Budgets-Friendly Wireless Earbuds With Earhooks – Under $30

1. ZONWOO S1 Wireless Earbuds With Earhooks

ZONWOO S1 Wireless EarbudsZonwoo S1 Wireless Earbuds With Earhooks – Dual power LED display, IPX7 waterproof & Bluetooth 5.3, 88 hours of playtime with 1800mAh charging case, built-in microphone, great for any sports such as running, skiing, biking, or working out

Package Dimension: 4.57″ x 3.74″ x 1.85″
Weight: 6.7 ounces

Zoowoo S1 – Product Features

  • LED Digital Display: The LED battery-life display on the case is very bright and has an easy readout. Letting you know that your earbuds are charging or if they have a full charge.
  • 88 Hours of Playing Time: True wireless earbuds can play for 7-8 hours on a single charge, and the 1800mAh large battery charging case can recharge the earbuds 11 times after a single full charge. Providing a total of 88 hours of playtime life for the earbuds. Excellent choice for listening to music and audiobooks while running, biking, cleaning, working, and driving.
  • Ergonomic Design: Zonwoo S1 Wireless Bluetooth sports earphones with flexible and soft ear hooks. It doesn’t put pressure on your skull behind your ear but stays in place well.
  • Comfortable Fit: The over-the-ear design along with your choice of proper ear tips prevents these from accidentally falling out the ear. This black exercising style earbud could give you more energy when you’re looking to enjoy music during exercise.
  • Innovative Versatile Charging Case: This wireless earbuds charging case can not only charge the earphones (Put earbuds in the charging case and close the lid, and it can be charged automatically). Furthermore, the S1 also has a USB-A output on the charging case. Hence; you can use it as a backup battery, charging your rechargeable devices with ease, so you don’t worry about your cell phone’s dead batteries. It’s enough compact to fit in your pocket and carry around.
  • HiFi Stereo Audio & Clear Call: Bluetooth headphones adopt Bluetooth 5.3 technology, and high-quality Bluetooth chips ensure a fast, stable, and efficient transmission (Keep the range within 33 feet). Equipped with a 10mm driver produces incredible sound quality with deep bass, the sound isn’t distorted on either volume, you will be immersed in your Audio World. Effective noise filtering ensures a great voice quality, other people could hear you very clearly on phone calls.
  • Auto Pairing & Button Control: After the first setup, just open the lid of the charging case, and the earbuds will pair and connect immediately, with no action required on your part. It has MFB and volume control on both earbuds, making it still easy access to all operations while using only one earbud. You can answer/reject/hang up calls, and wake up “Siri” by clicking the MFB control buttons on the earbuds. To change volume and tracks by clicking the volume up and down button on the side of the earbuds, not having to do it via your phone. Perfect hands-free device for friends and family.

2. BMANI-VEATooL T16 Wireless Earbuds With Ear Hooks

BMANI-VEAT00L Wireless Earbuds with Earhook - Amazon Prime DayBMANI-VEATOOL T16 Wireless Earbuds With Earhooks – Bluetooth wireless earbuds with 48 hours of playtime, sports earphones with LED display,  over-ear buds with ear hooks styles, built-in microphone headset, great for workout

Color Options: black, green, pink, purple, blue
Item Dimension
: 3.54″ x 2.36″ x 0.79″
Weight: 2.82 ounces

BMANI-VEATOOL T16 – Product Features

  • Dual LED Displays Charging Case: Wireless earbuds with LED display make it obvious to show the battery power of the case and earbuds. The remaining power in percentage on the screen is shown to the left of the charging case. The right side is assigned to a charging process of each bud, there are separated power consumption indicators by 4 grids in total, and each grid represents 25% power of the bud. During charging, the LED indicator light will flash.
  • Bluetooth and Stereo Sound Quality: the BMANI T16 wireless earbuds adopt Bluetooth technology, which can offer a clear and smooth connection. Allowing you to hear crystal clear calls like you are communicating face-to-face with others. Don’t worry about interruptions on listing to music and calling.
  • One Button Control and Auto Pairing: Compared with touch control, button control is easy so that you can obviate any operations and don’t need to remember its instruction. When you pick wireless earphones out of the charging case, they’ll automatically connect to the paired previous device. The range can reach up to 33ft away. When you put it back, the BMANI T16 earbuds will automatically shut down and are recharging.
  • Designed for Sports: They are ideal for sport and keep you motivated, a secure fit that won’t shift or fall out during long hours of training, and have no wires to hold you back.
  • 3 Pairs of Ear Caps Provided: Equipped with 3 pairs of ear caps and flexible ear hooks, which can stay on your ears and get a suitable fitting. So that you will not feel tired and pain when wearing it for a long time. bluetooth earphones can fit for camping, running, or working out, even on a rainy day.

