Best Bluetooth speaker under 200 – Top 5 Review


You are one of those looking for the best Bluetooth speakers under 200 dollars, right? Maybe you love to listen to podcasts or music while you work, while you shower, while you wash dishes. Or perhaps you are looking for a speaker to enjoy music for get-togethers or parties. Maybe you just want to dance when nobody is watching you?

Wireless speakers are a must if you are a fan of having top-quality sound playing around you and you like more than just the sound of your Smartphone speaker.

Below, we’ve arranged a list of the best Bluetooth speaker under 200 and we’ve compiled based on their remarkable features so that you can narrow down that product will suit your needs.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 200 – Compare Features & Specification

Bose SoundLink Revolve ii Vs JBL Charge 4 Vs Marshall Emberton Vs Treblab HD-Max Vs Abramtek E600

Bose SoundLink Revolve ii Review

Bose SoundLink Revolve ii

Color: triple black, luxe silver
: dimension: 3.24″ x 3.24″ x 5.97″, weight: 1.46 pounds/0.7 kg, connectivity: Bluetooth (NFC: yes)/USB/Auxiliary, material: aluminum, button: power on/off, Bluetooth, input mode, volume, multi-function
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 4.1 (work range up to 30-feet/9-meters), portable, true 360˚ surround sound, playtime: 13 hours, pair 2 SoundLink speakers together for party/stereo,  water-resistant: IP55 rating, voice assistant: yes (Siri/Google Assistant), voice prompts, mode: stereo/party, app: Bose Connect app, microphone: built-in, switch devices with multi-connect
In the box: SoundLink Revolve II speaker, USB cable (micro-B to USB A)


JBL Charge 4 - Portable wireless speaker

JBL charge 4

Color: black, blue, camouflage, gray, green, multi-color, pink, red, sand, teal, white, yellow
Specs: dimension: 3.5″ x 8.5″ x 3.4″, weight: 2.13 pounds/0.965 kg, connectivity (depend on color): wireless/Bluetooth/USB, material: durable fabric & rugged rubber housing, battery: 7500mAh rechargeable Li-ion, Bluetooth 4.2 (support A2DP V1.3/AVRCP V.16), power output: 30W RMS, transducer: 50mm -x 90mm, frequency response: 60 – 20kHz, signal-to-noise ration: > 80dB
Features: wireless Bluetooth streaming, waterproof rating: IPX7, playtime: up to 20-hours, charge time: 4-hours, dual passive radiators (deliver powerfully), JBL connect+
In the box: JBL charge 4, USB-C cable, quick start guide, warranty card, safety sheet


Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker Under $200

Marshall Emberton

Color: black, black & bass
Specs: dimension: 2.99″ x 6.3″ x 2.68″, weight: 1.54 pounds, charge time: 3 hours, frequency response: 60 – 20kHz, material: silicone (exterior)/solid metal grille, power amplifiers: 2 x 10W class D amplifiers
Features: easily portable, wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 (BT range: 30 feet/10 meters), battery life: 20 hours, water-resistant: IPX7 rating, 360˚ surround sound, superior signature sound: rich/clear/loud, tough & resilient, top panel control: multi-directional control knob (play/pause/skip track/volume/power on-off)/Bluetooth pairing/battery indicator, 1-year warranty


Treblab HD-Max Review

Treblab HD-Max

Color: black
: dimension: 4.72″ x 4.72″ x 12.4″, weight: 5.62 pounds, frequency response: 80 – 16kHz, dynamic quantity: 4, output power: 50W, subwoofers: 2 passive subwoofers, connectivity: wireless/ Bluetooth
Features: portable, wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 (range up to 33 feet/10 meters), very loud stereo sound, water-resistant: IPX6 rating, pair 2 HD-Max speakers improve surround sound quality, playtime: 20-hours (30% of volume)/5-hours (max volume), quick charge, sound mode: 3-modes (indoor/outdoor/bass boost), built-in power bank, workable while charging, mic: built-in mic CVC6.0, shockproof body
What’s in the box: TREBLAB HD-MAX, 3.5mm aux cable, carrying strap, bottle opener, USB-C charging cable, user manual, insert card


ABRAMTEK E600 - Best Bluetooth Speaker under 200


Specs: dimension: 5.3″ x 5.3″ x 23.6″, weight: 7.5 pounds, connectivity: wireless/Bluetooth/USB, peak output: 100 watts, frequency response: 30 – 18kHz, signal-to-noise ratio: >= 95dB, distortion: <=0.5%, battery: rechargeable 8800mAh Li-ion battery, charging type: USB (5V)
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth range: 66 feet/20 meters), true 360˚ surround sound, super bass subwoofer, crystal clear sound, TWS compatible, DSP enabled, soft night light, stereo pairing for stereo/party, stylish & exquisite durable design


The Sound Link Revolve series ii by Bose is a well-built wireless speaker. It has a very sleek design and it is small and simple to bring with you on the go. It is rated for impact, water, and dust resistance, so you can utilize it outdoors, though we do not test for this. Unfortunately, it lacks slightly low bass and it does not get very loud. Though, its balanced mid-range makes it ideal for listening to vocal-centric content like audiobooks and podcasts. Let’s jump into Bose SoundLink Revolve review to know more about this masterpiece:

Sleek Design And Well Build Quality

Bose SoundLink Revolve Series ii review

The style of this speaker truly stands out and makes it well-known as compared to other speakers that are available at this price tag. The aluminum field wraps around the speaker offering it a seamless look. It has a rounded base with entire controls on the top. Aux, Bluetooth, multi-control functions, and volume are on the top!

The Bluetooth speaker has an enormous build quality. It is mostly made of metal, and the top/bottom of the speaker is made of rubber. Overall, it looks well-built and durable. This Bluetooth speaker has an IP55 water-resisting rating for water resistance, an IP rating for dirt resistance, and an IK rating for impact, though we do not test for this. On the bottom, there is also a mounting threaded point that lets you mount the Bose SoundLink Revolve ii on something like a tripod.

The Bose Revolve has a supreme set of controls. They are simple to use, and you do not have to press down extremely difficult to register a command. On top of the speaker, a few buttons let you to controls the volume, pause/play music, power on/off, change the input, and activate smart assistant capabilities.

