Best and Cheap USB-C Headphones 2024 – Top 3 Review

USB C headphones are convenient items in an era where smartphones come with no 3.5mm headphone jack. They can be plugged directly into the USB-C port of your smartphone and don’t need to find a burdensome convert adaptor. Nowadays, there are amount of models and several grades to choose from and mostly price is quite cheap too.

USB-C headphones are a great option for people who are experiencing latency, sound quality, or battery life problems. However, choosing the finest choice that provides sound quality, comfort, connection, and noise-cancellation technologies for a smooth audio experience while listening to music.

With so many alternatives available, it can be cumbersome tasks to find out the best USB-C headphones that suit you. Your listening habits and lifestyle are factors that make each person’s choice different. However; I think the budget is not an issue because most USB-C headphones are affordable or not too expensive. Most of them are sub $30.

We investigated and created a list of the top-rated devices (ranging from elegant designs to comfy earpads) based on expert ratings and customer comments to help you choose the Best USB-C Headphones.

All in all, I have to say that these wired USB-C headphones are cheap and may not be ideal for you if you’re an audiophile looking for high-fidelity sound. However, if you are looking for in-ear headphones for listening to music, podcasts, YouTube, or watching movies, they provide good sound quality and are good enough for these.

1. UliX Rider USB C Headphones

UliX Rider USB-C headphones - Best USB-C headphones

The UliX Rider USB C Headphones are intended to operate with various devices, even though these devices are without a 3.5mm jack connector. Their sound production and noise-isolation capabilities are excellent.

These wired in-ear headphones are widely compatible with various devices, no matter whether they are smartphones (both iOS and Android), tablets, or laptops, without needing to use the 3.5mm port at all. They are magnetic USB C headphones. There is a powerful magnet area on the back of each side. This makes the earbuds easy to roll and prevents tangling when used regularly.

The company gives three different sizes of silicone tips in the box: small, medium, and large. So if you choose the silicone tip size that securely fits your ears, I ensure that you will get great sound and block outside noise as well. You will enjoy your music uninterrupted and also immerse yourself in the music or entertainment without disturbances.

The sound quality is also good for listening to music and watching movies. Especially when playing games, these UiiX Rider USB-C in-ear headphones place you in every action. The sound and the bass response are pretty good. The microphone is high-quality and works well. I can talk on the telephone without any issues. The people on the other end can also hear my every word.

UliX Rider USB C Headphones – Main Features

  • Effective noise-isolate
  • Comfortable for a long listening session
  • Widely compatible with devices, even though the device lacks a 3.5mm port
  • Better sound quality compared to wireless

Ulix Rider USB C Headphones – Pros & Cons


  • Decent sound quality
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Affordable


  • Not wireless, maybe not convenient for some

Where to buy UliX Rider USB C Headphones

UliX Rider USB-C headphones - Best USB-C headphonesUlix Rider USB-C In-Ear Headphones:

in-ear, wired, wide compatibility: iPhone/iPad/MacBook/Samsung/Google Pixel/Motorola/Laptops/etc., high-quality microphone for clear calls, in-line remote control, cable length: 4.2 feet, good passive noise isolation, magnetics USB-C earbuds

see deals – eBay


2. Samsung AKG Stereo Earbuds

Samsung USB C earphones

Samsung is a well-known electronics firm. It has a global reputation for producing high-quality electronic gadgets with cutting-edge technology. While the company is recognized for producing a variety of high-quality electronic equipment, their type C in-ear headphone is one of the best that I would like to recommend to you. Some call Samsung AKG stereo earbuds USB-C. It can provide all music enthusiasts with a wonderful audio experience.

Design and Build-Quality

In terms of design, it’s not wireless, so it’s not as convenient as wireless earbuds for taking on the go. But its fabric cable has been created in such a manner that it will not tangle. You won’t have to worry about your earphone cable becoming tangled or destroyed. With the built-in microphone, you can talk hands-free while going for a walk in the park.

This Samsung USB-C earphone lets you listen to high-quality music. It features an excellent design that allows you to wear these headphones for hours.

The in-line remote control has two buttons for easy management of phone calls and volume. It allows you to get a call and go hands-free without touching your phone.

The Sound Quality

The Samsung AKG stereo earphones have a built-in DAC to enhance the quality of what you listen to. They are designed with two-way speakers that deliver rich audio that comes through clear and balanced sound. These Samsung USB-C earphones have smooth treble, precise highs, detailed mids, and deep bass. You can enjoy your music without being interrupted because it doesn’t need to be charged, and the earphones are also soft and comfortable, as well as lightweight.

Samsung USB C Earphones – Main Features

  • Built-in DAC for better sound quality
  • Good fabrics cover the cable to prevent it tangles.
  • Universal compatibility with type-C devices

Samsung USB C Earphones – Pros & Cons


  • Good sound quality is better than the price.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for a listening session
  • Good price
  • Great for new models of smartphones, most of them do not come with a 3.5mm aux port.