3. Orancu A12 Wireless Earbuds With Ear Hooks

Orancu A12 Wireless EarbudsOrancu A12 Wireless Earbuds With Earhooks – Wireless Bluetooth earbuds with bass stereo sound, 48 battery life with charging case. Dual LED power display and built-in microphone. Orancu A12 is designed for running and working out with an IPX5 waterproof headset and secure-fit ear hooks.

Package Dimension: 3.54″ x 2.36 “x 0.79 ”
Weight: 2.82 ounces

Orancu A12 – Product Features

  • Multiple Smart LED Digital Display – With the smart LED digital power display of these wireless earbuds, you could check the remaining battery level and charging process of both earbuds and charging case at a glance even without opening the case lid. The percentage in the middle indicates the battery level of the charging case, and the battery icons on both sides indicate the remaining battery of the left and right earbuds respectively. So you’d never worry about a sudden low battery alert.
  • Wireless Charging & 48hrs Play Time – The charging case supports both wireless charging and USB-C charging cable. You could choose either of these two charging methods at any time for your convenience. The impressive 9 hours of listening time on a single charge for the sports wireless earbuds are extended to a remarkable 48 hours of playtime with the included charging case. In case of emergency, just only 10 minutes of fast charging will give you 1 hour of playtime when the battery is low.
  • Dual Volume Control & Stereo Bass Sound – Each Bluetooth wireless earbud has independent volume and track controls. So you could adjust your music without reaching your phone even when you use one earbud alone in mono mode. Equipped with an advanced chip, these earbuds with microphones provide stereo sound with deep bass and clear treble. It has built-in HD microphones with noise cancellation allowing you to enjoy clear hands-free calls as if you are communicating face-to-face.
  • Snug Comfortable Design & IPX 5 WaterProof – These sport wireless earphones are ergonomically designed to provide a snug fit while ensuring fatigue-free and long-lasting comfort. The flexible ear hooks snugly fit your ears without falling out even for intense workouts. There are 3 ear tips of different sizes (S/M/L) for your choice to get the most suitable fit. The Orancu A12 comes with an IPX5 waterproof that can protect your wireless earbuds from sweat and splashes. So these cheap wireless earbuds are ideal for sports, gym, workout, Hiking, etc.
  • Fast Pairing & Wide Compatibility – Benefits from the newest Bluetooth technology, These wireless Bluetooth earbuds give connection more stable and extended range. Taking two earbuds out from the charging case, they will turn on and pair with each other automatically. Then open your device’s Bluetooth to search for A12 to connect. After the first connection, it will reconnect automatically to your device next time. The Orancu A12 wireless earbuds are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

4. EUQQ Q63-5 Wireless Earbuds With Ear Hooks

EUQQ Q63-5 Wireless EarbudsEUQQ Q63-5 Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks – Bluetooth 5.3 wireless earbuds with ear hooks, provide up to 120 hours of playtime. Great for working out, sports, and running with IP7 waterproof rating. Dual illumination LED power display

Color Options: black, blue, red
Item Dimension
: 2.4″ x 2.99″ x 1.0″
Weight: 3.68 ounces

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EUQQ Q63-5 – Product Features