Bose SoundLink Revolve ii Review – The Sound Quality

The sound of the speaker is spacious and detailed, with the fine release of the treble and upper-middle range. The mid-range of the speaker is not quite as constricted as that of the Bose Mini II wireless speaker, so vocals in well-known sound more naturally.

The Bass is slightly light but no more so than with any other Bluetooth speaker of this size. Place it near to a wall to maximize the below en – though you would not get the advantages of the 360-degree audio.

And the degree sound is impressive. The Bose SoundLink Revolve series ii genuinely does not display any noticeable dead spots as you walk around the space – or at least in the Bluetooth range that you get with most 360 Bluetooth speakers.

Ramp up the audio level and the Boss Revolve maintains equanimity at volumes that other Bluetooth models of its size cannot even reach. Though it does sound slightly ragged and distorted by the moment it hits its limit.

Performance and Compatibility

Where to buy Bose SoundLink Revolve ii

The sound of the Bluetooth speaker is immersive and fine. It gives full coverage in party and stereo modes. The speaker allows you to connect to 2 different devices so that you can play your track clearly and loudly. There’s no problem with sound performance and it is pretty easy. The Bluetooth range of the speaker is also fine according to price.

The Bluetooth speaker is compatible with every wireless device. You can simply connect and pair the wireless speaker with any Bluetooth device. It also features a voice prompt for simple access. It is compatible with Google and SIRI now both. The charging cradle present in Boss Mini II is ironically not included in Bose Revolve.

The Setup

The setup of the speaker is easy and there are no problems with connectivity or software. The interface of the Bluetooth speaker is clean and it functions with all the control options at the top. The controls allow you to switch between 2 different speakers at a time. An LED light specifies the link you make or when you pair it with other devices.

There’s a power button on this speaker that tells you about the battery life. This is truly a great function for the price it provides which makes it the best speaker for under 200. When the battery runs low, you’ll get an indication of the same. The multi-feature button can also help to switch between your music options.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Bluetooth Speaker - Wireless Surround Sound

Bose Revolve ii Bluetooth speaker gives up to 13 hours of battery life once you completely charge it. This is a little better than the previous model that allows 12 hours of playtime. However; the battery life is not that great if you compare it with other Bluetooth speakers in the price range. But, still is not fine for the amazing functions and prices it provides. You can play your music non-stop for up to 11 to 12 hours at will complete charge.

It takes about 4 hours to charge which can be time-consuming. The connectivity is remarkable and there’s no problem. You connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled device. It also links to other Sound link devices so that you can enjoy your music loudly, and make it the best speaker for music.

What are the Bose SoundLink Revolve’s ii pros and cons?


  • Effective 360-degree sound
  • Outstanding treble and mid-range detail
  • Weatherproof
  • Stylish and solidly built


  • Ragged at top volume
  • Lean bass

Bose SoundLink Revolve Series ii Review – Final Thought

All in all, after my Bose SoundLink Revolve ii review, it is an excellent option for a true 360-degree music experience. Yes, it is not too affordable and not too cheap, but it also sounds excellent. I’ll recommend it to anyone who is looking for the best Bluetooth speaker under 200.

Where to buy Bose SoundLink Revolve Series 2

Bose SoundLink Revolve ii ReviewBose SoundLink Revolve ii – Portable Wireless Speaker Under $200:

wireless true 360-degree coverage, deep & immersive sound, built-in mic, stereo & party mode, 12 hours of playtime, pairable 2 SoundLink together, Assistant: Siri/Google, voice prompt


Alternative Portable Bluetooth Speakers – May be great for you

Bose SoundLink Revolve+Bose SoundLink Revolve+ :

max output power: 5 watts, wireless & portable Bluetooth speaker, IPX4 waterproof rating, 360-degree surround audio, battery life: up to 16 hours of playtime, built-in microphone for speakerphone, stereo & party mode: pair 2 SoundLink speakers together, compatible to Bose Connect app, voice assistant: yes (Siri/Google Assistant), voice prompts: yes, item dimension: 4.2″ x 4.2″ x 7.3″, weight: 2 pounds, in the box: SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker/USB charging cable/wall charger

Bose Home Speaker 500Bose Home Speaker 500:

connectivities: wireless/Bluetooth (can connect to Apple AirPlay 2 & Spotify), support voice assistant: yes (Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant), app: Bose Music app, Bose SimpleSync technology: pair speaker 500 to compatible Bose products, superior voice pickup, color LCD display screen, item dimension: 4.31″ x 6.68″ x 8.01″, weight: 4.6 pounds


2. JBL Charge 4 Review – Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Under $200

The JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth speaker comes in several colors, it has a balanced mid-range that perfectly reproduces lead and vocals instruments, though they might sound a little dull due to the underemphasized treble range. It is also rated IPX7 water resistance, though we do not presently test for this.

Like several smaller Bluetooth speakers, it struggles to produce little low bass that might be disappointing for enthusiasts of bass-heavy genres like hip-hop and EDM. Also, it does not have an EQ, so you can’t tweak its sound performance to your liking. If you’re interested, then continue reading our JBL Charge 4 review to know more about this speaker.

JBL Charge 4 Review – The Design

JBL Charge 4 review

If you place JBL Charge 3 and Charge 4 next to one another, you would be tough-pressed to find major differences. The cylindrical form remains as do the exposed woofers that are an overwhelming sight when the bass is kicking. While we were firstly concerned with destructive exposed Bluetooth speakers, we have had no issues with JBL’s other showing woofer shapes like the Charge 3 and Pulse 3.

In the middle of the cylindrical of the JBL Charge 4, you will find all of the Bluetooth speaker’s manual controls. This includes buttons for volume, power, medial control, Bluetooth pairing, and power button. The JBL Connect Plus feature allows you to pair 2 or more of the company’s other Bluetooth speakers to play audio in stereo or to intensify the music.

Around the back, you will find a big silicone-made door that shelters the 3.5mm port, USB A, and Type-C ports. The addition of a full-size USB port means you can utilize the speaker to top up your mobile to keep your listening going.

The Charge 4 is a maneuvering Bluetooth speaker, so the audio comes from the side with the JBL emblem. This might be disappointing to those looking for a 360-degree sound performance but it gets so loud everyone can hear the music in a room.

