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Avantree Orbit Review – Transmitter for TV

 Avantree Oasis Plus Review – Short Words

Avantree Orbit review: This is one of the great Bluetooth transmitters for TV. They are come for under $100 and also have many features that interesting. The Avantree Orbit is a 5.1 surround sound with PassThrough support featured, and also connects two headphones at the same time with dual-link. They have supported codecs like aptX-LL, aptX, FS, and SBC. Our short word is the Avantree Orbit is one of the best performance for Bluetooth transmitters for TV under $100.

Avantree Orbit review

Avantree Orbit

Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter for TV (signal range: up to 164 feet/50 m), 5.1 surround sound (automatic 5.1 audio decodings), LED display, dual-link: support up to 2 devices at once, aptX LL (low-latency, no lip-sync delay), wide compatibility (3.5mm/RCA input cables),  work with soundbar & AVR (pass-through features)


The Avantree Orbit is for those who don’t mind paying some extra money just to get the finest Television and audio experience. Just imagine having every feature of the Avantree Fleet in a single device and you will have the Avantree Orbit, which is the best variant for all types of TVs.

Avantree Orbit transmitter can transmit audio even from the oldest television you might have, thanks to the bunch of connection types supports. It can link to Aux 3.5 audio jack, optical audio, and the old-school 3.5mm RCA.

Avantree Orbit Review – Main Features

Avantree Orbit review

Strong Multi-room coverage

Experience complete wireless freedom around the home! With 2 long-range internal antennas, the Avantree Orbit reaches a range up to 164 feet in an open line of sight conditions and up to 50 to 70 indoors. Working range can also damage by some obstacles and walls so no worries.

Work with Soundbar

Audio from both headphones and soundbar, even if your television just 1 optical port, just attach the Avantree Orbit between your soundbar and TV. Audio can play from your soundbar and stream to your headsets simultaneously. This is a wonderful feature.

Provide Dual Link Option 

Dual-link allows you to connect up to 2 wireless devices. Ideal for a family setting where 1 or 2 persons have hearing problems or when you do not want to disturb anybody around you!

By connecting 2 compatible Avantree headphones, both will manage at low latency. When it comes to other transmitters in the market that support 2 headphones only let one feature as low latency!

Features Audio Pass-through 

Audio Pass-through allows you to hear your television audio via a soundbar or external speakers and from your connected Avantree headsets at the same time. Great when gathering with friends and family where someone with hearing problems normally couldn’t enjoy what is on the television.

Using pass-through, anybody needing headsets could link and experience the audio similar way anybody listening via the soundbar or external speaker would.

No Lip-Sync Delay 

Avantree Orbit Review - Best Bluetooth Transmitter for TV under 100

When used with warless headphones or wireless speakers that also support the aptX Low Latency feature, Avantree Orbit will deliver the ultimate no lip-sync delay experience. This feature provides strong 40 ms audio latency – virtually unnoticeable and extremely lower and better than most 200+ ms of usual Bluetooth solutions on the market you can buy today.

aptX Low Latency

Featuring APTX Low latency, the model decreases streaming delay and makes sure your audio is in right synchronization with your Television. Enjoy watching your shows without any audio delay and lip-sync error. You can also pair with your favorite headphones which are also equipped with an aptX low latency feature.

Smooth Pairing 

The big LED screen makes connecting Bluetooth headphones, soundbar, and speakers simple. This display shows every Bluetooth device available, taking the guesswork out of the pairing.

The intuitive interface also displays the audio codec, Television signal validity, and more to assist you to manage your speakers or headphones. With all this info at your fingertips, the setup has never been easier.

Auto Convert 5.1CH to 2.0CH 

Unlike most wireless transmitters on the market, you would not have to adjust your television audio setting, because the Avantree Orbit will do it for you. The Avantree Orbit can automatically convert your TV 5.1 CH audio into 2.0 PCM Stereo, making it transmittable through Bluetooth. All you’ve to do is simply plug, connect and play.

Independent Volume Control 

The smart interface of Avantree Orbit allows you to adjust the volume of your headphones. This function is vital for speakers or headphones that don’t come with an on-device volume control feature or when connecting it to your TV via the optical audio out port. choose the device using the up-down buttons until your headsets are highlighted and then utilize the + or – to rapidly adjust the volume – it is that simple.

Easy to use

where to buy Avantree orbit

The LCD screen shows you all speakers or headphones available for connection. Just pick the one you want to connect to the Avantree Orbit – no guesswork needed. The smart interface also clearly indicates your device’s connecting status, active codec, and connection status and whether the signal comes from your TV is a valid sound source.

