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JLab Air Icon True Review – Final words

JLab Air Icon True review: If you looking for cheap wireless earbuds and good built quality and the sound performance is quite well as well. The JBuds Air Icon True is a great choice. These cheap wireless earbuds have three custom EQ sound modes: signature, balanced, and bass boost. They are also automatic turn on and connect to each other right out of the case. The JBuds Air Icon True Wireless earbuds come with 6 hours per one charge and total all 24 hours including a charging case.

JLab Audio JBuds Air Icon Wireless Earbuds

JLab Air Icon True – Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Great Noise Isolate, 3-Equalizer sound preset, Bluetooth 5.0, Easy connect & control, IP55 sweatproof rating, 24 hours playtime (earbuds + charging case)


In this JLab Air Icon  True review, we take a deep look at this budget-friendly earbud with such an amazing spec. without any further wait, let’s jump into the review.

JLab Audio JBuds Air Icon Wireless Earbuds

Design Earbuds and Charging Case

Like several JLab Earbuds, the design here is very simple and smooth, with plastic earpieces emblazoned with the brand logo. The pill-formed charging case is small enough to adjust in a pocket or pent or coat and has a remarkably short, hardwired charging cable that snaps into a bracket on the bottom side when not in use.

The charging case top flips open, revealing the charging crib for each earpiece. In each package, JLab includes 4 pairs of ear tips – 3 silicone pairs in small, mid, and large, and one in this foam pair. There’re also 2 pairs of optional sleeves calls fins – they are just rings of silicone that fit around the earpiece and when it little for an accurate fit in a few ears.

It has an integrated USB charging wire as we have known, but it is short and if it breaks, the complete case will need to be replaced. Luckily, you can purchase a new case separately if you need it.

On the downside, the lid of the case feels a little plastically and the charging case is a bit bulkier than a few of the other TWS earbuds we have seen so far.

Control and Connectivity

JLab Audio JBuds Air Icon Reviews

When it comes to connecting via Bluetooth, just open the case and take out both earbuds. The white LED indicator light will flash for a while and the lights stay on. Next, you open the Bluetooth menu in a smartphone and select “Jlab JBuds Air Icon” to connect.

I like one thing that Jlab improved from the old model (JLab JBuds Air) that is you can connect independently with each earbud. This is used dual-connection technology, which a lot useful for me.

The JLab Air Icon True has unremarkable controls, situated on both ears, these 2 buttons feel fairly soft, and to register the using command, you just soft press the earbud. They’ve common earbud controls like pause, play, call management, and track skipping, as well as the cycle of 3 EQs.

Unfortunately, there is no prompt to indicate which preset you are not but there’re voice prompts for pairing battery info when first powered on.

The JLab Air Icon True connects automatically when you open the lid of the case after the first connection. If you keep your mobile close nearby, you would not get any issues, but if you go to another room, you’re likely to get some small issues. It is not a big deal, but it’d be better.

When you put three walls in between, the sound and music stop as is usual for most wireless earphones. When it comes to the wireless codec, they only support the basic ACC and SBC codecs.

For the price tag, that is fine though a few cheap options do come with aptX too.

Sound Performance

The sound performance of the JLab Air icon True is superb. This is likely due to the amazing noise isolation as you are not having much sound leak from your every ear, which allows you to enjoy a complete soundstage.

The sound performance of the JLab Air icon True is superb. This is likely due to the You will also custom three EQs sound setting offering you 3 different EQ profiles to select from on the earbuds themselves. That is right, no application is needed and you can transfer from JLab’s signature bass boot and balanced modes with just a finger tap on your ear.

Sweatproof Wireless Earbuds

JLab JBuds Air Icon

At last, they are not perfectly rated for water-resisting. Sweatproof wireless earbuds, though, are rated. They are IP55 waterproofing. T

This means that the JLab Air icon True is made for sweat resistance and light rain, meaning that they are ideal workout buddies.

Plus, the look of the JLab Air icon True and built-in noise isolating tips will assist these earphones to stay in your ear when doing a physical activity like jogging and running.