Since Charge 4 is a directional model, placement is essential and users can either put it horizontally on its foot or vertically on either way. Placing it vertically can help boost bass response if you place it on a surface that assists radiate the bass.

Sound Quality – Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 200

Water proof wireless speaker under $200

While the shape of the speaker might be simple, the sound is anything but. The bass does not boom, but this is purposeful, with a considered, rich pairing smoothly with the refined treble and mid-range. Both sides are JBL Bass radiators, which are newly upgraded. It has a power output of 30W, resulting in a more massive bass sound compared to the previous model.

Audio clarity is slashed above other Bluetooth speakers at this level, with a very strong balance among frequencies. Even at higher rates, the sound stays pretty true and manages to prevent any key distortion.

All that means that the JBL Charge 4 speaker is less a boomer party or get-together speaker and more an option for relaxed times at the beach or just laid-back garden parties; there is a surprising complexity and subtlety inside the rugged structure that is hardly seen anyplace else at this price point.

One sticking mark is the lack of smart assistant support and speakerphone, something that was currently in the JBL Charge 3. These features are not something you would normally look for in a speaker at this price tag, but as the old generation offered them, it feels slightly disappointing. Though, JBL has decided to concentrate on output quality and has deeply succeeded.

JBL Charge 4 Waterproof  Bluetooth Speaker with Long Battery Life

There is not much of a difference in battery performance between Charge 3 and Charge 4. Both Bluetooth speakers are rated for 20 hours of constant playback. During our testing, the JBL Charge 4 got a little less than that: 18hrs, which is remarkable. One important thing to note is the USB type C port on the back is only for charging the Bluetooth speaker, so if you were going to use it as an output to charge your Bluetooth-enabled devices you are out of luck.

JBL Charge 4 Review – Portability

JBL Charge 4 - Portable wireless speaker

There is no getting around the fact that the JBL Charge 4 speaker is heavy. We measured it just as smidge over 2 lbs, making it slightly heaviest speaker on the list. That mightn’t sound like a lot, but that is almost as much as a NALGENE bottle complete of water weights, and think about how much lighter your travel bag feels after drinking all the water.

This Bluetooth speaker is quite big, measuring in at almost 9” by 4”. This combined with rough edges on the lasts of the speakers, making it somewhat distant towards fitting in crowded backpacks and bags. The one positive portability of JBL Charge 4 is the IPX7 water-resistant rating. This means it can handle complete submersion in a matter of water for thirty minutes, and can simply shake off any spilled drinks you throw it.

What are the JBL Charge 4’s pros and cons?


  • Powerful audio performance with clear and crisp sound
  • Strong waterproof with an IPX7 rating
  • Best speaker for outdoors
  • Gets quite a lot for its size


  • No speakerphone feature.
  • Slightly heavy
  • Not 360-degree sound performance

JBL Charge 4 Review – Final Thought

The conclusion of my JBL Charge 4 review – if you need the best Bluetooth speaker under 200 that can last full night and would not skip a beat if it gets spilled on or dropped in the dust, the Charge 4 fits the bill. Just do not expect absolute higher tier sound no a particular portable design.

Where to buy JBL Charge 4

JBL Charge 4 reviewJBL Charge 4 – Portable & Waterproof Wireless Speaker:

Durable material, portable, IPX7 waterproof, Bluetooth connectivity, battery life: up to 20 hours of playtime, durable carry case with a strong zipper


Alternative Portable Bluetooth Speakers – May be great for you

JBL Charge 5 - Portable Bluetooth SpeakerJBL Charge 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth, max output power: 30 watts,  separate tweeter &  dual JBL bass radiators (delivers rich and clear audi0)m battery life: up to 20 hours of playtime, waterproof & dustproof rating: IP67, built-in power bank (USB charge out for charging your devices), PartyBoost features: pair 2 JBL speakers together for stereo sound, protective hardshell carrying case (included)

JBL Flip 6 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth SpeakerJBL Flip 6 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (with case)

Bluetooth 5.1, waterproof rating: IPX7, battery life: up to 12 hours of playtime, compatible PartyBoost feature: yes ( pair 2 JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound), hardshell case (included), color options: black/blue/green/red

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound ExploreBang & Olufsen BeoSound Explore – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

powerful sound & true 360 sound, rugged design: IP67 waterproof & dust resistant (anodized aluminum shell for adventure), impressive battery: provides up to 27 hours of playtime, ultra-portable design (lightweight & grap-and-go compact shape), Bluetooth 5.2, stereo pairing: yes, item dimension: 3.1″ x 4.9″ x 3.1″, item weight: 22.2 ounces


3. Marshall Emberton – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Marshall Emberton Portable wireless speaker is a compact speaker for listening to music. It is balanced treble and mid ranges help reproduce crisp and pleasant instruments, making it ideal for lots of different music genres. Similar to several Bluetooth speakers that have been reviewed, it struggles to reproduce low bass.

It does not provide any sound customization features, either. Though it is portable, and has IPX7 water-resistant rating, though, let’s jump into Marshall Emberton’s review to know more about this small speaker. OK! let’s talk about why Marshall Emberton is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 200.

Marshall Emberton Review – Design and Build

Marshall Embertion review

Marshall Emberton is very much another Marshall Bluetooth speaker, but smaller. This is by far the smallest variant we have seen from the company and could be just about the mentioned, palm-sized. It is very lightweight at just 700g.

It is not the smallest Bluetooth speaker we tested here, but it is extremely compact and will simply fit into bags easily. To say, it is pocket-able is a bit unless you are Romain Rocking some combat pants and that would not comfy anyway.

Forgoing the leather, Marshall Emberton has a soft silicon rubber coating with a similar texture. It makes it durable and provides a strong grip since it is made to take out and about. IPX7 water resistance means you are protected from water splashes and also a full submersion, though Marshal oddly doesn’t claim the Emberton as water-resistant in the small print.

There is black metal cable gauze at the sliver and back at the front, adorned with the iconic trademark. It is a smart-looking model, but the brass and black selection look ultra-classy with black complete over and the logo in, well brass.

Apart from the USB type C on the side, the action is on the top with a wireless pairing button as well as a battery gauge straddling a striking brass button. There is no room here for the amp-style dials found on the bigger speakers.

