eMeet OfficeCore M2 Review – Bluetooth Speakerphones Under $200

eMeet M2 Bluetooth Speakerphone Review – Short words

eMeet M2 Review: The Bluetooth speakerphone offer good audio for the meeting. clarity and eliminated noise while you talking. Solid Bluetooth connection work range up to 20 meters and 4 AI microphones arrays + 360° voice pick-up make sure you get the great experience and most satisfy while teleconferencing.

eMeet M2 Review - Conference speakerphone for 5 - 8 people

eMeet OfficeCore M2 Bluetooth Speakerphone

portable Bluetooth speakerphone, high-quality audio, acoustic echo canceller technology, 12 hours playtime, Voice assistance (Google & Siri), multiple connection modes, support up to 5 – 8 attendees


The time and situation change, the technology and people’s lifestyle have also changed too. Currently, teleconference is essential in the Covid situation, and there are many devices for distance speaking. The eMeet M2 is one of the best Bluetooth speakerphone under $200 that I had ever tried. Why I say that, let’s go to the deep eMeet M2 review.

eMeet M2 Review – How about the M2’s design?

eMeet M2 Review - Conference speakerphone for 5 - 8 people

The eMeet M2 or eMeet OfficeCore M2 is the new generation that upgraded from the very eMeet’s popular M1. The M2 has been designed as a circle speakerphone with a 4.9-inches diameter and 1.4-inches thick is easy and convenient for containing in your bag. it’s also lightweight just only 10.6 ounces or 300 g approximately. It’s not a burden on weight at all. Don’t worry, the eMeet M2 also has a locking port, which means it’s not easy to accidentally open it while you take them in the bag.

The eMeet M2 is available in two colors on Amazon, black and grey. The look and feel are modern and not flashy, which suits conferences and looks professional and formal. This Bluetooth conference speaker comes with 360° voice pickup and also with 4 AI smart microphones arrays that help the operations perfectly for the meeting room, support up to 5 to 8 attendees.

The body material is aircraft-grade aluminum, which is very durable and lightweight. So this is a very easy portable Bluetooth speakerphone and great for carrying around.

eMeet OfficeCore M2 Review – The control buttons

eMeet M2 review

The control buttons are placed on the top-middle. The center controls button is the mute button, which is larger than other buttons. That means it is handy to press it to activate by any attendees on the call in the meeting room. The around the center button are the main control, smart voice assistant (Google, Siri, etc.), answer and hang up call button, volume up/down button, power/battery check, and source button.

To power on by pressing and holding the middle button for 3 secs or more. The blue LED is illuminated, which means the M2 is opening. Once turn on the M2 success, the LED light around the M2’s edge is turned on with a euphemistic and gentle sound, a single LED above the power button is also on. The eMeet M2 Bluetooth speakerphone uses the color of the lights as an indicator of the audio source as follows:

  • Blue – Bluetooth
  • Green – USB
  • white – analog audio

The eMeet M2 supports simultaneously multiple sources connected. You can select a source by pressing the source button until the light goes to the one that you want. The limitation of Bluetooth is only supports connecting only one device at a time. But it can pair with multiple devices.

M2 Bluetooth Speakerphone – Battery Life

The eMeet M2 comes with standard rechargeable 2600mAh and offers up to 12 hours of a continuous per single charge. Moreover; you can press the power button to check the eMeet M2’s battery status. In the test after obtaining this, it was found to be able to run continuously for 7 hours and 49 minutes, which is close to what eMeet describes.

On charging the device while off the power, the LED light will yellow glow while charging. One M2’s drawback is this Bluetooth portable speakerphone does not support NFC pairing.

eMeet M2 Bluetooth Speakerphones Review – How about the Audio?

eMeet M2 - Upgraded AI microphones and 360-degree voice pick-up technology

The previous model, M1 delivers good sound quality that’s why it is very popular in the speakerphone category. The eMeet M2 is also, provides high-quality audio same as the M1. The significant features that M2 increasing are strong longer Bluetooth and touch-sensitive interface.

The eMeet M2 provides 4 AI microphones arrays to cover a longer distance. With 360° voice pick-up, you don’t worry about the not-clear voice. This technology makes ensure you a smooth calling experience whether you move around the room during the conference and don’t miss the significant moment.

Besides, the M2 has Acoustic Echo Canceller features, which perfectly eliminates the echo sound and noise. These features help you get a smooth experience for a meeting.

