Best Headphones Under 2000

Choosing Hi-End Headphones which cost more than $1000, you need to deep find out to get the right headset and match the purpose you want. The hi-end or premium headphones have many brands which have great features. If you like be owner expensive headphones, best headphones under 2000, you must have enough budget. If not, you should select for headphones under 500 or headphones under 300 that we can recommend the best one for you.

Buying guide for premium headphones

best headphones under 2000


There are numerous headphones of different features, price, and quality in the market. Different brands – small and big are trying to grab user attention. Nowadays premium headphones have become a lot popular in the market. So the first question that arises is, what are these premium headphones?

You will not get quality of studio sound with these headphones for sure but they are much more comfortable and worthy than your throwaway ones. You can get these as over or on-ear headphones and it falls in the price range of 700 – 2000 dollars.

Here are some things you should consider before buying premium headphones:

Sound matters: check the frequency responses and sound that the headphone offers. Make sure what you are looking for, heavy bass or neutral listening experience. If you want good bass then choose headphone with a good subwoofer.

Over or on? Over-ear headphones fit over your ear and you can immerse in the sound but they can be heavy too. On-ears are more convenient, compact and versatile but they do not block outside noises that effectively.

Closed or open? You get the choice to opt for closed back or open back type of headphones. Closed back headphones have a hard casing that blocks the music you are listening from the outside world. But the open backed ones give you the sound effect as if you are listening to music in an open room using a stereo.

These are some of the things to consider apart from connectivity, design, material and color options before you buy your premium headphone.

1. Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation – Best Budget for Hi-End Headphones

Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation

Recently Beyerdynamic has released its Beyerdynamic T1 2nd generation headphones. These are semi-open headphones that are designed to deliver spacious sound and hi-fidelity in a unique manner. It employs Tesla technology to set new standards in the field of sound reproduction. It has a removable, textile-covered connecting cable which can be exchanged with a 4-pin XLR connector. The cable has a shield which provides extra emission and radiation protection.

T1 2nd is an excellent product with the cable conductors made up of OCC 7Ncopper that allows high-grade music transmission. The ear pads are viscoelastic and breathable which gives comfort while hearing music even for long hours. It has improved tuning and warmth which spins the audiophiles for a new and rich bass as well as low-frequency music.

This is a premium headphone for in-home listening with Tesla technology. Because of this, there is a reduction in distortion, increased volume and higher response of frequency leading to precise and clear sound. They provide improved sound effects because of higher sound pressure. The jack plug is screwable to provide the top quality sound effect.

The cables are connected to the headphones by two 3.5 mm mini-jack connectors that are gold plated and have a locking system. The adapter has a 6.3mm gold plated screw. They can be easily connected with other devices or headphone amplifiers too. Easily adapts to the style of music which is played accurately. More that Beyerdynamic First Generation (T1) is they offer better sound quality as compared to its previous models without losing any details and features.

Now let see benefit & drawback of Beyerdynamic T1 2nd generation:


  • Tesla technology drivers which are a ground-breaking technology.
  • The ear cushions are made up of super soft and breathable velours material with memory foam.
  • They have a warranty of 5 years and high-impedance of 600 ohms.
  • The cable is 3 meters long, detachable, double-sided and textile braided with OCC 7N based copper conductors.


  • It is comparatively expensive and falls in the range of higher-priced headphones.
  • It has an intense high-frequency response.

The Beyerdynamic T1 2nd is one of the best headphones under 1000 with amazing features.


>> Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation


2. Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic – Best Closed-Back Headphones

best closed-back headphones

Germany has always been the leading country when it comes to the manufacturing of premium quality and best closedback headphones. Ultrasone Signature Pro is one of the top-line models with amazing sound quality that depicts the German pedigree.

They come with a high price but has amazing clarity. This is the first model of the entire Ultrasone Signature range and has stellar audiophile sound which makes it a big favorite.