How is the Sound Quality?

Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker Under $200

Marshall Emberton retains the similar warm and vibrant signature sound that Marshal is loved and known for. It produced audio well beyond its small size as its stereo speaker on its own. It is got surprisingly strong bass but this is not the actual standout characteristic and it’s comparable with every competitor in the category of best Bluetooth speaker for outdoors.

The mid and the high shine and where we consider it excels is at complete volume because it does not distort which means you can listen to it loud from a very small factor. The multi-directional sound function in our review could be heard from most sides almost as crisp as listening from the front side, which is perfect in outdoor areas when a group of listeners might be surrounding it.

Though, as it does not have speakers on the sides, we’re not sure it can be called 360-degree performance. It does sound crisp from every angle which makes it the loudest Bluetooth speaker portable and will fill a room but we do still think it sounds better from the front than it does if you are sat to the side.

Marshall Emberton Review – Ease of Use

One of the main thing I love about this speaker is its simplicity. Push the knob down to power it on, and it goes into a pairing state. Then jump into your settings on your mobile and find Marshall Emberton in the list and connect. Of course, you can control your music and volume from the mobile phone itself, but the knob does control it very well. All in all, very easy, no one should have a problem operating this Bluetooth speaker.

Connectivity and Battery life

Marshall Embertion Waterproof portable speaker

Battery life will always vary when it comes to battery performance depending on how high you crank up the volume level, but this speaker performed remarkably well during our testing. It promised about twenty hours and we achieved this mark easily at a medium volume level, though, we would expect it to dip slightly at higher volumes.

That’ll matter less so though you think how rapidly the Marshall Emberton speaker recharges. Thanks to its USB Type C connectivity, just 20 minutes of charging provides you with around 5hrs of playtime, which is remarkable if you are in a rush and need to quickly give it a solid boost.

The speaker uses Bluetooth 5 for connectivity and we did not run into any problems here. it took seconds to hook up and the long range that comes from the specification is certain to come in handy if you are using a speaker across the big room.

What are Marshall Emberton’s pros and cons?


  • Great sound
  • Stylish and portable
  • Long battery life
  • Durable


  • Cannot stereo pair 2 speakers

Marshall Emberton Review – Final Thought

After Marshall Emberton review, it’s my new favorite compact Bluetooth speaker. It is well-built, well-made, and produced great sounds for a compact speaker; it has IPX7 water-resistant and is easy to use. The price tag is great as well. The wireless speaker market is highly competitive, and there’re lots of great options out there. If anything, the Marshall Emberton speaker should be on your shortlist as you are shopping.

Where to buy Marshall Emberton

Marshall Embertion Waterproof portable speakerMarshall Emberton – Portable & Waterproof Wireless Speaker:

Bluetooth 5.0, 360-degree sound performance, IPX7 waterproof, tough and resilient, battery life: 20+ hours of playtime, quick charge (20 minutes give 5 hours of playtime)


Alternative Portable Bluetooth Speakers – May be great for you

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Outdoor SpeakerAnker Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Speaker:

80W powerful stereo sound, extreme bass, PartyCast 2.0: 100+ connecting to compatible speakers, waterproof & dustproof rating: IP67, true wireless stereo (TWS), Bluetooth 5.3, supported app: yes (Soundcore app), customize EQ: yes

Konex Audio Vintage Bluetooth SpeakerKonex Audio Vintage Bluetooth Speaker – Outdoor/Indoor Speaker:

retro style Bluetooth speaker, 40 watts portable speaker, Bluetooth 4.2 (fast & robust connection), Bluetooth range: 10 meters, connectivities: Bluetooth/Auxiliary/USB, tweeter & woofer: yes (2.75″ tweeter and 4″ woofer), heavy bass, long battery life: with 4400mAh provide up to 20 hours of playtime, EQ & volume adjusting (control knob for treble/bass/volume adjustable)


4. Treblab HD-Max – Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 200

The Treblab HD-Max speaker is a medium-sized, water-resistant loud Bluetooth speaker with an attachable shoulder strap. It sports simply to recognize, volume, play and pause, and multi-feature buttons on the top of the side depending on speaker position. During our Treblab HD-Max review, we notice each side has a passive subwoofer for extra bass; power is rated at fifty watts.

Design and build quality

Treblab HD-Max Review

The primary thing you will notice when taking the Treblab HD-Max Bluetooth speaker of the package is that it’s built like a tank. The product weighs in at around lbs and comes with its carrying strap. I do not think this is a bad thing although.

Treblab intends for the HD Max to be utilized in a few rigorous surroundings and has built it accordingly. The cashing is a fine mix of thick and soft rubber and nylon which leads to a speaker that truly feels like it belongs in a Jeep Wrangler.

The build quality of the Treblab HD-Max is up there with big boys I have tested several wireless speakers and Trebalb’s is as great as or better than many others in its price tag. It should give years of use even roughly treated also.

Moreover, Treblab HD-Max has made sure that the speaker meets the IPX6 rating as well. This makes the device capable to withstand a common house party or a couple of days in the wild. The control layout is pretty common with the play/pause, volume up and down, and power. It does have a mic for taking calls if you would like but I have not found a button to launch the smart assistant.

Sound quality

Treblab HD-MAX Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Treblab HD-Max will not disappoint when it comes to sound quality. The device has rich bass and punchy audio playback balance. It immediately becomes the finest speaker in my home. This is completely understandable with a fifty-watt speaker and 4 drivers powering the audio. There is also a passive sub-woofer on board. All in all, the sound is rich, crisp, and loud enough to fill any space without distortion.

There’re also 3 different playback features that try to auto-equalize the sound based on surroundings. Indoor provides you a great balance of mid and highs, and bass for the deepest playback option. The bass boost is quite self-explanatory as well as pumps up the boom for powerful music. Lastly, outdoors looks to temper things for natural balance that carries more in outdoor space.

The sound quality is quite good at every volume level. Note that you would not want to volume set to maximum unless you are outdoors. As advertised, the Treblab HD-Max speaker can get very loud when indoors.

Music sounds really warm and inviting at a lower volume, making the speaker a great desktop option for all-day use. The sound is very soothing with fatigue you can get from lesser speakers. One caution is that when not using the wireless option, Pause, next and previous buttons will not work. Those features will just work through a mobile phone.