  • Bluetooth 5.3 and One Step Auto Connect – With advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, you can get a 2X fast transfer speed (75% higher than the previous generation) and a more stable connection, with almost no delay. Open the lid of the charging case, these wireless Bluetooth earbuds can be automatically connected to the previously paired device. Once put back into the charging case, they will automatically disconnect.
  • 120H Playback and LED Digital Display – Single wireless earbuds can be used 18Hrs, up to 120Hrs of listening time with 9 additional charges with a 950mAh battery capacity charging case. Charging case with a clear digital display, as well as the left and right sides with the earbuds power display, each grid represents 25% of the power. During charging and connecting, the LED light will flash.
  • CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation – The ear hook wireless earbuds feature an integrated 13mm biocomposite membrane driver for sound analysis, enhancing deep and dynamic bass, high-resolution and realistic reproduction of raw music, powerful bass, rich mid and resonant frequencies, balanced reproduction of low to mid to high frequencies. Combined with CVC 8.0 noise-canceling features, you’ll experience a whole new crystal-clear world of calls.
  • Dual Volume Control & Stereo Bass Sound – Each earbud has independent volume and track controls so you could adjust your music without reaching your phone even when you use one earbud alone as an independent mode. Equipped with the advanced chip. These earbuds with built-in microphones provide stereo sound with deep bass and clear treble.
  • Design for Sports – Equipped with soft, adjustable, secure-fit ear hooks for lightweight comfort and stability design, and three different sizes of ear tips for choice, totally ensuring the sports earbuds stay comfortably firm in place and won’t fall off. Reinforced IP7 design for sweat & water resistance, so you can take your workouts to the next level. JISLA

5. OKEEFE XK23 Wireless Earbuds With Ear Hooks

OKEEFE XK23 wireless earbudsOKEEFE XK23 Wireless Earbuds – 48 hours of playtime with wireless charging case, ear hooks designed to secure fit,  Waterproof Earphones with Mic for Sports Running Workout iOS Android TV Phone Laptop Black

Package Dimension: 3.54″ x 2.36″ x 1.57″
Weight: 5.1 ounces

OKEEFE XK23 Wireless Earbuds – Product Features

  • Dual Digital Power Display and Wireless Charging – With a dual digital power display, it is easy to know the remaining power of the charging case and you’ll know exactly what the earbuds are being charged when you put them into the charging case.
  • Support Wireless Charging & USB-C – The charging case supports wireless charging and USB-C charging cable, just place the charging case on the wireless charging pad (not included) or plug the USB-C cable (included) to charge the case. The number of digital power display flashes while charging the case.
  • 48 Hours of Playback – Each earbud has 8 hours of playback on a single charge. The charging case provides 2 times extra charge for both earbuds. The total battery life of these Bluetooth earphones is 48 hours while using in turn or around 24 hours while listening to music from both earbuds simultaneously.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology & One-Step Pairing – Earbuds will auto power on while picking them out and auto pair with your device after the first connection. For the first pairing, open the case and take the earbuds out, then choose “K23” on the Bluetooth list of your phone, and then the earbuds will connect and work with it.
  • HD Stereo Audio and One Button Control: Our working-out earbuds adopt a 10mm speaker which can perform bass, midrange, and treble. You will hear clear HD stereo sound with punchy bass. It is easy to control music and phone calls through the multifunction button of each earphone. Very convenient to play/pause music, previous/next tracks, volume up/down, activate voice assistance, as well as answer, end, and reject calls.
  • Comfort Design for Sports: These cheap wireless earbuds with flexible ear hooks, each hook has been developed from soft silicone material that adapts to different-sized ears, you will feel comfortable while doing sports and both wireless headsets will secure stay-on ears. The sound chamber creates an airtight space with your ear canal that is isolated from outside ambient noise and makes earbuds deliver stereo sound. So, these wireless earphones are perfect for sports, sleep, music, etc.
  • Clear Call and IPX5 Waterproof: The OKEEFE XK23 wireless earbuds adopt Bluetooth 5.0 technology and the latest chip. They can filter and process ambient noise while having phone calls, the microphones will capture your clear voice for transmission to the listener, and your sound will be heard clearly and loudly. These wireless sports earbuds are rated at IPX5 waterproof, the surface of both in-ear earbuds is sealed to prevent sweat or rain from entering, and the internal nano-coating to airborne moisture from damaging the components.

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