  • It has good sound quality but is not excellent; it isn’t ideal for serious audiophiles.
  • Some said the volume buttons would not function after a few months.

Samsung USB C Earphones – Final Verdicts

I will not say that it’s the best supreme in-ear headphones. It does not provide excellent sound quality or amazing sound. But they are pretty cheap and deliver decent sound better than other wired or wireless earbuds that are in the same price range. The sounds get a bit distorted at certain points. So these USB C headphones are not ideal for high-end audiophiles or those who are serious about sound quality. However, it’s good for listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. The sound quality is decent and not too bad. As I mentioned above, choosing the right silicone tip size is essential for good sound quality.

Where to buy Samsung USB C Earphones

Samsung USB C earphonesSamsung USB C Headphones:

wired, in-ear, lightweight material, built-in DAC, truly undistorted & lossless sound, two-way speakers, inline remote control, compatible with all smartphones/Tablets with type-C port, in the box: earphones/3 different size ear tips, cable


3. Avantree C171 Wired USB C Headphones

Avantree C171 USB C headphones - Best & Cheap USB C Headphones

I had written the Avantree E171 review in the “best cheap in-ear headphones” post a few years ago (2021). It is a wired in-ear headset, has good quality, and has a 3.5mm aux connection. The Avantree 171 models also have other connections, which are USB-C and lightning. The Avantree C171 is a wired USB C in-ear headphone from Avantree. It’s good and quite popular on Amazon.

The Avantree C171 comes with an ear hook design that allows it to stay and stick in place to your ears while you listen to music. It’s not easily falling out, even though you are doing hard activities such as running, cycling, or other outdoor or indoor activities.

In-Line Control Button

Similar to both items earlier, there is an in-line remote control that controls all basic functions. You can control all music playback functions (play, pause, next, and previous), call controls (answer, reject, and hang up), volume control (up and down), and activate voice assistant without ever needing to touch your smartphone.

The sound quality

As for the sound, the Avantree C171 does not deliver bass-heavy at all. They have mediocre bass, which is enough for me. These cheap USB-C earbuds offer good melodic sound without cracking sound at all.

When talking about reducing noise, these wired in-ear headphones don’t have noise cancellation technology. But if you select the perfect fit ear tip size, they can reduce noise very well. Even though the Avantree C171 doesn’t come with ANC features, it is quite good for passive noise isolation.

The call quality is okay; I can talk on the mobile without any problems.

Avantree C171 USB C In-Ear Headphones –  Main Features

  • Earhooks design – secure and snugly fit; doesn’t easily fall out
  • Built-in microphone
  • In-line control button
  • Support voice assistants.

Avantree C171 USB C Headphones – Pros & Cons


  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Good sound
  • Not expensive at all
  • Built-in mic for calls and support voice assistant


  • Not great for heavy bass lovers

Avatnree C171 USB C headphones – Final Verdicts

All in all, I think these wired USB-C headphones are worth the price. They deliver a set of good-sounding wired earbuds. They can block outside noise very well (if you choose the perfect-fit silicone tip for your ears). The Avantree C171 is a USB-C headphone and doesn’t support some smartphones. However, you can also buy Avantree C171 wired USB-C headphones with a USB-C to 3.5mm headphones jack adapter for use with old smartphones. Both are frequently bought together on Amazon.

Where to buy Avantree C171 USB C Headphones

Avantree C171 USB C headphones - Best & Cheap USB C HeadphonesAvantree C171 USB C Earphones:

sports earbuds, built-in microphone, sweatproof ear-hook style, multi-functional in-line control, secure & ergonomic fit design, vary compatible devices, 3-difference sizes of silicone tips (S/M/L)


Alternative Wired USB-C In-Ear Headphones – May be great for you

MEE Audio M6 - Sport USB-C Wired EarbudsMEE Audio M6 – Sport USB-C Wired Earbuds:

USB-C connector: compatible with iPhones/iPads/smartphones (Android & iOS)/Tablets/Macbooks/PCs/Laptops/all devices with USB-C port, Sport wired earbuds, sweatproof and water-resistance: IPX5, high-performance dynamic drivers: deliver clear sound with enhanced bass, in-line remote, support voice assistant: yes (Siri/Google Assistant), headset with mic for calls, adjustable memory wire ear hooks

BENEWY ME542 USB C Wired Headphones

BENEWY ME542 USB C Wired Headphones:

wired USB-C connector, built-in stereo microphone, in-line remote control, magnetic design, built-in high-quality DAC chip, comfort-fit earplugs (provide 3 different size ear tips), 14.2mm driver speaker provide high-resolution audio, hi-fi audio, noise reduction, built to last (utilizes the soft PTE material cable)

Symphonized NRG C USB C EarbudsSymphonized NRG C USB C Earbuds

wired, in-ear, USB-C audio connector, in-line remote control with a built-in microphone, noise-isolation (3 different sizes ear tips), 8mm dynamic neodymium drivers, handcrafted wooden design, durable & tangle-free cable


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