Stereo audio is an option

You can even pair 2 Treblab HD-Max speakers together in stereo function to add more powerful audio to your mix. Once you have set up the 1st speaker with your mobile, you just run it off and start the sequence over. Now power on both, double-clicking the power key on the primary device should get a blue and green indicator. The placement of every speaker near another. A gentile pairing tone should sound and you have successfully got both wireless speakers working in unison.

Treblab HD-Max Review – The Battery life

Trablab HD-MAX - Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 200

Another great function of the Treblab HD-Max is the built-in 12000mAh battery. With this strong power, you can enjoy up to 20hrs playback at 30% volume and 5hrs at 100%. Not only can you power the device, but the USB type 2.0 pass-through will also charge your mobile phones while on the go.

Both charging external gadgets and recharging the Treblab HD-Max through USB type C only charge at 5v. I found the battery and charging to be on the mark with the manual. You get the usual 5V rates on mobile and topping off the Treblab HD-Max takes about 5hrs to get 100%.

Treblab HD-Max Review with Pros & Cons


  • Build quality
  • Price
  • Ability to charge devices
  • Audio quality


  • Some features just work using Bluetooth, not hard-wired
  • Sound modes are difficult to distinguish with unexplained flashing lights

Final words

All in all, after the Treblab HD-Max review, there is a lot to like about the HD Max with a couple of complaints When compared to others in its price tag, the Treblab HD-Max is a bargain, with fine to great sound, well-built, and all-round usefulness.

Where to buy Treblab HD-Max

Treblab HD-Max ReviewTreblab HD-Max – Deep Bass & Loud Speaker:

Loud portable speaker (50-watt), TWS, IPX6 waterproof, 4 powerful drivers, 20+ hours of playtime, power bank, pair 2 HD-Max speakers 3 sound modes


Alternative Portable Bluetooth Speakers – May be great for you

W-King X10 Bluetoot Portable Speaker

W-King X10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

Bluetooth 5.0 (support SBC/AAC codecs), Bluetooth range: 33 feet/10 meters, power output 70W (RMS)/90W (Peak), waterproof rating: IPX6, battery: 3.7V 15600mAh provides 42 hours of playtime, built-in power bank: can charge out to mobile phones, 2 EQ modes: indoor/outdoor, support TF-card/Aux-in

Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Outdoor SpeakerAnker Soundcore Motion Boom Plus Speaker:

80W powerful stereo sound, extreme bass, PartyCast 2.0: 100+ connecting to compatible speakers, waterproof & dustproof rating: IP67, true wireless stereo (TWS), Bluetooth 5.3, supported app: yes (Soundcore app), customize EQ: yes

Zealot S67 Bluetooth Portable SpeakerZEALOT S67 Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

Bluetooth 5.2 (work range around 100 feet), power output: 75 watts, dual pairing for stereo surround sound: yes, battery: 14400mAh (provides playtime up to 40 hours), works as  a power bank: yes, support SD card, waterproof rating: IPX6, 3 EQ modes: normal/bass/vocal, built-in microphone for hands-free calls


5. ABRAMTEK E600 100W With Super Bass – Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 200

In this ABRAMTEK E600 review, I will be going in-depth about what I think of the Bluetooth speaker and how it’ll benefit you. Look-wise, it is a massive Bluetooth speaker that seems extremely durable in terms of design. It blends flawlessly within the household with its solid gray/black cylindrical design. You can set it up outsides to deliver sound performance that can cover your complete backyard.  It is probably one of the coolest Bluetooth speakers I have ever seen in my life.

Design and build quality – Handsome & Charming 

ABRAMTEK E600 - Best Bluetooth Speaker under 200

ABRAMTEK E600 speakers are one of the coolest and most stylish wireless speakers out there you can buy, they look to be expensive by their luxury look, but these cost way cheaper than what a luxury speaker costs, plus they sound like a luxury speaker too.

The Bluetooth speaker has a cool-looking color grill on its top, which adds to the overall aesthetics, the cylindrical design lets it have a slip and tall form factor and it adjusts anyplace easily.

We also do have a very soft LED light built into the ABRAMTEK E600, which adds an ambiance to the area it is in, especially it looks stunning with your home decoration, and you can even use these as a showpiece in your home.

ABRAMTEK E600 Review –  The Sound quality

ABRAMTEK E600 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - 360 Sound for TV or Party Outdoor

The DPAC feature propels the ABRAMTEK E600 propels it above all other competitors within its class. Sound emissions from the speaker are very loud at mid-volume levels. The coverage of the sound could simply reach 20 meters whenever you crack the volume level high. When it comes to the bass effects themselves, I found it is one of the best speakers for bass, it is nothing short of amazing.

It provides the impression that you are part of a music festival stage than when it’s and that is quite a feat unto itself. You can play electronic dance artists like Steve Aoki to take advantage of this function.

Whenever I host parties, I’ve my playlist of EDM artists ready to play on mobile. This bass for many of the songs shows cases extremely well via these ABRAMTEK E600 speakers. And the good part is that this is just from 1 speaker.

When coupled with another E600 Bluetooth speaker, the benefits are amplified even more and provide a remarkable audio experience. You can connect them through the wire that comes with the box or the Wireless connection. When you hear the correct channel and left channel, you’ve successfully paired both speakers.

The Connectivity

ARBAMTEK E600 - Wireless Speaker and Super Bass Subwoofer

The ABRAMTEK E600 is linked through Bluetooth and can line with 2 other identical speakers on a similar link. You can control it remotely at the touch of the buttons though you’re mobile, with no need to download additional applications. An additional choice is you can cable the speaker through a 3.5mm audio wire to your music player for left/right audio synchronization.

Battery life

ARBAMTEK E600 review

The speakers have an impressive 8800mAh battery that gives a playtime of around 4hrs with good volumes, this charges through 5 volts connection, which we feel is a little slow and it takes some time to get charged. But we can use 15 W or high-rated charging adapters to get better charging outcomes, than the normal charger.

If you use ABRAMTEK speakers with your television, you’d have it plugged in and use it, therefore, this makes no major changes, but this can be a problem for the people using it as a portable option, as generally, we need our devices to get charged rapidly.