Features to look out for:

Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic has a handsome design with trimmed earcups in a black glass, which contrasts beautifully with the matte black colored plastic parts, headband, and leather ear cushions. Although made up of glass it is scratch and breaks resistant and highly durable.

There are 2 cables: a 10-foot cable accompanied with a 6.3mm connector of studio-grade and a 5-foot wire that comes with a 3.5 mm plug at its end. There is a plug on the left earcup too for locking mechanism so that the cable does not rip from the socket accidentally.

Cables can be replaced. the earcups can be folded flat which makes it easy for storage and carrying while traveling. It has an S-logic plus technology which bounces the sound of drivers off your outer years rather than firing it to your eardrums.

The sound is less direct and more open as compared to other closed-back headphones. The ULE technology shields the ears from low-frequency radiation of magnetic field. There is an MU metal shielding for reduction of radiation and impedance is 32 ohms. It has a warranty of 5 years.


  • There are replaceable cables.
  • Earpads are of genuine leather and are foldable.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • It has a huge price which is not affordable.

It is Mercedes class headphones which are made for discerning clientele. Although they are expensive still they have a premium class of features that are worth the price tag. They are comfortable to use even for long hours. With 5 years warranty, they are one of the best closed-back headphones that work well with any genre of music.


Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic
Ultrasone Signature Pro S-Logic:
Profession Closed-Back Headphones S-Logic Plus & ULE Technology, Noise-Isolation, better sound performance


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3. Focal Clear Headphones – Best Headphones under 2000

Focal clear headphones

Focal is not a new brand when it comes to premium headphones. It is a reputable brand, which has its headquarters in France. They are in the industry for the last 40 years.

The Focal offers numerous wireless headphones and also in-ear ones and the range of the Focal-Clear headphones is its new launch. This product would cost come with a not cheap price however I think that these headphones are the best headphones under 2000. It is the best in a class product as far as sound and ergonomics are concerned.

Features to look out for:

  • It has an excellent build and is made up of aluminum yoke, perforated microfiber and leather headband, 20mm memory foam material ear cushion which is covered with a perforated microfiber cloth.
  • There is a mechanism for locking jack for the jack sockets that are 3.5 mm in size.
  • Low impedance, which is used to match the varying source devices.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear even if you want to keep it on for long hours.
  • Focal Clear headphones come with a hard shell carry case.
  • With the Focal-Clear headphones, you get perfectly balanced sound with tight bass and smooth highs.


  • The headphone delivers a classy and refined sound which stands with the high-end headphones available in the market.
  • It improves on Elear’s original formula and makes a lot of differences in the quality of audio to matter.
  • It comes with lots of accessories and the packet includes one classy carry case.


  • This headphone has a design which is quite similar to Elear of the same brand—the basic design remains unchanged.
  • Since the debut of Clear headphones, Focal has released the Elex which is quite identical to Elear.
  • The price is a bit high and even with the discount, you can get them more than $1000.

These headphones are premium ones and offer a high resolution and clarity. It has excellent dynamics, superlative tonality, great sound balance, wonderful musicality and reaches the state of the art resolution.

The Focal clear headphone is one of the best headphones in this price range and can provide you with engaging, compelling and emotive listening to music.

Focal-clear headphones
Focal Clear Headphones: Style circumaural open-back headphones from France
detailed, realistic, and balanced sound

Now, I will show you the comparison features of these best headphones under 2000.

beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation Semi-Open Design, 0.79 lb, High Impedence 600 Ohms, Tesla Tecnology Drivers, Noise Isolation
Ultrasone Signature Pro S-LogicOver-Ear, Closed-back, 1 lb, 98dBSPL, Wired, 8-42K Hz, 32 Ohms Impedence, Magnet: NdFeB, Noise Isolation
Focal - Clear Headphones Over-Ear, Open-back, 5.65 lbs, 104 dBSPL, 5-28K Hz, 55 Ohms Impedence, Wired

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