Ltinist BX27 review – Cheap Wireless Earbuds with Earhooks

Ltinist BX27 Cheap Wireless Earbuds with Earhooks – Short words

Ltinist BX27 review: These wireless earbuds are cheap and comfortable fit, not easily fall out even though you have intensive working out. IPX7 waterproof rating allows you can wear them for exercise without worrying about rain and sweat. Provide up to 60 hours of playtime including its charging case. For a single charge, the earbuds provide you with 10 hours of playtime. The important thing is these wireless earbuds are cheap and come with good sound quality.

Ltinist BX27 Wireless Earbuds review

Litinist BX27 Wireless Earbuds with Earhooks

true wireless earbuds, flexible ear hooks design, Bluetooth 5.3, playtime: 10 hours (single charge)/60 hours (with charging case), dual LED digital display, fast charging (type C charging), waterproof rating: IPX7, built-in CVC8.0 noise reduction microphone


Wireless earbuds with ear hooks will allow the earphones are stay in place and not budge while you are moving your body or head or hard working out. Hence, this is why I prefer the ear hook style to the stem design or non-hooks. The Ltinist BX27 is not a well-known brand but it delivers enough good sound and is better than many un-well-known brands. At least it gets 4.5 stars on Amazon rating. Many people who buy the Ltinist BX27 said that “worth paying just over 30 dollars for it”. Besides, the Ltinist BX27 has fewer returns than average compared to similar products. It provides good sound quality and comfortable perfect fit for ears. Why did I pick the Ltinist BX27 to review? I think many readers are probably interested in but rarely see the Ltinist BX27 review. Okay, let’s go to.

Ltinist BX27 Review – The Design

Ltinist BX27 Wireless Earbuds review

The earhook design keeps the earbuds in place, not moving. These ear hooks are flexible let they enough to perfect fit a wide variety of ear shapes. They also accommodate the arms of glasses. The Ltinist BX27 wireless earbuds also fit under the helmet well and don’t feel annoyed, as well as no compression being felt under the helmet.

The earbuds are IPX7 waterproof rating so you can use them while in the rain. Don’t worry about these earbuds being unfunctional, they can withstand spilled liquid, and sweat without damage.

The housing case is small, solid, and easily fits in the pants pocket. The lid closes with a magnet. Inside the charging case, you will see the LED digital (battery indicator of the charging case) on the left side and the LED status bars (battery indicator of both earphones) on the right. This design makes it look beautiful and luxurious at all.

Now, the Ltinist BX27 wireless earbuds are available in matte black and matte red/black. I prefer red, it’s a two-tone charging case, the external is red but the internal is black.

Easy-To-Press Control Buttons

Ltinist BX27 review

These true wireless earphones have physical buttons on the top side of each earbud, easy to press. They can all fundamental functions control no whether play/pause, volume up/down, next track, answer/hang up call, and digital-assistant control. The button control is designed to be reasonably simple to use even though you are in motion.

Fast and Stable Connectivity by Bluetooth 5.3 technology

Like general other wireless earbuds, the Ltinist BX27 is auto-pairing, the wireless earbuds will be paired with each other automatically. They will automatically connect to the last device you connected after the first connection is complete.  These wireless earbuds utilize Bluetooth version 5.3 same as Tagry X07. The company claims the Ltinist BX27 has low power consumption and low latency during data transmission, which is more than 3 times faster than general conventional wireless earbuds. I daren’t to say it’s true. Just feel that there are no hiccups at all while listening to music.

Strong battery offers 60 hours total of playtime

where to buy Ltinist BX27 wireless earbuds

According to its specs, the Ltinist BX27 provides 10 hours of playtime per charge and up to 60 hours including its charging case. I am not sure it provides up to 60 hours, but it feels like it’s several weeks before I need to plug in to charge the case again. I’m very impressed with the battery life. If you are looking for long battery life wireless earbuds with ear hooks, buy Ltinist BX27 will surely not disappoint you.