Utility for Gaming

Sound-wise, ABRAMTEK E600 is the best Bluetooth speaker under 200 and rivals Boss, Logitech, and other top brands in terms of speaker quality. Not only can it be utilized for simple events but can be used as a Bluetooth gaming speaker for PS4, Xbox Series X, and gaming PCs. You will appreciate the performance and sound of bullets fire as well as rattle on the ground or the boom of explosions as glass shatters from demolished buildings.

How about ABRAMTEK E600’s Benefits and Drawbacks?


  • Great sound clarity
  • Large speaker
  • Impressive design functions
  • Soft night light
  • Decent option for gaming
  • Long battery life


  • Long charging process with 5v charger

ABRAMTEK E600 Wireless Speaker Review – Final Thought

After the ABRAMTEK E600 review, performance-wise, the speakers deliver in spades. It is a powerful option built to last. It makes it an amazing addition to the soundbar or surround sound unit if you are looking to make a massive sound stage that delivers a powerful audio experience. Despite its size, you set ABRAMTEK E600 anywhere in the home.

Where to buy ABRAMTEK E600

ABRAMTEK E600 - Best Bluetooth Speaker under 200ABRAMTEK E600 (Model: ABTK-E600GY):

High-power wireless speaker (100W speaker surround), true 360-degree surround sound
stereo paring, stylish design, Bluetooth 4.2, super bass subwoofer (DPAC technology)


Alternative Portable Bluetooth Speakers – May be great for you

JBL Extreme 3 - Portable Bluetooth SpeakerJBL Extreme 3 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

100 watts, Bluetooth 5.1, frequency response: 53.5 Hz – 20kHz, powerful sound & deep bass: 2 passive radiators (deep bass) + 2 drivers & tweeters (dynamic & immersive sound), portable design with carrying strap, waterproof & dustproof: yes (IP67), Bass Boost, stereo pairing, built-in power bank (charge out to smartphone), playtime: up to 15 hours, wireless Bluetooth streaming

ABRAMTEK E500 2nd GenABRAMTEK E500 2nd Gen:

200W Bluetooth speaker, connectivities: Bluetooth/Auxiliary/HDMI ARC, 3-band active graphic EQ (customizable), advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology, sound profile: music/movie/gaming, true wireless stereo (connect 2 of E500 speakers wirelessly for true surround sound stereo), true 360-degree surround sound, classy night light


Bluetooth Speaker Under 50 – Compare Specs & Features

There is plenty of cheap wireless speaker under 50 in the market. If you are looking for cheap Bluetooth & wireless speakers that its price below $50, these are my list that I think are interesting cheap speakers.

Doss SoundBox Pro Vs Comios X26L Vs MusiBaby M68 Vs OontZ Angle 3 Ultra 3rd Gen Vs Doss SoundBox XL

DOSS SoundBox Pro Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Doss SoundBox Pro

Color: black, blue
dimension: 7.70″ x 2.90″ x 3.00″, weight: 1.39 pounds, portable, wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR, Bluetooth range: 66 feet, output power: 20 watts, connectivity: wireless/Bluetooth/TF card
Features: true wireless stereo pairing, active extra bass, waterproof rating: IPX5, playtime: 20 hours (at volume 50%), 360° stereo sound, light show: 6 color and 3 illumination patterns, support: TF card/echo dot/Aux IN


COMISO X26L Bluetooth speaker review

COMISO X26L Wireless Speaker

Color: black, blue, purple, rose gold, teal, white
: dimension: 3.46″ x 3.46″ x 7.40″, weight: 1.54 pounds, power output: 25 watts, Bluetooth 5.0, battery capacity: 6000 mAh, connectivity: Wireless/Bluetooth
Features: true 360º surround sound, built-in TWS (pair any 2  COMISO speakers for stereo/party), portable, wireless, waterproof rating: IPX7 (100% waterproof – fully submerged up to 1 meter for 1/2 hours underwater), playtime: 36 hours (depend on volume level), rich bass, work-range: 100 feet/33 meters, built-in speakerphone for call & meeting (built-in noise-canceling for crystal clear calls), recommended for: surround sound system/smartphone/tablet
In the box: COMISO X26L wireless speaker, aux audio cable, USB-C cable, hook, manual guide, service card


MusiBaby M68 Mini Bluetooth Speaker - specs

MusiBady M68 Mini Wireless Speaker

Color: black
Specs: dimension: 2.91″ x 2.91″ x 4.84″, weight: 0.77 pounds, output power:
Features: portable, double wireless pairing, Bluetooth 5.0 (Bluetooth range: 30 meters), loud stereo, booming bass, recommended for: TV/smartphone/tablet/PC, playtime: 25 hours, True 360°Stereo Sound, waterproof: IPX5
Include in the box: MusiBady M68 Mini Bluetooth speaker, 3.5mm audio cable (adapter not included), charging cable, hanging line, user manual


Oontz Angle 3 Ultra 3rd Gen - specs

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra 3rd Gen

Specs: dimension: 6.40″ x 2.80″ x 2.80″, weight: 1.06 pounds, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless work distance:  100 feet, playtime: 20 hours (at 2/3 volume), power: 14 watts, high-quality crystal clear from the precision dual driver, compatible: Echo Dot/Echo Dot 3rd Gen/Echo/Echo Plus/iPhone 6/iPhone 7/iPhone 8/iPhone X/iPad/ Samsung Galaxy 8/Samsung Galaxy 9/Samsung Note/smartphone/cellphone/laptop/computer/Mac and all other Bluetooth devices
Features: wireless Bluetooth speaker, hi-quality sound, rich bass, waterproof rating: IPX7, built-in mic, hand-free calls, can play while charging, unique triangle design, supports Playing Two Together


Doss SoundBox XL - specs

Doss Soundbox XL – Wireless Speaker for TV, Smartphone, Tablet

Specs: dimension: 11.8″ x 2.6″ x 5.2″, weight: 3.4 pounds, Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR, Bluetooth work range: 33 feet, power: 20 watts with 12 watts subwoofer, driver: 10 watts x 2, 2 passive radiators, battery capacity: 2200mAh, playtime: 10-hours at volume 50%, charging time: 3 – 4 hours
Features: stereo sound, rich bass (strong bass boom with less distortion), support Bluetooth/Aux-In/TF card/echo Dot


Bluetooth Speaker Under 100 – Compare Specs & Features

More interesting for more affordable Bluetooth speakers, these wireless speakers come for lower 100 dollars. Check the details of their specs and great features.

