Edifier S3000 Pro Review – Audiophile Active Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

 Edifier S3000 Pro Review – Short words

Edifier S3000 Pro Review: Great bass and treble, and is also adjustable. Build quality is excellent, with robust construction in wooden veneers and matte black inlays. Built-in amplifier, which means you don’t need an external amplifier. Just plug into the source and play. Yes, it’s so expensive but worth paying if you are serious about the sound quality and durability of the Edifier S3000 Pro, which is the best Bluetooth speaker under $900.

Edifier S2000MKIII Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf 2.0 Speakers

Edifier S3000 Pro

True wireless speakers, Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX wireless, Planar Diaphragm Tweeters, 6.5″ woofers, high-quality streaming, easy connectivity, remote control, powerful bass


Edifier is a manufacturer of top-class audio components that range from full-sized speakers to earbuds. The full-sized speakers are what we’re going to discuss, after our full Edifier S3000 Pro review.

Edifier Company was established in Beijing by a dedicated team of audiophiles and music lovers who felt that the market for audio products lacked well-made, small speakers with little attractive finesse.

Most speakers simply seem like industrial products made of metal parts and plastic. Edifier sought to make speakers built with top-quality components and incorporating the elegance of wood, which adds a little warmth and an organic feel. Here, we’ll let Edifier test their entry into the big speaker field with the Edifier S3000Pro.

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Edifier S3000 Pro Review – Design and Build Quality

Edifier S3000Pro Review

It’s apparent, moments out of the package, how well-made these are. That does not come as too much of a surprise considering their reputation. The design of the Edifier S3000Pro smoothly blends a lot of state-of-the-art audio technology with a supple, classic, shiny wood paneling contrasting pleasantly against muted but extremely sharp metal.

Entirely, the various technological innovations aim to deliver fine sound in whatever acoustic circumstance they end up in, so they should have a timeless look, too. Everything else on my desk looked odd in comparison. If you have ever taken a 5-star meal into a restaurant at 3 in the morning, you might know roughly how I felt seeing a pair of stunning top-end speakers sit next to a bunch of garish keyboard LEDs.

One point I’d make is that the Edifier S3000Pro is probably wasted on a smaller space. They’re huge, looking right at the house next to a home cinema setup, but they mightn’t be an ideal fit outside of larger environments.

The S3000 Pro is not designed for portability if your key point is easy portability. I recommend trying to see Marshall Kilburn II; the price is much cheaper than the S3000Pro ($200 to $250). But if your key point is cheap portable speakers, you should look over both and try to go to the OontZ speakers, W-King speakers, or Tribit speakers.

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Easy to setup

Edifier S3000 Pro - Complete connectivity for audiophile

Despite having more input options than you can shake a stick at, it is refreshingly simple to get the Edifier S3000Pro up and running. The stereo connection among both monitors is truly wireless, which cuts down on a lot of hassle, and in my time with the product, I never experienced a fluctuation in quality as an outcome.

The difficult thing about the setup is lifting them out of the package. Everything was smooth, and it sounded excellent out of the package. Using them for gaming needed slightly extra tweaking to balance the resounding fullness of the rich bass with dialogue, but it was still ultra-clear, very quickly.

While I can surely appreciate a fine pair of smart speakers, I am not an audiophile by any means, so if it were simple for me to get the audio I wanted, it is safe to say it’d be a breeze for more experienced hands.

Best Bluetooth Speaker under $1000 Comes with Great Sound Quality

S3000 Pro - best Bluetooth Speaker under $1000

The Edifier S3000Pro is the best Bluetooth speaker under $1000. Its tri-band is extremely natural and can truly restore audio quality. Its top-frequency dynamics and resolving strength are remarkable, and it’s easy to grasp the control of details. The details are obvious, whether at a high volume level or medium, and the ear will not feel any irritation.

In the middle frequency, the Edifier S3000Pro speaker’s vocals are precise, and the instrument’s separation is kept just great and correct. When listening to vocals, the position of them is apparent, as if the single were singing warmly in front of me. Even each subtle air exchange sound is super clear and audible, brightly expressing the singer’s emotional appearance.

The low frequency of the speaker is flexible and plentiful, which makes it the best Bluetooth speaker with bass. When listening to quick-paced metal music or big-scale classical music, the low-range frequency passing control is very solid, not very loose, and slow at all.

