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Marshall Stanmore II Review – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

 Marshall Stanmore II Review – Short words

Marshall Stanmore ii review: All in all, after a detailed Marshall Stanmore ii review, this wireless speaker is a solid Bluetooth speaker that delivers strong audio performance. It is also well-balanced, a powerful and refined smart speaker that not only makes brilliant sound but looks amazing when sat silently.

Marshall Stanmore ii review

Marshall Stanmore ii

Connectivity: Wireless & Bluetooth 5.0 & RCA, aptX technology, multi-host functionality, customize your sound, recommend for: smartphone & tablet


Marshall is rapidly developing a reputation for top-quality home speakers, having branched out from the professional studio market and live music over the past few years. It is the latest speaker, the Marshall Stanmore ii has been updated to include complete Alexa integration, meaning that you can control your smart house, ask Alexa quires, and play your track through the modern voice activation feature. Here is what we thought after Marshall Stanmore ii review of the new flashy new speaker.

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Marshall Stanmore II Review – What’s about design and build?

Marshall Stanmore ii review

This Marshall Stanmore ii is made to look like the cab of a classic Marshall Stanmore amp. But ever cab size this 10.5 pounds elegance is still larger than most other smart speaker models out there, around the size of a bigger toaster.

You have got that big grille in the front side with class Marshall branding bang in the mid. So while this’d go in your kitchen, as smart speakers models often do, you are not going to want to get it dirty and will need a ton of space to house it.

The edging of the speaker is enclosed by a black textured vinyl wrap that opens to a metal top where the analog dials live. These look amazing feel excellent and use lights around the corners to denote, in a virtual sort of way, the levels of every knob. Speakers controls allow you to pause and play, mute Alexa, skip songs, volume, adjust input, treble, and bass for fast and simple EQ settings without even needing to open the application.

On the backside is a 3.5mm audio jack in and RCA input, something you would not find on other speakers. Inside you get fifty watts Class D amp for the 5.2” woofer backed by 2 more fifteen watts class-D amps for .75” tweeters, equating a complete power for your eardrums to flow to.

Despite going very loud this is also made to hear you whatever the volume level thanks to a far-field mic array.

How does the sound performance Stanmore II?

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This big smart speaker produced gigantic sound to match that form, but it is top quality too. Even at the top end with volume level cranked you would not get any kind of distortion, making this perfect for parties. That said, it is also smart enough to produce clarity at lower and extra intimate volumes.

The bass is punchy, the mid quite clear and top-end defined – with all balanced on a sound stage that’s large enough to provide real gravitas to any musical performance.

As you can expect, from a guitar amp expert like Marshall, any sort of guitar in music is great sounding. That is not to say this speaker is for rock lovers alone as that thumping bass does whole types of music justice. The sub-bass truly does dance tunes great services.

The single issue to found in this Marshall Stanmore ii is that perhaps the mid could be slightly clearer for ultra-accurate voice reproduction – but we are being picky here. While there’s a double mic array, that is not a lot compared to Amazon Echo’s 7. As such you might need to speak clearly to be heard when the volume level is up.

Marshall Stanmore II Review  – Ease of Use

Marshall Stanmore ii wireless Wi-FI Alexa - Connectivity

Set up of this smart speaker is very easy. You’ll need to download the Marshall app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app can be used with other Marshall audio products as well as has a few granular controls for the headsets. Though, for Marshall Stanmore ii it’s only used to update the firmware.

To start, you will need to power the speaker, open the application, find the Marshall Stanmore II in the list, connect to it, implement any update if required, and then connect the smart speaker through Bluetooth in your device setting. That is it!

This Bluetooth speaker also has a multi-host feature which means it can connect as well as switch between 2 Bluetooth devices. This means that you can play your song via your mobile phone and if you have a friend who wants to connect and play their playlist, they can do that on the fly.

The speaker also has wired connections and not only has a similar old audio port had everyone else. This small baby has old-school RCA inputs and these are ideal for a fine turntable and spinning a few vinyl records, among other devices. All in all, the best Bluetooth speakers under 500 you can buy now.

Compare specs Stanmore ii to Other Marshall Speaker

Marshall Stanmore ii Vs Marshall Kilburn ii Vs Marshall Emberton Vs Marshall Woburn ii

Marshall Stanmore ii review

Marshall Stanmore ii

Specs: dimension: 13.78″ x 7.68″ x 7.28″, weight: 10.25 pounds/4.62 kg, connectivity: RCA input/3.5mm input/Bluetooth, frequency response: 50 – 20kHz, maximum SPL: 101 dB @ 1m, app: Marshall Bluetooth app, cabinet principle: bass-reflex,  power amplifies: 1 x 50W class D amplifier (woofer)/2 x 15W class D amplifiers (tweeters)
Features: Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX, Bluetooth range: 33 feet, aptX technology provide lossless wireless audio, analog control knob – customizable sound (bass and treble), multi-host functionality: easily connect & switch between 2 Bluetooth devices, top panel controls: source/volume/bass/treble/play/pause/power level
In the box: Stanmore ii Bluetooth speaker, manual guide, legal and safety information, mains lead