K-Wink D9 Vs Doss SoundBox Pro+ Vs Treblab HD77 Vs Sony SRS-XB23 Extra Bass Vs Treblab FX100

W-KING D9 60W Bluetooth Speaker - review


Color: black, green
: dimension: 13″ x 5″ x 9″, weight: 4.41 pounds, connectivity: Bluetooth/auxiliary/NFC/TF-SD Card, speaker type: subwoofer, power output: 60 watts, 4 drivers with double passive subwoofers, 2 tweeters, large passive bass radiator, playtime: up to 40H (depend on volume level), battery capacity: 12000mAh rechargeable,
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 (work range: 33 feet/10 meters), bass boom & crisp audio, water-resistant: IPX6, work as a power bank, wireless stereo pairing: pairable 2 K-WINK D9 speakers, powerful bass, crystal sound, equalizer: 2 EQ presets/customizable EQ modes, one-touch NFC, quick charge, built-in mic


Doss SoundBox Pro+ review

Doss SoundBox Pro+

Color: black, blue, green, grey
: dimension: 8.9″ x 3.3″ x 3.5″, weight: 1.8 pounds, connectivity: wireless/Bluetooth,  dual passive radiators, output power: 2 x 12 watts
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR, Bluetooth range: 66 feet, beat-driven light show (mix color light), extra bass, playtime: 15 hours (light and extra bass off), waterproof rating: IPX5, wireless stereo pairing, connectable 2 SoundBox Pro+ for party/stereo


TREBLAB HD77 review

Treblab HD77

Color: black, blue
Specs: dimension: 3.15″ x 3.19″ x 7.36″, weight: 1.38 pounds, power output: 25 watts stereo, connectivity: wireless/Bluetooth/AUX, speaker type: subwoofer/outdoor, battery capacity: 5200 mAh rechargeable, frequency response: 80 – 16kHz
Features: wireless, ability to pair 2 speakers for impressive stereo sound (TWS), loud bass, 360º HD surround sound, ambient LED light, shockproof body, great for activity: outdoor sports/adventures, waterproof rating: IPX6, playtime: up to 20 hours (depend on volume level), built-in microphone, compatible: smartphone (Andriod/iOs)/Windows, Bluetooth 5.0 (signal range: 33 feet/10 meters)
What’s in the box: Treblab HD77 speaker, carrying strap & carabiner, 3.5mm AUX cable, USB/micro SUB charging cable, user manual


Sony SRS-XB23 Extra Bass review

Sony SRS-XB23 Extra Bass

Color: black, blue, coral red, olive green, taupe
Specs: dimension: 10.4″ x 9.2″ x 6.6″, weight: , connectivity: wireless, speaker type: outdoor, charging type: USB-C
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 (support LDAC), compare & portable, extra bass, dustproof/waterproof for outdoor activities (IP67), shockproof (built to last), built-in mic (crystal clear call), party connect up to 100 speakers, playtime: up to 12 hours, x-balanced speaker, app: sony | music center app, side passive radiators, removable strap


Treblab FX100 review

Treblab FX100 

Specs: dimension: 2.8″ x 2.8″ x 7.1″, weight: 1.34 pounds, output power: 10 watts, battery capacity: 7200 mAh, frequency response: 80 – 20 kHz, charge time: up to 10 hours, connectivity: Bluetooth/wireless, signal rage: 33 feet/10 meters
Features: portable, built-in power bank, FM mode, rugged design,  true 360° surround sound, playtime: up to 35 hours, ability to pair 2 speakers, built-in mic CVC6.0, water-resistant: IPX4, rugged shockproof body, metal carabiner


Bluetooth Speaker Under 200 – Compare Specs & Features

There are many options for Bluetooth speakers for under 200 dollars, and I list the specifications and features of some Bluetooth speakers. These are the best list of the best Bluetooth speaker under 200.

JBL Flip 5 Vs JBL Charge 5 Vs Marshall UXbridge Vs Bose SoundLink Revolove Vs K-Wink X10

W-Kint T9 review

W-King T9

Specs: portable speaker, dimension: , weight: , frequency response: 80Hz to 15kHz, total harmonic distortion (THD): < 1%, woofers: 2 x 4.04″, tweeters: 2 x 1.2″
Features: power output: 80W RMS/maximum 100W, 105dB sound, wireless stereo pairing to get 160W output, mixed color LED lights, 2 EQ modes: more bass (indoor)/more treble (outdoor), support external music source: yes (TF card/USB), 3.5 AUX input


JBL FLIP 5 portable wireless Bluetooth Spearker IPX7 waterproof

JBL Flip 5

Color: black, camouflage, green, red, sand, teal, white, yellow
Specs: dimension: 10.94″ x 10.35″ x 4.02″, weight: 2.05 pounds, connectivity: Bluetooth/USB, output power: 20 watts RMS, battery: (type: lithium-ion polymer/capacity: 4800mAh), charge time: 2.5hrs, transducer: 44mm x 80mm, frequency response: 65 – 20kHz, signal-to-noise ratio: >80dB,
Features: portable, wireless, water-resistant: IPX7 rating, playtime: up to 12 hours (varies by volume level and audio content), durable fabric & rugged body, auto-power off, support JBL PartyBoost, Bluetooth 4.2 (support A2DP V1.3/AVRCP V1.6),
In the box: JBL Flip 5 speaker, USB type C charging cable, quick guide manual, warranty card, safety sheet


JBL Charge 5 portable Bluetooth speaker - IP67 waterproof

JBL Charge 5

Color: black, blue, camouflage, teal, red, gray
Specs: dimension: 8.7″ x 3.67″ x 3.76″, weight: 2.11 pounds, connectivity: Bluetooth/USB, output power: 40 watts RMS, battery: lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) 7500mAh 3.6V, passive radiators: 2, frequency response: 65 – 20kHz, signal-to-noise ratio: >80dB
Features: portable, wireless, waterproof & dustproof rating: IP67, battery life: up to 20 hours, support JBL PartyBoost, built-in power bank, Bluetooth 5.1, supported Bluetooth profile: A2DP V1.3/AVRCP V1.6
In the box: JBL Charge 5 speaker, USB type C charging cable, safety sheet, quick start guide, warranty card