I’ve heard the S2000MKII (best bookshelf speaker under $500) and the S1000 (highly verstatile Bluetooth speaker) before, and the sound quality of these two in terms of the sound field is quite acceptable. But it’s not smooth enough to control the huge music scene.

With the new generation of the Edifier S3000Pro, the lack of sound field has finally reached a significant enhancement. This time, the vertical and horizontal sound fields of the speaker are ultra-wide, which can well manage large scenes such as classical and symphony music.

Edifier S3000 Pro Review – Features and Accessories

Edifier S3000 Pro review - Convenience with remote control

The Edifier S3000Pro comes with everything you would need to get started. The edifier includes a 3.5 audio jack to RCA, USB A cable to B, optical wire, and RCA to RCA, so whether you wish to link the speaker to your computer, television, or A/V receiver, you will be eating.

The speakers also include an infrared remote, which feels of great quality. It is made for features of the entire set of controls for the speaker, such as volume, power, and source selection, to name a few—that’ll be the way you will want to interact with the speaker as physical knobs are placed on the back of the right speaker. Most high-end speakers come with nice remote controls. Other Edifier speaker models also provide remote control, such as the R1850DB (active bookshelf 2.0 studio monitor speaker), R1700BT (66-watt RMS active Bluetooth bookshelf speaker), R1280DB (42-watt RMS Bluetooth speaker), S350DB (2.1 channel bookshelf speaker), etc.

The speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 with powerful Qualcomm APTX HD connectivity, so you can even link to them without the need for any extra cables. Aside from the power wire, the Edifier S3000Pro speakers also support high-res audio.

There is no networking support for these speakers, so if you want to use internet services, you will need to use an extra device such as an A/V receiver or Amazon Echo Dot.

Edifier S3000 Pro Audiophile Active Speakers – Who is it for?

The Edifier S3000Pro is an ideal option for anybody who wants to have a complete stereo system in their room for utilizing a big flat screen for film watching or as a part of a stereo for ultimate musical fun while throwing a party.

The volume level of the speaker is more than sufficient to be heard in nearby rooms and is perfect for social gatherings. People who’d love a sound system in their living space that doesn’t look like it comes off a science fiction film set will highly appreciate the aesthetic look of the S3000 Pro.

Edifier, as with most of their speaker models, has chosen to utilize genuine wood side panels as theme elements, and the Edifier S3000 Pro has elegant, walnut-stained side wood panels that provide them with a retro touch that invokes memories of old stereo systems.

If you hate the ugly look of wires and do not feel like getting ambitious and running wiring behind bookshelves or behind the wallboard, then the Edifier S3000Pro is the one for you since it’s wire-free. Every Bluetooth speaker simply needs access to its plug, and they’ll link up, communicate with the desired sound input device, and crank out the tunes.

Compared Edfier S3000 Pro to Similar Bluetooth Speakers

Edifier S3000 Pro Vs Edifier R2000DB Vs Edifier S1000DB Vs Edifier S2000MKIII Vs Edifier R1700BT

Edifier S3000Pro Review

Edifier S3000 Pro

Specs: cabinet size: 9″ x 10.5″ x 14″, wireless, weight: 3.3 pounds, speaker configuration: 2-ways, enclosed type: bass-reflex, frequency response: 38 – 40kHz, signal-to-noise ratio (SNL): 85 dBA, total harmonic distortion (THD): 0.3%, AC input power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz at 800 mA, Bluetooth 5.0 (support aptX HD decoding), work range: up to 328 feet/100 meters, total RMS: 256 watts, input type:  RCA / optical TOSLINK audio / COAX audio/stereo XLR audio, stereo RCA
Key Features:  6.5″ aluminum alloy mid-woofers, planar-diaphragm tweeters, remote control