These earbuds come with 65mAh capacity and 650mAh for the charging case.

Ltinist BX27 Review – The Sound Quality

Cheap wireless earbuds with ear hooks - Ltinist BX27

The Ltinist BX27 wireless earbuds deliver sounds good and offer an enjoyable and exciting experience listening to music. The bass is powerful, stunningly clear vocals and the overall sound quality is great when listening to music.

When using these earbuds for calling, the call quality is so good. They are equipped with a CVC8.0 noise reduction microphone that will reduce most unwanted noise and amplify your voice even in a loud environment. The people who talk to me on the other side said that he/she can hear my voice very clearly, and every word is clear and understanding. For me is the same as well.

Why did I choose the Ltinist BX27 wireless earbuds with ear hooks?

  • Dual LED digital display – Lets you check your battery anytime
  • 60hours of battery life – Provide listening to music all day and extend music time by the charging case
  • Soft ear hook design – Provides the stability of the golden triangle
  • IP7 waterproof – Suitable for use in wet environments and great for exercising
  • USB-C charging – Fast charging
  • HD Microphone – Balanced sound and quality
  • Bluetooth 5.3 – Give fast connection and stability

Compare Ltinist BX27 to Other Wireless Earbuds with Earhooks

Ltinist BX27 Vs PocBuds T60 Vs Aninuale R8 Vs Tagry X07 Vs Hadbleng Q285

Ltinist BX27 Wireless Earbuds review

Ltinist BX27 

Color Options: black, red
Specs: form-factor: over-ear, fit-type: in-ear, weight: 8.8 grams, driver: 10 mm, battery capacity: 65 mAh (earbud)/650 mAh (charging case)
Features: Bluetooth 5.3, auto pair, dual LED power display, battery life: 15 hours of playtime (single charge)/75 hours of playtime (with charging case), USB-C fast charging, flexible ear hook & ergonomic design, customized fit: 3 size ear tips (S/M/L), waterproof rating: IP7 (nano-coated to resist water and sweat), immersive stereo sound & clear call, powerful bass, built-in HD CVC8.0 noise-canceling microphone, mode: single/twin
In the box: BX27 wireless earbuds, charging case, user manual, 3 different size ear caps: S/M/L, user manual


PocBuds T60 Review

PocBuds T60 Wireless Earbuds with Ear Hooks

Color Options: black, mint green, pink, pearl gray
: form factor: over-ear, fit-type: in-ear, dimension: 1.5″ x 2.36″ x 3.5″, weight: 2.00 ounces, style: flexible ear hooks, charging method: USB type-C/wireless charging, drivers: 13mm double-layer diaphragm
Features: true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5.3, water-resistant: IPX7, playtime: 8 hours (single charge)/80 hours (with charging case), hi-fi sound, dual battery display


ANINUALE R8 - Specs & Features


Specs: in-ear with ear hooks design, dimension: 4.33″ x 4.02″ x 1.69″, weight: 4.6 ounces, battery: 600mAh (charging case)/40mAh (earphones), charging method: USB-C/wireless charger,
Features: Bluetooth 5.3, one-step pairing, hi-fi stereo sound, deep bass, true wireless earbuds, built-in CVC 8.0 noise-canceling mic, waterproof rating: IPX7, playtime: 10 hours (earbuds playtime)/60 hours (with charging case), mode: mono/share/stereo
In the box: ANINUALE R8 true wireless earbuds, wireless charging case, USB-C charging cable, 3 sizes ear caps: S/M/L, user manual (5 languages)

see price


Tagry X07 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Tagry X07 – Cheap Wireless Earbuds For Sports

