Casio CTK 2400 Review

The Casio CTK line of keyboards is extremely popular amongst keyboard enthusiasts. CTK series is part of the portable line of keyboards from Casio, made for beginners and intermediate musicians. The Casio CTK 2400 is the latest addition to the CTK series. This Casio CTK 2400 review will be going to assess this keyboard based on sound quality, touch, features and the pros and cons.

Casio CTK2400 review

Casio CTK 2400 Review – Build for Beginner

There are lots of choices with regards to the keyboard for beginners. Sorting within all of them could take some time. If you are searching for a musical keyboard for a beginner, the Casio CTK 2400 is a perfect choice.

For any novice or beginning player of keyboard, it is highly recommended to learn on an instrument with is a minimum of 61 keys, and which the keys are the same as that of a piano. This keyboard fits that recommendation.

However, the keys aren’t weighted like on a real piano. In general, the CTK 2400 is ideal for young students, early beginners, casual players who just want to play music.

Casio CTK 2400 Review – The Sound

Being one of the cheap models around, the sound was like an ordinary Midi tone that is fairly common with keyboards from 90’s model. Casio CTK 2400 review shows that this keyboard provides 48 Midi tones and hundreds of other resonances that cover the variety of diverse types of instrument and a part of electronic audios to boot.

Casio CTK 2400

However, the CTK 2400 doesn’t have advanced tone generating system, even if it provides a huge selection of tone, provides a pretty mild palette of the common sounds seen on other keyboards.

Chorus and effects provide customizable sound adjustment. However, the one dimensional sound doesn’t improve considerably with the additional effects. Wide choices of 400 tones do take account of some tone which is pleasant.

Sound wise, CTK 2400 sampling feature records a sensible short phrase and at the same time allows for a sensible faithful playback of the tone in the variety of the keyboard available.

Casio CTK 2400 Review – The Touch

With 61 keys, this provides the user a sense of playing the right instrument. However, the notes aren’t velocity-sensitive. So, you can’t play soft or loud through pressure sensitivity.

The 61 keys act very well as an on and off button for the sound set on this musical instrument. This will aggravate you especially if you have learnt to play music on acoustic instrument needing a pressure and touch sensitivity.

Musicians with medium level of skill in playing music might find that the touch is very basic and with lots of other keyboards providing features like after-touch and weighting, velocity sensitivity and many others.

ctk 2400

Casio CTK 2400 Review – Features

  • CTX 2400 sampling feature provides this keyboard additional features which add to the creativity you can look at on this instrument.
  • It allows you to record sampling fast and utilize it to play formed sounds in the range of pitch of this instrument.
  • It allows a shorter sampling sound like click or hand claps and to utilize these sampling tones in the beat parts of the instrument.
  • The sampled audio is reproduced fairly realistically and provides an artistic edge to this instrument.
  • Lesson feature takes account of 110 songs; piano exercises which are played and shown on the clear LCD screen both the fingering required and the notes.
  • You can speed up or slow down the tone and separate sections into the right and left hands.
  • This essential feature allows you to teach yourself how to play a huge selection of cool piano pieces without needing a tutor or a teacher.
  • A huge variety of tone and accompaniment features give you with the capability to improve your creative uses and make great music.
  • The CTX 2400 can connect to a laptop through USB and allows you to link this keyboard to memory devices as well as music programs.
  • It also comes with transpose function and it has tuning function feature.


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Casio CTK2400 review
Casio CTK-2400
PPK 61-Key Premium Portable Keyboard Package with Samson HP30 Headphones
, Stand and Power Supply

Casio CTK 2400 Review In Our Conclusion

Casio CTK 2400 review shows that this musical instrument provides many benefits and some drawbacks:


  • Lightweight: Weighing only 101 pounds, even young student can tuck this instrument easily under his or her arm to take to school or take him to lessons.
  • Inexpensive: Compared to other keyboards for beginners made by popular manufacturers and with the same features, CTK 2400 is less pricey.
  • Amazing Digital Features: Built-in songs, voices as well as accompaniment features makes this keyboard set apart from the rest.
  • Audio Input: The speaker can be utilized to play music right from your iPod and iPhone.


  • A lot of beginning students do not require a full keyboard; however, professionals and advancing students will need more keys.
  • Un-weighted keys are ideal for keeping this keyboard lightweight but does not allow beginners to put up finger strength.
  • Touch response is not available

Casio CTK 2400 review


If you are looking for a lightweight and budget-friendly keyboard for beginners or a portable backup musical instrument, this Casio CTK 2400 review has summarized the essential features which make this musical instrument set apart from the rest.

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