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This year, Black Friday falls on Friday 24 November and Cyber Monday falls on Monday 27 November 2023, but like every year, Black Friday deals are starting to appear shortly before this. And when it comes to the size and duration of black Friday sales, it’s harder to get than Amazon.

Every year, Amazon announces relentlessly before organizing sales activities that will work. “The greatest of all time” with substantial discounts for various products in technology, games, toys, beauty, jewelry, fashion, and the home department.

Black Friday Deals 2019

Black Friday Deals Now – 2023

Another tradition on Cyber Monday is that Amazon offers multiple discounts along with “Lightning deals” which are available for a limited time only – or until the product runs out. As happened last year, Amazon Prime members have the opportunity to receive the Lightning Deal on Friday 2023.

Back in 2021, we know that the Black Friday sales period has been very successful for Amazon. Retailers say that Cyber Monday 2021 is the largest shopping day in history. The company in the United States, five popular shopping days beginning with Thanksgiving and continuing through Cyber Monday, Amazon said it broke the record when customers bought.

The record was broken by Amazon Prime Day 2021 in Jul when Prime members around the world bought more than 165 million items throughout Prime Day, making it the largest shopping event in Amazon’s history.

So for Black Friday 2021, we can expect Amazon to stick to the above formula, including pitching with new surprises to help keep that promise. “The Greatest”

When will the sales of AMAZON BLACK FRIDAY begin?

Since Black Friday 2020, Amazon hasn’t waited until Friday to launch the offer. But will release a price cut on Black Friday Week on Friday 29 November 2020. At that time, prices have been reduced, including Echo devices, Fire TV Sticks and Cubes, video audio buzzers including 4K TVs, Chromebooks, Xbox bundles, and much more.

If Amazon follows the same pattern as 2020 or 2021, the sale of Amazon Black Friday will begin on Friday, November 25, 2022, and will continue until Cyber Monday, which is Monday, November 28.

That said, it’s no surprise that we will see this period extend one week for Amazon to do some of the ‘Countdown to Black Friday’ or ‘Early Black Friday Deals. The event begins on Friday 19 November. From then on, ‘Black Friday’ weekly discounts start on Friday, November 25, and then the great ‘Amazon Black Friday’ sales, which begin at 1 minute before Friday night, 24 November 2023, and Run until midnight on Cyber Monday (27 November 2023).

And on Tuesday the 28 of November, it’s likely that Amazon will launch the ‘Countdown To Christmas Sale’, which will have a variety of offers until midnight on Christmas Eve.

But with these small sales and sales, it is likely that the best sales prices will drop during the four-day Black Friday to Cyber Monday period.

Headphones & Speakers Deals – Cyber Monday 2023


Gaming Deals – Cyber Monday 2023

Computer & Laptop deals – Cyber Monday 2023

Watch deals – Cyber Monday 2023

What was the offer of Amazon Cyber Monday that I could have expected in 2023?

Looking at the bestsellers last month, as well as the top-selling products in October, Prime Day gives us an idea of ​​what kinds of offers we can find at Amazon during the Black Friday sale.

Of course, we can expect Black Friday 2023 deals on Amazon devices and services. That means savings on speakers and screen Echo, Fire TV Sticks and tablets, Kindle e-readers, and discounts on services like Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Music, Amazon Video, and Audible. We can also expect savings on Ring Video Door Bells and Blink home security camera systems because Amazon owns Ring and Blink.

Let’s see what those products were on sale last year to know what will happen this year.

In the US, the Fire TV Cube dropped from $ 119 to $ 59.99 while Kindle Paperwhite changed from $ 119 to $ 79. Amazon Echo dropped from $ 99.99 to $ 69 while Echo Plus changed from $ 149 to $ 109.99.

In the UK, the Fire 7 tablet is reduced from 20 pounds to 29.99 pounds. The Fire HD 8 model is from 79.99 pounds to 49.99 pounds and the Fire HD 10 version has been reduced to £ 99.99. Amazon Echo and Kindles smart speakers see it. Also reduced the price

So if we follow a similar model to last year and in the past days of Amazon Prime Prime, we might get a 30% to 50% discount on Amazon devices.

Amazon has just announced the new Fire TV and the newest Fire TV Cube, so you can expect to see reduced prices on those items as well. Yes, they are very new, so the price drop is unlikely. But we think that Amazon is looking to sell them all during the Black Friday and Christmas shopping hours. In fact, there is already a TV power deal.

Amazon Product Discount Today – Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 (Coming Soon)

Looking back on Black Friday 2019, Amazon has reduced the price of a number of 4K TVs from various brands, including Samsung and LG, and also caused Chromebooks and laptops to lose money. Outside of technology, there are discounts for clothes, watches, mattresses, coffee makers, and much more, so expect this year to be similar. And if you want a cheap HDMI cable or two, there is likely to be a tasty offer on the Amazon range. Amazon’s already Cheap Basics

Philips’ offer is another favorite on Black Friday, so if you need a special light bulb or Hue accessory, we think you’re lucky.

The best DNA test kits have been sold well last year, so expect savings in sets from companies like AncestryDNA and 23andMe again in 1919.

Finally, don’t forget the instant pot. This cooker is very popular in the United States. Cheap instant pots deals pot are big deal on Black Friday and Prime Day.

If last year has anything to buy, Amazon’s free delivery on Black Friday will be back for 2019. Amazon has provided free Black Friday shipping to the United States from Monday 5 November, so hope to bring this offer back. And expanding to countries outside of the United States

Access the AMAZON BLACK FRIDAY 2022 offer ahead of schedule.

In 2021, Amazon customers who pay an annual membership fee can access the Lightning offer 30 minutes before, while leading users can take advantage of the service. Try before you buy known as Prime Ward, which is designed to make online shopping for clothes more convenient

Prime Wardrobe allows Prime Subscribers to deliver their favorite fashion items at no additional cost, try it at home and pay for the products they have just decided to keep.

Therefore, if you want to take full advantage of sales, you must ensure that you are a Prime member. Fortunately, if you haven’t signed up yet, here’s how to get a free Amazon Prime account.

Where can I find the best deals on AMAZON BLACK FRIDAY?

Here! will keep track of all the best offers and discounts and warn you about any erroneous economy during the rush until Black Friday 2023.

Our mission at Reviewsbestheadphones is to provide you with smarter options and that means finding useful products at the best prices. So we’ll keep finding out all departments at Amazon to get good Black Friday deals and try to list them.

And if you can’t wait for Black Friday deals on 25 Nov 2023 then go to the daily deals page on Amazon now.

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