OontZ Angle 3 Review – 3rd Gen

OontZ Angle 3 Review – 3rd Gen

The OontZ Angle 3, a very popular portable Bluetooth speaker from Cambridge SoundWorks which combines everything a cheap Bluetooth portable speaker should have. They are small and easy portable with a friendly budget, less than $30. The sound quality is decent for the price point, but if you are looking for performance sound quality you have to look for other Bluetooth speakers, and surely more sound quality comes with more price.

OontZ Angle 3 Review (3rd Gen) – The Design

OontZ Angler 3 Ulter 3rd Gen Review

The Cambridge SoundWorks want a different design from the general mini portable Bluetooth speakers. So, Oontz Angle 3 with a beautiful triangular style and unique design. The output of the design is they are stable and versatile Bluetooth speaker.

The control panel located on the side, easy to use, and very tactile. They are also an IPX5 waterproof rating which means this mini Bluetooth speaker can use both indoor or outdoor. They can tolerate soft rain and also can use it during taking bath too. But, they can’t partially or even fully submerge. If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker under 50 and can water-resistant up to the IPX7 rating, you will go to another speaker like OontZ Angle 3 Ultra 3rd Gen.

But if the waterproof score is not your main features, the OontZ Angle 3 might be a portable speaker you need. Importantly, their prices are very cheap.

If you like products that come in a variety of colors. The OontZ Angle 3 Third Gen also available black, blue, red, white, matte black, red coca-cola.

OontZ Angle 3 Review – The Volume

OontZ Angle 3 review - 3rd Gen

The OontZ Angle 3 is small size speaker with weight only 9 ounces. With the maximum power of 10 watts which still louder than any smartphone’s built-in speakers. Angle 3 is loud enough for a small group of people or in a small room. Surely, just only 10 watts is no loud enough power for a large party outdoor.

Battery Life Enough For All-Day

According to the specification that the company claimed, 14 hours which from our testing, the OontZ Angle 3 can do it as product specs, the battery life around 13 -14 hours at 50% – 60% of maximum volume. That is long enough for your daily activity. You can listen to music all day and charge it while sleeping at night.

Cheap Wireless Speaker and Sound Quality

OontZ Angle 3 - long battery life portable speaker

When it comes to sound quality, you can’t high expect from mini Bluetooth speakers with very cheap just less than 30 bucks. The sound is not good, just moderate. The bass is not strong. The treble sound does not enough detail. But in terms of loud the Oontz Angle 3 with the power, 10 watts offer enough loudness in middle size room. So, If you do not care about sound quality and not need high-end audiophiles speakers. Your point is just light and portable easily, long playtime, wireless and Bluetooth, and enough loudness. Most importantly, your speaker will not dangerous for your pocket, that is it is a cheap wireless speaker. The OontZ Angle 3 3rd Gen is your choice and the best cheap wireless speaker. You will not disappoint.

OontZ Angle 3 Review – Pros & Cons


  • Built-in microphone for a hand-free call.
  • lightweight and easy to portable.
  • affordable wireless portable speaker.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with work-range up to 100 feet.


  • Short warranty only 90 days.
  • IPX5 waterproof rating that is not ideal for an outdoor while a hard rain.

Final Verdict

OontZ Angle 3 3rd Gen is a small speaker and affordable. Design to lightweight and easy to take away. The 10 watts power is offering decent loudness which suite for small group or uses in a mid-size room not too big. The sound performance can’t expect for this price tag. Therefore, if you just want a small speaker for listening to music and easily portable, this a cheap portable Bluetooth speaker from Cambridge Soundworks is a great choice.


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