Marshall Uxbridge home voice speaker

Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker

Specs: dimension: 5.04″ x 4.84″ x 6.61″, weight: 3.06 pounds, connectivity: Bluetooth/wi-fi, frequency response: 54 – 20kHz, maximum sound pressure level: 96dB SPL @ 1m, output power: 30 watts class D (woofer and tweeter), app: Marshall Voice app/Google Home, Bluetooth 4.2
Features: recommended use: for TV, wireless, voice assistant: Amazon Alexa, classic mid-sized wireless speaker, bass & treble adjustable independently, unique/elegant/durable design, premium material


W-KING X10 Bluetooth speaker - specs

W-KING X10 Bluetooth Speaker

Specs: dimension: 5.91″ x 4.72″ x 3.94″, weight: 7.61 pounds, connectivity: Bluetooth/3.5mm auxiliary/TF card, output power: 70W (super crazy bass/clear mids/crips treble), 3 passive radiators, 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, battery life: up to 45 hours (depend on volume level), battery capacity: 15000 mAh/7.4V charging time: 3.5 hours (30W for charging), SPL: 93±3dB (BT in 100mv/1m) 1K-10kHz
Features: true wireless stereo, portable, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth work range: up to 100 feet, supported file stream: FAT16/FAT32/exFAT/FAT64, supported audio file: MP3/WAV/APE/FLAC/WMA, super bass radiator, 4-speakers system with passive radiator, waterproof rating: IPX6, can work as a power bank, built-in mic for hands-free calls, heavy bass, built-in equalizer: 2 EQ mode (indoor – boosted bass/outdoor – crisp sound), fast charging, recommended use: for smartphones/tablets
Package includes: X10 speaker, Type-C charging cable, 3,5mm aux cable, user manual, warranty card


Monster M159 Adventure Max Boombox Bluetooth Speaker - 100W stereo sound

Monster M159 Adventure Max Boombox Bluetooth Speaker – 100W stereo sound

Specs: dimension: 16″ x 6″ x 8″, weight: 8.8 pounds, multiple playback modes: Bluetooth/USB/Aux/TF-Card (Micro SD)/microphone-in, battery capacity: 20000mAh,
Features:  Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth range: 100 feet, wireless, playtime: 24 hours (at half of the max volume), TWS (dual pairing): yes, waterproof rating: IPX7, power output: 100 watts (2 tweeters + 2 subwoofers), detachable shoulder strap, adjustable strap, stereo sound & deep bass
In the box: Monster M159 Adventure Max Boombox Bluetooth speaker, USB-C charging cable, Aux-in cable, user instruction


Altec Lansing RockBox XL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Altec Lansing RockBox XL Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Color: red, real tree camo, steel grey
Specs: dimension: 12″ x 22″ x 11″, weight: 12 pounds, connectivities: Bluetooth/USB
Features:  wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth range: up to 100 feet, playtime: 20 hours, waterproof & dustproof rating: IP67 (including snowproof/dirtproof), floats in water, built-in smartphone charger, house party pairing: maximum pair up to 50, power output: 50 watts, multi-light & strobe mode, voice assistant: Siri/Hey Google


Bluetooth Speaker Under 300 – Compare Specs & Features

Bose SoundLink Revolve Vs Monster Blaster 3.0 Vs W-King H10

Bose SoundLink Revovle - Where to buy Cheap

Bose SoundLink Revolve

Color: black, luxe gray
: dimension: 3.24″ x 3.24 x 5.97″, weight: 1.46 pounds/0.7 kg, connectivity: Bluetooth TF card/USB/Auxiliary, material: aluminum, button: power on/off, Bluetooth, input mode, volume, multi-function, output power: 8W
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 4.1 (work range up to 30-feet/9-meters), portable, true 360˚ surround sound, playtime: 12 hours, pair 2 SoundLink speakers together for party/stereo,  water-resistant: IPX4 rating, voice assistant: yes (Siri/Google Assistant), voice prompts, mode: stereo/party, app: Bose Connect app, microphone: built-in, switch devices with multi-connect
In the box: SoundLink Revolve speaker, USB power supply, USB cable, AC power adapters


W-KING H10 120W - Specs & Features

W-King H10

Specs: dimension: 5.85″ x 14.74″ x 9.32″, weight: 15.4 pounds, power output: 120W (RMS)/150W (peak), connectivity: Bluetooth/Aux-in/TF card/USB, battery capacity: 10.8V/7500mAh
Features: Bluetooth 5.0, wireless, 5 drivers & 3-way 2.1 stereo sound: huge subwoofer/dual mid-range woofers/dual tweeters/dia; bass reflex tube/dual advanced DSP chips, thunderous bass, true hi-fi stereo sound, remote control, wireless microphone with 4 scene switches: acoustic/professional/pop/reverb, bass & treble adjustment via control knobs: yes (12 levels/treble & bass from -6 to +6 dB), equalizer: 2 eq modes (indoor/outdoor), echo adjustable: yes, microphones: wireless rechargeable microphone (volume/treble/bass/echo adjustable), sound effect: 7 built-in, dual wireless stereo pairing to get 240W superpower, built-in guitar amplifier, record headphones monitoring: yes, LED digital display
package contents: W-King H10 Bluetooth speaker, wireless microphone, remote control, DC 15V/1.6A charger & type-C charging cable, Aux cable, live streaming cable, user manual


Monster Blaster 3.0 Portable Speaker - black

Monster Blaster 3.0 Portable Speaker – black

Color: white, black, red
Specs: dimension: 18.6″ x 8.27″ x 7.72″, weight: 12.95 pounds, connectivities: Bluetooth 5.0/Auxiliary-in/USB/NFC/mic-in (Android only), battery capacity: 5200mAh,  charge time: 6.5 hours, charging port type: DC input – 18V/3.5A, charge out voltage: 2.4A/5V
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, water-resistant: IPX5, battery life: 12 hours, USB charge out: can be charged your devices, carrying handle designed: convenient portability, power output: 120 watts (4 x 15W (5.71 cm) full-range active drivers + 60W active woofer (14.6 cm)), studio-quality bass


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