Compare JLab Air Icon True to Other Wireless Earbuds

JLab Air Icon True Vs JLab Audio Go Air Vs Tozo T6 Vs JLab Audio JBuds Air Vs Jabra Elite 7 Pro

JLab Audio JBuds Air Icon Wireless Earbuds

JLab Audio Jbuds Air Icon True Wireless Earbuds

Specs: dimension: 5.91 “x 1.06″ x 3.54”, weight: 3.53 ounces, Bluetooth 5.0
Features: true wireless, battery: 2 lithium polymer (included), playtime: total 24 hours (6 hours on earbuds + 18 hours on charge case), preset equalizer: 3 preset sound EQ,  sweat-resistant rating: IP55, stereo calls & touch control


JLab Audio Go Air review

Jlab Audio Go Air – Award-Winning Designer of Personal Audio

Specs: fit-type: in-ear,  dimension: 5″ x 2.6″ x 1.3″, weight: 3.2 ounces, driver: 8mm neodymium magnet, frequency response: 20 – 20kHz, impedance: 32 ohms, microphones: Both Ears/MEMS/ – 38dB ±3dB, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth range: 30 feet, battery life: 5-hours (earbuds)/20-hours (with charge case), battery capacity: 43mAh (each earbud)/370mAh (charge case), full charge time: 1.5-hours (earbuds)/2-hours (charge case),
Features: dual connect, sweat resistance: IP44, equalizer: 3 EQ sound settings: JLab Signature/Balanced/Bass Boost, rapid charge: 5-minutes get 1 hour


TOZO T6 review

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds

Specs: in-ear, dimension: 0.59. x 0.79. x 0.59., weight: 3.2 ounces, Bluetooth 5.0 (support profile  HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP)
Features: waterproof rating: IPX8, deep bass, hi-fi stereo, built-in mic, one-step paring, touch control, ergonomic design, wireless charging, playtime: 5 hours + 15 hours from charging case


Jlab Audio Jbuds Air True Wireless Signature Bluetooth Earbuds reviews

JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless

Specs: true wireless earbuds, dimension: 5.91″ x 1.06″ x 3.54″, weight: 4.2 ounces, driver: 8mm neodymium magnet dynamic, frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, impedance: 32 Ω, microphone: Right ear only/ MEMS/ – 38dB ±3dB, playtime: earbuds 6-hours/total with charging case 24-hours, battery: 60mAh lithium polymer (earbuds)/500mAh lithium polymer rechargeable (charging case)
Features: sweatproof rating: IP55, Bluetooth 5.0 (range up to 30 feet), intuitive control, EQ: 3 sound setting (JLab Signature/Balanced/Bass Boost modes), built-in mic, auto-on & auto-connect, rapid charge: 15-minute get 60-minutes
In the package: JBuds Air true wireless earbuds, charging case, 3 sets gel tips, 1 set cush fins, JLab 2 years warranty


Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Color: gold beige, titanium black
: fit-type: in-ear, dimension: 1.587″ x 0.996″ x 2.74″, weight: 1.6 ounces (case)/0.2 ounces(earbud), speaker size: 6mm, frequency response: 20 – 20kHz, built-in mics: 6, built-in 6 MEMS microphones, compatible software/app: Jabra Sound+
Features: active noise-canceling: yes (adjustable), HearThrough, Jabra MultSensor Voice, playtime: 6 hours (single charge)/30 hours (with charging case), fast charge: 5 minutes get 1 hour, standby: 292 days, sleep mode: yes,  in-ear pressure relief: yes, Bluetooth 5.2, support codecs: AAC/SBC, support voice assistant: yes, mono mode: yes, multidevice connectivity: yes, support wireless charging: yes, dust-proof & water-proof rating: IP57
In the box:  a pair of Jabra Elite 7 Pro wireless earbuds, charging case, 3 sets of silicon Ear Gels, USB-C cable, warranty & warning leaflet


JLab Audio Air Icon True Wireless Earbuds –  Pros & Cons


  • Stable fit suitable for sports.
  • Decent water protection IP55.
  • Fine sound quality for the price.
  • User-friendly magnetic look.


  • The Air Icon True form JLab Audio can become painful after a prolonged time for small ears.
  • Calls need the right earbud.
  • Annoying controls for some users.

JLab Air Icon True Review with Final words

After JLab Audio JBuds Air Icon True Review, these are alight for mixed use; they are fairly portable, comfortable, and stable. They do not reduce noise like phone engines and buses by much, but they do a greater job cutting chatter.

Though, these buds are not the best for neutral listening as they’ve overemphasized uneven treble and bass. They also are not very suitable for wire-free gaming as they’ve high latency.

Where to buy JLab Air Icon True/Icon/True Wireless Earbuds

JLab JBuds Air True
JLab Aire Icon True Wireless Earbuds:
Great Noise Isolate, 3-Equalizer sound preset, Bluetooth 5.0, Easy connect & control
IP55 sweatproof rating, 24 hours playtime (earbuds + charging case)