TOZO G1 Review – Best Cheap Gaming Wireless Earbuds

Tozo G1 Review – Short words

Tozo G1 review: They are cheap gaming wireless earbuds and watching TV as well as great for music as well. There are two modes for listening: game and music. The Tozo G1 gaming wireless earbuds offer low latency just only 45ms. Onto battery life, these cheap gaming wireless earbuds give moderate playtime, 6 hours for a single charge on earbuds, and up to 30 hours including the charging case.

Tozo G1 - Specs & Features

Tozo G1

fit type: in-ear, true wireless earbuds, 45ms low latency, battery life: 6 hours (earbuds)/30 hours (with case), quick charge, Bluetooth 5.0, one-step pairing, smart touch control, voice assistant, dual-mode: game/music


Besides, Razor hammerhead True Wireless Pro earbuds and Black Shark Lucifer T1 Bluetooth wireless earbuds that you may be known. Both brands are well-known in terms of gaming headsets, while the Tozo is very popular in cheap wireless earbuds. Most Tozo wireless earbuds are under $50. And Tozo G1 as well.

Are you looking for the best cheap wireless gaming earbuds? Are you thinking of the Tozo G1 wireless gaming earbuds? Even though you had some experience with Tozo G1 or had read the Tozo G1 review ever before, this Tozo G1 review might make you get more information about this item. Let’s go to the second of the list of the best cheap wireless earbuds, right now.

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Tozo G1 Review – Modern and Sleek Design

Tozo G1 Review

Most gaming headphones are always over-ear design. There are not a lot of wireless gaming in-ear headphones. The Tozo G1 is the best set of gaming earbuds for $30 (price while writing). Their looks are nice for gamers. These are medium-stem style wireless earbuds with 6 hours of playtime for a single charge on earbuds. Once included with the charging case, these cheap wireless gaming headphones provide a total of playtime of up to 30 hours.

The earbuds decorate with green light on a sharp-lined stem and touch control area, which looks outstanding and makes the Tozo G1 look like gaming-style earbuds. The charging case is vertical and minimal design. There are fantasy neon green accents on the front of the case. The light is turned on when you plug in and charge the case.

If you don’t like the stem-design earbuds, consider the Tozo NC9 instead. They are truly wireless earbuds without stems and provide great sound performance. The Tozo NC9 wireless earbuds are not designed for gaming so the latency is quite high for gaming or watching movies.

Tozo G1 Wireless Gaming Earbuds – Comfort Fit

The Tozo G1 gaming wireless earbuds come with soft silicone tips. It easily slides into your ears and has good passive noise cancellation. The round and soft silicone tips let you no ear fatigue even wearing it for hours. It should be stable and in place even with rapid movement of the body. However; this design is not perfect for everyone, on the shape and size that fit your ears.

Like many wireless earbuds, the Tozo G1 provides 6 pairs of silicone tips to choose from, in different sizes. This is not a new issue. You should choose the right size ear tips and the perfect fit for your ears. The perfect tight seal can help maintain superior sound performances and better noise isolation.

Tozo G1 Review – Sound Quality

Tozo G1 - Best cheap wireless gaming

There are two sound modes in the Tozo G1; gaming mode and music mode. The main factor of the sound for gaming headsets is a low-latency feature. Tozo knows this factor well and doesn’t forget to add low latency for an exceptional competitive gaming experience. These cheap wireless gaming earbuds come with 45ms latency. Even though this number is not the lowest latency in line of gaming headsets, it can offer an exceptional experience for playing games. Once you choose the gaming modes you can hear every detail of sound effects. Even with footsteps, gunfire, and direction, you can feel and able to identify its position and direction.

Tozo G1 - Low-Latency for gaming wireless earbuds

Besides gaming, the low latency is also good for watching TV or videos. The sound is not lag and balance with the picture. The resulting sound will not be slower than the picture.

Onto music mode, which is optimized for listening to music. The Tozo G1’s sound quality has great sound performance for its price. The overall sound quality of the Tozo G1 feels like a pretty bass. And sometimes the bass sound is cover other frequency ranges. But strong bass headphones are more right for gaming than listening to music. But if you are those who love punchy bass such as hip-hop, hard rock, and heavy metal music genres, you will love these cheap wireless earbuds. For this reason, the Tozo G1 is the best bass headphones on a friendly budget under $30.

