Belkin 12 AC Outlets Surge Protector Power Strip

This Belkin surge protector power strip provides up to 12 AC outlets. There are 6 wide AC outlets and 6 standard AC outlets. The Belkin power strip also provides 1-in-2-out RJ11 input for telephone or fax. Besides, there are coaxial ports in/out for connecting to a cable box or satellite dish on the side-back of the power strip.

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector - 12 AC Multiple Outlets & 8 ft Long Flat Plug Heavy Duty Extension Cord for Home, Office, Travel, Computer Desktop, Laptop & Phone Charging Brick (3,940 Joules)

The Belkin power strip has also come with the rated to withstand up to 3940 Jules. That means it can protect surge suppressors for your electric gadgets. Especially some important equipment like professional workstations, high-end laptops or gaming laptops which are very expensive, routers, laser printers, TVs, home theater systems, or everything household electric.

The sockets of all 12 AC outlets are designed to protect against accidents with your children or pets with sliding locks. So, you can slide to close each outlet easily when it is not in use.

Belkin 12 AC outlet Surge Protector Power Strip – Cord

The 12 AC outlet Belkin power strip comes with a long cord up to 8 feet (2.4 meters) that give convenience for hard-to-reach wall receptacles.

RJ11 and Coaxial connectivities

There is 1-in-2-out RJ11 on the bottom side for telephone or fax cable protection to ensure your telephone can be contacted at any time ( line connections are enabled at all times). Besides the Belkin power strip surge protector also have coaxial cable protection to prevent cable box and satellite connections.

Full Specs: 12 AC power sockets, cord length 2.4 meters
power specification: 6000 volts maximum spike voltage, 15A AC, 125V, and 1875 watts

Belkin Surge Protector – Product Description

  • Your Trusted Household Protection Against Electrical Spikes

Safeguard your home electronics against catastrophic strikes, power fluctuations, and sudden surges with a powerful extension cord fit for everyday use in your home, office, and other workspaces. This expands one wall receptacle into 12 surge-protected outlets to power up and secure 12 devices at a time.

  • Direct Data Line Protection
    • Adding to the 12 surge-protected outlets, the power strip features coaxial protection for your cable or satellite connections.
    • With 1-in-2-out RJ11 input where you can directly plug in your telephone or fax machine to secure it against surges and voltage spikes.
  • Strong Surge Protection

Rated to withstand up to 3,940 joules, this surge suppressor is your premium power protection for your professional workstations, laser printers, broadband modems, and everyday household electronics.

  • Child Safety Sliding Locks

Each outlet has a sliding safety cover that closes when it is not in use. The covers also prevent dust and other small particles from entering the socket.

  • Easily Fits in Different Areas

Equipped with a space-saving flat AC plug for enhanced flexibility and a durable 8 feet cord convenient for hard-to-reach wall receptacles.

  • Durable and Enduring Build

The Oversized Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) absorb excess electricity, and damage-resistant housing protects circuits from fire, impact, and rust while preventing dents and scratches.

Compare Specs & Features and Where to buy Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector 12 AC

Power Strip Surge Protecotr: Belkin 12 outlest Vs Huntkey 12AC+ 3 USBs Vs Hitrends 6AC + 6USB

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector 12 outlet

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector 12AC outlets 

Specs & Features: dimension: 6.1″ x 2.1″ 15.6″, weight: 2 pounds, plug type: B, voltages: 125V, number of power sockets: 12 AC outlets/1-in 2-out RJ11 (telephone or fax)/2 coaxial port, cord length: 2.4 meters
power Specification: 6000 volts maximum spike voltage, 15A AC, 125V, 1875 watts, surge protector energy rating: 3940 J


Huntkey Surge Protector Power Strip 12 AC outlets + 3 USB

Huntkey Surge Protector Power Strip 12 AC outlets + 3 USB

Specs & Features: dimension: 12.9″ x 4.7″ x 1.4″, weight: 32 ounces, number of power sockets: 12 AC (voltages: 125V), number of USB ports: 6 (15W/5V/3.1A share), certification: ETC/FCC/UL, material: strong fire-resistance (grade: UL-V0), cord: heavy duty UL listed 6 feet, overloading switch & power and protected LED indicator
power Specification: output power: 1875 watts, input: 125VAC/15A/60Hz, surge protector energy rating: 4000J


HITRENDS Surge Protector Power Strip 6AC outlets + 6 USB

Hitrends Surge Protector Power Strip 6AC outlets + 6 USB

Option: black, white
Specs & Features
: dimension: 8.9″ x 6.4″ x 1.1″, weight: , number of power sockets: 6 AC, number of USB ports: 6 2.4A share, protection features: short-circuit/over-current/over-voltage/over-load, material: fireproof shell/100% copper wire, wall-mountable design, cord: UL listed 1.8 meters/6 feet heavy duty extension cord,
Power Specifications: output power: 1625 watts, input: 125V/13A, USB output: 6 ports 5V/2.4A (share)