bluetooth version like 4.0 or 4.1. When I connect to the mobile phone (OPPO RENO 11 5G Bluetooth 5.3), the signal is very stable, and there is no tripping. But if I connect the OpenEgo to the MP3 player (Bluetooth 4.0), the music will stutter while I turn around or turn my head left or right.

The connection is easy and fast. Just open the case, and the red and white lights will alternately flash (you must pull the plastic out of both earbuds). Then take the earbuds off the case and go to the Bluetooth setting on your devices (mobile phone, laptop, or other devices). After that, select Tozo OpenEgo to connect.

After connecting the Tozo OpenEgo to the TOZO app, you should update the OTA (firmware) to the current version (I updated it to V0.1.4).

You can pair two devices simultaneously. Unfortunately, the headphones can connect to only one device at a time. This is unlike the Tozo OpenBuds, which have multipoint connection features, which means the Tozo OpenBuds can connect to two devices simultaneously.

Tozo OpenEgo Review – Good Sound Quality For The Open-Ear Headphones

Tozo OpenEgo provide crysta-clear converstaiont and good sound music

Tozo OpenEgo true wireless earbuds review

As I told you earlier, the Tozo OpenEgo are true wireless open-ear headphones. Hence, the sound quality is not as fantastic as the Tozo Gloden X1 wireless ANC earbuds or the Tozo HT2 wireless over-ear hybrid ANC headphones, they are still great for listening to music, watching movies, or listening to podcasts. The sound quality is well-balanced. Even though the bass isn’t as loud and solid as over-ear or in-ear headphones, the advantage is that it doesn’t make your ears ringing. Nevertheless, I can still hear the bass. Meanwhile, the vocals and trebles are also crisp and clear.

In the Tozo app, you can choose from 16 preset EQs, including customizing your sound to your favorite preference.

Overall, the Tozo OpenEgo’s sound quality is good, but not too great. They are suited for listening to music or watching movies while staying aware of my surroundings.

Compare Tozo OpenEgo to Other Open-Ear Wireless Headphones

Tozo OpenEgo Vs Tozo OpenBuds Vs EUQQ Q16 Open-Ear

Tozo OpenEgo Review

Tozo OpenEgo – Cheap Wireless Open-Ear Headphones

Color Options: black, white
Specs: form factor: on-ear (open-ear & ear hooks style for secure fit), dimension: 4.02″ x 3.66″ x 1.65″, weight: 5.6 ounces, driver size: 16.2mm extra-large dynamic driver, battery capacity: 600mAh (charging case),
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 5.3, playtime: 12 hours (single charge)/30 hours (with charging case), support app: yes (TOZO app), EQ: yes (16 types of EQ sound modes) & customizable EQ, built-in dual microphone noise-canceling, smart LED display, intuitive touch control
In the package: Tozo OpenEgo wireless open-ear earbuds, wireless charging case, USB Type-C charging cable, quick guide & user manual


Tozo Open Buds review

Tozo OpenBuds

Color: only black
: form factor: in-ear (open-ear design), package dimension: 4″ x 3.6″ x 1.7″, weight: 4.8 ounces, driver: 14.2mm dynamic speaker, frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, battery capacity: 600mAh (charging case)/70mAh (earbuds)
Features: true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5.3, operation range: up to 10 meters, support Bluetooth codecs: SBC/ACC, dual-device connection, waterproof rating: IPX6, battery life: 12 hours (single charge)/42 hours (with the charging case), dual-axis design & multi-angle adjustment for long-lasting comfort, microphone: built-in dual ENC mics for clear call, app: Tozo app (5 preset EQ & customizable), ORIGX acoustic technology
In the box: Tozo OpenBuds wireless earbuds, charging case, USB-C charging cable, quick guide & user manual


EUQQ Q16 Open-Ear Bluetooth Earphones

EUQQ Q16 Open-Ear Bluetooth Earphones – Ideal for exercise activities

Specs: form factor: open-ear (ear hook style), package dimension: 2.8″ x 2.76″ x 0.75″, weight: 0.317 ounces, charging type: USB-C, speaker diameter: 14.2mm dynamic drivers, wide compatibility: laptops/PC/smartwatch/smart TV/mobile phone/iPad
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 5.4, Bluetooth range: up to 15 meters, audio codecs: AAC/SBC, ergonomic ear hooks, skin-friendly material, battery life: 10 hours of playtime (single charge)/50 hours (with charging case), crystal-clear call, high-fidelity audio (clear & natural), low latency, smart LED power display, waterproof rating: IP7, touch control, voice assistant: Siri/Google Assistant
In the box: Q16 open-ear conduction earphones, charging case, USB-C charging cable, user manual


Hendari X8 True Open-Ear Earphones

Hendari X8 True Open-Ear Earphones – Open-Air Conduction Headphones

Color Options: black, gray
Specs: form factor: on-ear, open-ear design with ear hooks style, 16.2mm large-aperture drivers, package dimension: 4.88″ x 3.94″ x 1.3″, weight: 4.6 ounces
Features: ergonomic design (ultra-soft silicone with a soft surface for complete comfort), Bluetooth 5.3, playtime: 10 hours (single charge)/75 hours (with charging case), dual power display, waterproof rating: IPX5, hi-fi 360-degree sound quality, adjustable ear hooks, built-in 4 high-quality microphones, voice assistant: yes


Tozo OpenEgo Wireless Open-Ear Headphones – Pros & Cons


  • A good sound quality, at least they make me immersive in the music world.
  • Affordable
  • They are open-ear designs that are great for working out and can know the circumstances around you.


  • I have a little irritation behind the ear after using it for hours.
  • There is no wearing sensor, if you take the earbuds off, the music or movies still play until you manually press stop.
  • There is no multipoint connection, they are pairing two devices at once but can’t connect to two devices simultaneously.

Tozo OpenEgo Review – Final Verdicts

I’m quite satisfied with their good sound and long battery life at this price. These open-ear headphones may be uncomfortable for me after hours of wearing them. But I think the problem doesn’t happen to everyone. My wife doesn’t think so. She said the earbuds are very comfortable and don’t cause any irritation or pain at all. I have small ears and wide ears. Wearability and comfort depend on the shape of each person’s ears; this is my thinking.

Okay, it’s time to end the Tozo OpenEgo review. Thank you for reading, and I hope this review will be useful for your decision before buying the Tozo OpenEgo.

Where to buy Tozo OpenEgo True Wireless Earbuds

Tozo OpenEgo - Easy and fast pairing and connectedTozo OpenEgo :

form-factor: on-ear, ear-hook style, true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5.3, water-resistant: IPX5, battery life: 12 hours of playtime (single charge)/30 hours of playtime (with charging case), dual power display, support app: yes (TOZO app), 16 EQ preset in the app, great sound quality