Tozo G1 – Compare Specs & Features to Other Similar Wireless Earbuds

Tozo G1 Vs Black Shark Lucifer T1 Vs Middle Rabbit SW4 Vs TRANYA T10

Tozo G1 - Specs & Features

Tozo G1 – Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Colors: black, blue, gray, dark black
Specs: form-factor: in-ear, dimension: 0.39″ x 0.39″ x 1.18″, weight: 5.3 ounces (4 g single earbud), frequency response: 20 – 40kHz
Features: wireless, ultra-low latency: 45ms, dual-mode: game/music, wide range & high fidelity stereo sound quality, playtime: 6 hours (single charge)/36 hours (with charging case), ergonomic design, one-step pairing, Bluetooth 5.0, quick charge


Black Shark Lucifer T1 - Specs & Features

Black Shark Lucifer T1 – Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Colors: black
Specs: form-factor: in-ear, package dimension: 3.15″ x 3.07″ x 1.46″, item weight: 3.52 ounces, driver size: 10mm
Features: true wireless earbuds, Bluet00th 5.2, supported codecs: SBC/AAC, high-fidelity sound, water-resistant: IPX4, built-in mic, playtime: 3.5 hours (single charge)/35 hours (with charging case), dual-mode:  gaming (45 ms low latency)/music, dynamic lighting effect, one-step pairing
In the box: Black Shark Lucifer T1 wireless earbuds, 3 pairs of ear tips (S/M/L), USB-C charging cable, user manual


MIDDLE RABBIT SW4 Wireless Gaming Earbuds

MIDDLE RABBIT SW4 Wireless Gaming Earbuds – Ideal for PS4, PS5, Switch, Mobile

Specs: in-ear, package dimension: 4.02″ x 3.98″ x 1.77″, weight: 4.97 ounces, driver: 10mm dynamic driver, full charge time: 2.5 hours
Features: true wireless, connectivity: Bluetooth/24.G dongle connection, ultra-low latency: 40ms (lag free), playtime: 6 – 8 hours (single charge on earbuds)/32 hours (with charging case), wide compatibility: all devices with Bluetooth & all devices with USB-A/USB-C port, microphones: built-in 4 mics, dynamic lighting effect: yes (both earbuds and case), touch interface on the earbuds, ergonomic design with 3 pairs of soft silicone ear tips size
Package content: MIDDLE RABBIT SW4 wireless gaming earbuds, USB-C 2.4G dongle, USB-C female to USB-A male adapter,  ear tips: S/M/L, USB-C charging cable, quick start guide


TRANYA T10 Wireless Earbuds

TRANYA T10 Wireless Earbuds

Colors: black, gray, green, bisque, white, pink
Specs: form-factor: in-ear, package dimension: 3.32″ x 1.42″ x 0.87″, item weight: 2.08 ounces, driver size: 12mm graphene driver (wider soundstage & deep bass), charging type: USB-C
Features: true wireless earbuds, Bluet00th 5.1, low latency for game mode & watching videos (less than 45ms), waterproof rating: IPX7, playtime: 8 hours (earbud)/32 hours (with case), fast charge: 10 minutes get 2 hours, power on & auto-connect, dual EQ: norma/bass boosted, built-in 4 mics for calls, touch control
In the box: TRANYA T10 wireless earbuds, charging case, USB-C charging cable, 3 pairs of ear tips


Tozo G1 Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds for Gaming – Pros & Cons


  • Cheap wireless gaming earbuds
  • Low latency
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Gaming and music mode


  • Some may feel it delivers too much bass

Tozo G1 Review – Final Verdict

To sum up, of the Tozo G1 review, you can’t go disappointed if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of wireless buds with above-average sound at a reasonable price. They come with Bluetooth 5.0 that offers low latency of just only 45ms. This makes the Tozo G1 to be one of the best choices for gaming earbuds and affordable.

Where to buy Tozo G1 Wireless Gaming Earbuds

Tozo G1 - Specs & Features

Tozo G1 – Gaming Wireless Earbuds :

fit type: in-ear, true wireless earbuds, 45ms low latency, battery life: 6 hours (earbuds)/30 hours (with case), quick charge, Bluetooth 5.0, one-step pairing, smart touch control, voice assistant, dual-mode: game/music


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