Boltune Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver – BT-BA002 Review

Lots of devices support Bluetooth technology these days, laptops, mobiles, speakers, headphones, and more. But there’re many audio-emitting legacy devices that do not include TVs and stereo receivers. But as long as your favorite legacy device has a headphone port, it can joint small range wireless streaming hoedown with an add-on wireless transmitter such as the Boltune Bluetooth transmitter/receiver.

Boltune Bluetooth transmitter receiver - BT-BA002

Best Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter receiver

The main benefit with most Boltune Bluetooth transmitter-receiver is their relatively long range. Broadcast around 50 meters that worth their price which under $50. However; if you wish to broadcast more than around 50 meters, you will need something more powerful – as well as most expenses. The Boltune Bluetooth transmitter-receiver is here to help you, the range of this transmitter is almost double to its competitors.


Boltune BT-BA002 – Main Features

Boltune Bluetooth transmitter receiver offered three remarkable modes to its users and I’m quite impressed with the qualities.

Highlight Features

  • TX Transmitter mode – this mode uses a Bluetooth transmitter to Bluetooth enable your AV receiver, TV, radio or any other home sound device to stream music to your Bluetooth headsets or speakers.
  • RX Receiver Mode – this mode uses a Bluetooth receiver and provides an option to connect with an iPad, Echo, Mobile Phone, or any other Bluetooth enabled audio sources to Bluetooth enable your AV receiver and home stereo to receive crystal clear streamed sound from your PC or mobile phone.
  • Bypass Mode – this wireless adapter in the Boltune Bluetooth transmitter receiver can also be utilized as a converter to built a wire link among devices with different audio ports, such as an optical to aux wire audio converted easily switch among wires links as well as Bluetooth without unplugged the wires.
  • Supports AptX HD – Boltune Bluetooth transmitter receiver supports aptX HD which is better than standard CD quality. Using aptX HD help wirelessly stream music quality for a better listening experience.
  • Dual-link No lip Sync Delay – with this feature you stream audio to 2 devices at the movement with virtually no lip-sync delay while watching films, or gaming.

Performance for Bluetooth Transmitter for TV/PC/Radio

Boltune BT-BA002 review

Best quality Bluetooth transmitter receiver should get 3 things right and it’d have low latency meaning a reliable connection, fine sound quality and audio quality, and superb build quality. And the Boltune Bluetooth transmitter receiver performs just that. These features make the performance very smooth without any interruption.

The Boltune BT-BA002 is one of the Bluetooth transmitters for TV, PC, Radio, and many other home audio devices to stream the best quality music using its amazing transmission abilities. Utilized as a receiver, the device smoothly streams wirelessly audio from your PC to mobile phone.

The sound you receive is clear clean, we can hear almost all without background sound and feedback noise which is the most vital problem we face with many other Bluetooth transmitter-receivers. And the price is not expensive as well, so it is definitely worth its value.

Compare Boltune BT-BA002 to Other Transmitter

Avantree Oasis Plus Vs AVantree Audikast Plus Vs Boltune BT-BA002

Avantree oasis Bluetooth transmiiter and receiver - Specs

Avantree Oasis Plus

Specs: dimension: 4.49″ x 1.18″ x 2.95″, weight: 3.17 ounces, Bluetooth: 5.0 (support profile A2DP/AVRCP), audio codec: aptx-LL/FastStream/aptX/SBC, Bluetooth work range: 50-meters/164-feet, support sampling rate (optical mode): ≤48KHz at 16bit, splitter for wire & wireless
Features: Bluetooth transmitter/receiver/bypass – direct 3 in 1, low latency wireless audio adapter for 2 headphones, voice guidance, status codec indicators, easy paring (with LCD display), dual link, audio both soundbar & headphones: yes, connectivity: digital optical/ AUX/ RCA Audio output standards, work with TV/PC/iPod/TV box/home stereo/AV receiver/Bluetooth headphones/Bluetooth speaker/soundbar, works with Netflix & A Prime: yes (plug & play), warranty: 12-month


Avantree Audikast Plus Transmitter

Avantree Audikast Plus Bluetooth Transmitter [2020 version]

Specs: dimension: 2.64″ x 2.2″ x 0.67″, weight: 1.12 ounce, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth operation range: up to 30 meters/ 100 feet, power method: USB, volume control: yes, connecting indicator: yes
Features: support (TV/PC/AV Receiver/TV Box/all Bluetooth headphones and speakers), connectivity (digital optical/RCA (TV / DVD)/ AUX /PC/USB audio output ports), dual-link mode


Homespot bluetooth transmitter for tv and headphones

Homespot Bluetooth Transmitter for TV/Headphones, Model: BTADP-128-D

Specs: dimension: 2.17″ x 1.22″ x 0.63″, weight: 0.96 oz, Bluetooth 4.0, connector: 3.5mm audio jack/RCA/micro USB/optical TOSLINK for universal compatibility,
Features: aptX low latency, no lip-sync, Dual streaming audio source, dual connect 2 devices at the same time, charge while play, easy to setup


Bultone BT-BA002 Bluetooth Transmitter for TV

Boltune BT-BA002 – Bluetooth Transmitter for TV

Specs: dimension: 1.18″ x 3.54″ x 5.12″, weight: 9.6 ounces, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth work range: up to 164feet
Features: Bluetooth transmitter/receiver/bypass 3 in 1, support aptx HD/aptx-LL/aptx, dual-link, no lip-sync delay, volume control in RX mode, work with TV/PC/iPod/TV box/home stereo/AV receiver/Bluetooth headphones/Bluetooth speaker/soundbar, warranty: 18-months


Cyber Monday 2022 – Big Sale

Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter

Buy Boltune BT-BA002

Using Class one Bluetooth technology and optimized antenna design, the Boltune Bluetooth transmitter receiver can achieve a range of 50 meters (164ft) in open-air line of sight conditions and up to 25-30 meters indoors. Use 2 units as a Bluetooth transmitter-receiver set to expand the range even further.

Pass-through support possess in this transmitter-receiver unique skill of pairing with 2 speakers/headphones at the same moment as needed with only 1 optical port connecting the transmitter among your TV and speaker it even supports independent device volume control with.

Boltune Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver  BT-BA002 with Pros & Cons


  • State of the are design.
  • Connects two devices at the same time.
  • Remarkable 50 meters (164 feet) Bluetooth transmitter receiver range.
  • Simple to operate and install.
  • Great quality streaming.
  • Best quality performance.
  • Fast and stable Bluetooth connections.


  • Overheating issues were reported.
  • It doesn’t pair well with some devices.

The Verdicts of Boltune BT-BA002

There’re several Bluetooth transmitter-receivers in the market available for various prices and features and options that they offer. But the Boltune Bluetooth transmitter-receiver is amongst the best with its state-of-the-art features, amazing connectivity range, and great quality streaming performance. By buying Boltune BT-BA002 is definitely a worthy bet and I’ll definitely recommend to everyone who needs a long-range Bluetooth receiver should consider Boltune BT-BA002.

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