Edifier R2000DB Review

Edifier R2000DB

Spec: wireless, Bluetooth, total power output: RMS 24W x 2 + 36W x 2, frequency response: 55Hz-20KHz(±3db), input type: RCA x2 / Bluetooth / Optical / Coaxial, bass driver: 5″ alloy, signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA, active/passive: active, remote control, dimension (per one speaker): 9.5″ x 11.25″ x 7.5″, weight: 21.43 pounds, remote control


edifier s1000db audiophile active bookshelf speakers

Edifier S1000DB

Spec: wireless, Bluetooth 4.0, aptX connectivity, total power output: RMS 25W x 2 + 35W x 2, frequency response: 48Hz-20KHz(±4db), input type: RCA x2 / Bluetooth / Optical / Coaxial, bass driver: 5″ alloy, signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA, active/passive: active, remote control, dimension (per one speaker): 7.9″ x 11.5″ x 13.3″, weight: 18 pounds


Edifier S2000MKIII Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf 2.0 Speakers

Edifier S2000MKIII

Specs: dimension: 20.7″ x 17.6″ x 14.7″, weight: 44.52 pounds, wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, with aptX HD decoding, input type: optical Toslink/digital coaxial/ 2 x stereo RCA/proprietary output (to other speakers)/proprietary input (from other speakers), speaker configuration: 2-ways,  enclosed type: bass-reflex, frequency response: 45 – 40kHz, signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR): 90 dBAamplifier class: D
Key Features: planar diaphragm tweeters, driver: 5.5″ aluminum woofer (front-firing, per speaker), amplifier power rating: 130 Watt RMS, Bluetooth audio streaming, knobs: bass/treble/volume, remote control


Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakders

Edifier R1700BT

Spec: total power output: RMS 15W x 2 + 15W x 2, frequency response: 60Hz-20KHz(±6db), input type: RCA x2, bass driver: 5″ (116mm), signal to noise ratio: ≥85dBA, active/passive: active, remote control, dimension (per one speaker): 8.4″ x 9.1″ x 9.9″, weight: 14.55 pounds


Edifier S3000 Pro Review With Pros & Cons


  • The depth of bass sound is excellent
  • Plenty of connectivity
  • Audio performance is strong
  • An elegant design like products of furniture
  • High-frequency sound is ultra-clear and crisp


  • Most expensive Bluetooth speaker

Edifier S3000 Pro Audiophile Active Speakers – Final words

My conclusion of the Edifier S3000 Pro Review is that if you are a keen music listener or are looking for a set of Bluetooth speakers for your entertainment hub that packs a punch, the Edifier S3000Pro speaker is well worth your consideration. The wireless speaker sounds amazing, with a well-balanced sound that gives a pleasant listening experience.

The design will adjust well in the living room as an alternative to a soundbar, and they are ideal for a range of different circumstances thanks to their diverse support. The speakers are not cheap; they are presently priced at less than $1,000 (or sometimes less than $900), but if you have this budget for them, the Edifier S3000Pro speaker is a very complete option.

Where to buy Edifier S3000 Pro

Edifier S3000Pro ReviewEdifier S3000Pro:

true wireless speakers, 256 watts total RMS, SNL: 85dB, THD: < 0.3%, Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX wireless, support USB, planar silk diaphragm tweeters, 6.5″ woofers, high-quality streaming, easy connectivity, remote control, powerful bass, remote control, input type:  RCA/optical TOSLINK audio/COAX audio/stereo XLR audio/stereo RCA


Alternative Bookshelf Speakers – Cheaper and may be good for you

Edifier S351DB Bookshelf Bluetooth SpeakerEdifier S351DB Bookshelf Bluetooth Speaker

150 watts RMS (R/L treble: 15W + 15W) + (R/L midrange & bass:  25W + 25W) + subwoofer: 70W, inputs: PC/Aux/optical/coaxial/Bluetooth 5.0, active speaker, 8″ subwoofer for deep lows, side panel bass reflex port, side panel controls, wireless remote control, weight: 38.36 pounds

Where to buy Edifier S1000W cheap

Edifier S1000W Active Bookshelf Speakers

Bluetooth 5.0, 120W power output (35W x 2 woofers – bass & mid-rage)/25W x 2 tweeters – treble), multiple audio input: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Line in/Optical/Coaxial/Tidal, Hi-Res audio technology, music-synchronized for multiple rooms, remote control, support Edifier Home app

Klipsch R-41PM Powered Bookshelf SpeakerKlipsch R-41PM Powered Bookshelf Speaker:

2.0 studio monitor speakers, active bookshelf,  a built-in amplifier with subwoofer line out,
adjustable bass & treble & volume, wireless remote control, Bluetooth 4.0, woofers, tweeters


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