Color Options: black
Specs: form factor: over-the-ear, ear hooks styles, fit-type: in-ear, built-in 11mm double-layer diaphragm drivers, dimension: 4.1″ x 1.3″ x 2.76″, weight: 3.53 ounces
Features: Bluetooth 5.3, one-step pairing, true wireless earbuds, battery life: 8 hours (single charge)/40 hours (with charging case)/80 hours (with charging case & using in turn),  ergonomic design: flexible earhooks/3 different sizes of ear tips, one-button for all controls, deep & powerful bass, hi-fi stereo sound, waterproof rating: IPX7, wide compatible: smartphone/TV/smartwatches/PC/Tablets/laptops & more
in the box: Tagry X07 wireless earbuds, USB-C charging cable, 3 different sizes ear tips (S/M/L), charging case, user manaul


Hadbleng Q285 Wireless Earbuds

Hadbleng Q285 Wireless Earbuds

Color Options: black, rose gold, purple
Specs: ear hooks style, fit-type: in-ear, dimension: 1.97″ x 0.97″ x 0.97″, weight: -, battery capacity: 35mAh (earbud)/800mAh (charging case)
Features: Bluetooth 5.3 (stable connection/low power consumption/low latency/long transmission range, true wireless earbuds, battery life: 8 hours (single charge)/50 hours (with charging case), fast charge: yes (10 minutes get 1 hour), built-in 2 mics for clear calls (on each earbud): Feedforward mic/Call mic, hi-fi stereo sound, mode: mono/binaural, waterproof rating: IPX7, physical button controls, 30-day money back & free replacement
In the package: Hadbleng Q285 wireless earbuds, charging case, USB-C charging cable, ear caps (S/M/L), user manual

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Ltinist BX27 Review – Pros & Cons


  • Cheap
  • Comfortable fit
  • The flexible ear hook design lets it firm and not easily fall off
  • Good sound quality
  • Strong battery life and dual power display to show battery remaining real-time
  • IPX7 waterproof


  • Lacks supporting app and can’t customize sound such as EQ

Cheap & Good Wireless Earbuds – Final Verdicts

Are you hesitant about this product? I just say that the Ltinist BX27 is very worth buying. It’s cheap and good as well as decent sound quality. Comfortable fit and does not make me hurt around the ears at all. The earbuds are designed for sports and withstand even rainy environments.

Where to buy Ltinist BX27 Wireless Earbuds

Ltinist BX27 Wireless Earbuds reviewLtinist BX27 Wireless Earbuds:

true wireless earbuds, flexible ear hooks design, Bluetooth 5.3, playtime: 10 hours (single charge)/60 hours (with charging case), dual LED digital display, fast charging (type C charging), waterproof rating: IPX7, built-in CVC8.0 noise reduction microphone


Alternative Wireless Earbuds with Earhooks – You may like

Ltinist BX29 Wireless Earbuds for sports - Hi-Fi stereo soundLtinist BX29:

Bluetooth 5.3, form-factor: over-ear, fit-type: in-ear, true wireless earbuds, playtime: 15 hours (single charge)/75 hours (with charging case), waterproof rating: IP7, dual LED power display, hi-fi stereo sound, flexible ear hooks, ergonomic design, button control & wide compatibility, secure & comfortable fit: 3 sizes ear caps (S/M/L), built-in ENC noise-canceling microphone

BOLOXA A17 Wireless Earbuds with Hooks for SportsBOLOXA A17 Wireless Earbuds with Hooks for Sports:

Bluetooth 5.3, in-ear/over-ear, battery capacity: 600mAh playtime: 9 hours (single charge)/70 hours (with charging case), waterproof rating: IPX7, drivers: 13mm chamber speaker drivers, charging method: USB-C/wireless charging, dual LED display, wide compatible: smartphones (Android/iOS)/smart TVs/PCs/laptops/etc, mode: single/dual, hi-fi stereo sound (heavy bass)

GNMN V7 Bluetooth Wireless EarbudsGNMN V7 Wireless Earbuds:

in-ear, flexible ear hooks design, comfortable & stable fit,  playtime: 8 hours (single charge)/48 hours (with charging case), waterproof rating: IPX7, built-in microphone, hi-fi stereo sound, dual power display