Marshall kilburn ii portable Bluetooth speaker - specs

Marshall Kilburn ii

Specs: dimension: 9.57″ x 6.42″ x 5.51″, weight: 5.5 pounds/ 2.5 kg, connectivity: wired (3.5 mm input)/wireless (Bluetooth 5.0 Aptx), full charge: 2.5 hours, frequency response: 52 – 20kHz, maximum sound pressure level: 100.4 dB SPL @ 1m, cabinet principle: bass-reflex, power amplifiers: 1 x 20W class D amplifier (woofer)/ 2 x 8W class D amplifier (tweeters)
Features: maximum playtime: 20 hours, quick charge: 20-minutes get 3 hours, multi-directional sound, Bluetooth 5.0 aptX, water-resistant: IPX2, multi-host functionality: easily connect & switch between 2 Bluetooth devices, top panel control: treble/bass/volume/Bluetooth/power/battery indicator
What’s in the box: Kilburn II portable stereo loudspeaker, power cord, quick start guide, legal and safety information


Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker Under $200

Marshall Emberton

Colors: black, black & bass
Specs: dimension: 2.99″ x 6.3″ x 2.68″, weight: 1.54 pounds, charge time: 3 hours, frequency response: 60 – 20kHz, material: silicone (exterior)/solid metal grille, power amplifiers: 2 x 10W class D amplifiers
Features: easily portable, wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 (BT range: 30 feet/10 meters), battery life: 20 hours, water-resistant: IPX7 rating, 360˚ surround sound, superior signature sound: rich/clear/loud, tough & resilient, top panel control: multi-directional control knob (play/pause/skip track/volume/power on-off)/Bluetooth pairing/battery indicator, 1-year warranty


Marshall Stockwell ii review

Marshall Stockwell ii

Specs: dimension: 7.09″ x 6.34″ x 2.76″, weight: 3.04 pounds/1.38 kg, driver type: dynamic, frequency response: 60Hz – 20kHz, maximum sound pressure level: 80dB @1m, cabinet principle: bass-reflex, power amplifies: 1 x 10W class D amp for the woofer/2 x W class D amp for the tweeters,
Features: portable design (removable strap), Bluetooth 5.0 (range up to 30 feet), support codec: SBC, playtime: 20+ hours, fast charge: 20 minutes get 6 hours, 3 class D amplifiers power its subwoofer, front & rear-facing tweeters, multi-directional stereo sound (360-degree sound), multi-host functionality, adjustable bass & treble controls, quick Bluetooth connect
In the box: Stockwell II speaker, USB-C cable, quick start guide, legal and safety information


Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - specs

Marshall Woburn ii

Colors: black/brown/white
Specs: dimension: 15.75″ x 12.20″ x 7.87″, weight: 18.5 pounds/8.55 kg, connectivity: Bluetooth/3.5 mm input/RCA input, Bluetooth 5.0 (work-range: up to 30 feet), aptX technology, frequency response: 30 – 50 kHz, maximum SPL: 110 dB @ 1m, cabinet principle: bass-reflex, power amplifier: 2 x 50W class D amp (woofers)/2 x 15W class D amp (tweeters), app: Marshall Bluetooth app, top panel control: source/volume/bass/treble/play/pause/power level
Features: analog customize listening, multi-host functionality: easily connect and switch between 2 Bluetooth devices
Box contents: Woburn II Bluetooth speaker, quick start guide, legal & safety information, mains lead


Stanmore II Review –  Key Features

  • The speaker is all about top-quality sound that you can set to suit your tracks. You do that manually with knobs but with the app as well.
  • Great design that surely has the feel of Marshal Combo
  • Marshall Stanmore ii has pre-set features that allow you to tap to change the calibration rapidly with rock, flat, hip-hop, jazz, and pop all there.
  • The double mic array utilizes acoustic noise cancelation so it can pick your voice even when the song is pumping out strongly.
  • Supreme audio performance for crisp highs and rich bass

Marshall Stanmore 2 Review – Pros & Cons


  • In-App EQ
  • Excellent design
  • Solid audio quality
  • Crisp highs and rich bass


  • Expensive

Marshall Stanmore ii Review – Final words

All in all, after a detailed Marshall Stanmore ii review, this speaker is a truly capable smart speaker with complete Amazon ALEXA backing. But it is also well-balanced, a powerful and refined smart speaker that not only makes brilliant sounds but looks amazing when sat silently.

Where to buy Marshall Stanmore 2

Marshall Stanmore ii review
Marshall Stanmore ii:
Connectivity: Wireless & Bluetooth 5.0 & RCA, aptX technology, multi-host functionality
customize your sound, recommend for smartphone & tablet


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