On-board volume controls also permit you to adjust the volume level on your headphones – particularly useful for devices that don’t have their volume controls.

Compare Specs Avantree Orbit to Other Bluetooth Transmitter

Avantree Orbit Vs Avantree Oasis Plus Vs Avantree Audikast Vs Avantree Oasis Vs Miccus MHRTX-20

Avantree Orbit review

Avantree Orbit Audio Transmitter for TV

Specs: dimension: 3.35″ x 3.15″ x 3.94″, weight: 8 ounces, Bluetoot: Verison 5.0 (operation rage: class 1 up to 164ft/50m), audio codec support: aptX-LL/aptX/FS (fast-stream)/SBC, audio ports support: optical/AUX 3.5mm/RCA (only for TV)/mic, support profile: HFP/A2DP V1.3.1/AVRCP V1.0, charging type: type C
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 class 1 (range: up to 164 feet/50 meters), 5.1 surround sound, audio pass-through (automatic 5.1 channel conversion/work with AVR/soundbar), 5.1 digital & analog audio support: automatic convert 5.1 signal to 2.0 for Bluetooth transmission (no need to adjust TV settings), LED screen display, no lip-sync delay, wide compatibility: digital OPT (SPDIF/TOSLINK)/AUX 3.5mm/RCA input, aptX low latency, dual-link: connect to Bluetooth devices at the same time (use headphones and external speakers simultaneously), independent volume control
In the box: Orbit Bluetooth Transmitter, USB-C Power cable, Optical audio cable, AUX 3.5mm audio cable, AUX 3.5mm to RCA audio cable, mic-input cable, QSG


Avantree oasis Bluetooth transmiiter and receiver - SpecsAvantree Oasis Plus

Specs: dimension: 4.49″ x 1.18″ x 2.95″, weight: 3.17 ounces, Bluetooth: 5.0 (support profile A2DP/AVRCP), audio codec: aptx-LL/FastStream/aptX/SBC, Bluetooth work range: 50-meters/164-feet, support sampling rate (optical mode): ≤48KHz at 16bit, splitter for wire & wireless
Features: Bluetooth transmitter/receiver/bypass – direct 3 in 1, low latency wireless audio adapter for 2 headphones, voice guidance, status codec indicators, easy paring (with LCD display), dual link, audio both soundbar & headphones: yes, connectivity: digital optical/ AUX/ RCA Audio output standards, work with TV/PC/iPod/TV box/home stereo/AV receiver/Bluetooth headphones/Bluetooth speaker/soundbar, works with netflex & A Prime: yes (plug & play), warranty: 12-month


Avantree Audikast review

Avatree Audikast Plus Bluetooth Transmitter

Specs: dimension: 2.64″ x 2.2″ x 0.67″, weight: 1.92 ounces, Bluetooth: 4.2, Bluetooth operation range: up to 100ft, power method: USB,volume control: no, connecting indicator: no
Features: support (TV/PC/AV Receiver/TV Box/all Bluetooth headphones and speakers), connectivity (digital optical/RCA (TV / DVD)/ AUX /PC/USB audio output ports), dual-link mode, aptX-Low Latency, codec display: yes, user-friendly interface


Miccus MHRTX-20 Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

Miccus MHRTX-20 Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

Specs: dimension: 4.2″ x 2″ x 0.8″, weight: 4-ounces,  connector: 3 5mm/Optical/RCA audio, Bluetooth 4.2 (support profile: A2DP/AVRCP), Audio codecs: SBC/AAC/apt/apt-LL, operation frequency: 2.4 GHz
Features: work range: 300-feet/90-meter, aptX Low latency wireless Adapter, no audio delay, Dual Channel apt Low Latency, 3-in-1 flexibility: transmitter/receiver/pass-through hub


Avantree Orbit Audio Transmitter for TV – Pros & Cons


  • Offers a big inbuilt display
  • Connects to 2 audio devices at a time
  • Uses class one dual antenna for a big range
  • Best value for the money


  • Not support aptX-HD (only aptX and aptx-LL supported)

Avantree Orbit Review – Final Verdicts

If you’re looking for something high quality and you do not mind paying a bit amount for some interesting features, then Avantree Orbit is worth checkout. The wireless audio transmitter has all the smart features of the Oasis model and more.

Where to buy Avantree Orbit

Avantree Orbit review

Avantree Orbit Bluetooth Transmitter – Ideal for watching TV 

Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter for TV (signal range: up to 164 feet/50 m), 5.1 surround sound (automatic 5.1 audio decodings), LED display, dual-link: support up to 2 devices at once, aptX LL (low-latency, no lip-sync delay), wide compatibility (3.5mm/RCA input cables),  work with soundbar & AVR (pass-through features)


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