Compare eMeet M2 Bluetooth Speakerphone to Similiar Items

eMeet M2 Vs eMeet Luna Vs eMeet Luna Lite Vs eMeet M2 Max

eMeet M2 Review - Conference speakerphone for 5 - 8 people

eMeet M2 – Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone for small to medium meeting rooms

Colors: black, grey
Specs: dimension: 125 x 125 x 35 mm (4.92″ x 4.92″ x 138″), weight: 2909 grams, multiple connection: USB/Bluetooth V4.2/AUX cable, Meeting room coverage: up to 8 people, speaker output: 3W/85dB, battery: rechargeable 2600mAh, charging time: 3 to 4 hours, battery life: up to 8 hours (talk-time)/up to 7 – 8 hours (music playback)
Features: touch control button, Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE), sound pickup angle: 360° omnidirectional, sound pickup radius: 8 to 10 meters, microphones array: 4 mics array with AI algorithm, voice localization: AI positioning, AI technology: VoiceIA algorithm/Acoustic Echo Canceller/noise reduction


eMeet Luna Speakerphone - Best Bluetooth Speakerphone under 100

eMeet Luna – Flexible for small or medium to large conference

Colors: black, grey
Specs: dimension: 4.72″ x 4.72″ x 1.44″, weight: 10.2 ounces, multiple connection modes: USB/Bluetooth/AUX, battyer capacity: 2600mAh, speaker output: 3W/80dB, button & function: noise reduction on-off/answer-end call/volumn up-down/mic mute-unmute/Bluetooth/power on-off/LED status indicator/USB/aux out/aux in/clock
Features: background noise reduction technology, speech enhancement, support attendees: 8 (one speakerphone), daisy chain: yes (support up to 12 attendees), 3  microphone array & 360˚ pickup, various connection modes, compatible platforms: various both Win/Mac (Zoom/Skype/WebEx/Goto Meeting/Google Hangout/Facetime/etc…), non-slip rubber foot pad design, dongle slot for keep dongle


eMeet Luna Lite Bluetooth Speakerphone - specs

eMeet Luna Lite

Specs: dimension: 4.73″ x 4.73″ x 1.44″, weight: 10.2 ounces, connectivity: USB/Bluetooth adapter/aux, mechanical buttons control: noise reduction on-off/answer-end call/volume up-down/mic mute-unmute/power on-off/LED status indicator/USB/aux out-link/lock/aux in
Features: AI noise reduction technology, support attendees: 8 (one speakerphone), cascading expandable: yes (daisy chain can support up to 12 attendees), microphone: multiple built-in Omni-directional mics (360˚ enhanced speakers), portable size, universal compatibility (both OS Windows & Max): Skype/FaceTime/Zoom/GoToMeeting/Google Hangouts/Cisco Webex Meeting
What’s in the box: eMeet Luna Speakerphone, USB cable, Aux cable, user manual


eMeet M2 max – Professional Bluetooth Speakerphone

Colors: black
Specs: dimension: 7.4″ x 7.4″ x 1.77″, weight: 2.76 pounds, multiple connection: USB/Bluetooth V5.0/AUX/Dongle, meeting room coverage: up to 15 attendees, speaker output: 5W/89dB, battery: rechargeable 2600mAh, battery life: maximum 12 hours
Features: daisy chain: maximum support 25 attendees, dongle slot: bottom of the unit, 2 Bluetooth devices at once, microphones: 4 Ø10mm condensers mics array, louder volume, high-fidelity sound quality, noise impression, echo cancellation, full-duplex


Compatibility and Connectivity

eMeet M2 portable Blueooth speakerphone review

You can use the eMeet M2 Bluetooth speakerphone with PC (Windows 7, 8, and 10), macOS 10, or later versions. The speakerphone also supports multiple conference applications such as WebEx, Goto Meeting, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and more. It is also has a USB port for connection between speakerphone and your laptops or PCs or Macs. This portable Bluetooth speakerphone comes with the Bluetooth V4.2 and also provides a wireless dongle for ensuring a more stable Bluetooth connection between speakerphone and PCs/Laptop. Just directly plug in the USB port on the PC.

eMeet M2 Review – Pros & Cons

I am quite confident the eMeet M2 is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakerphone for PCs or smartphones under $200. However; ืnot that they have no downsides at all. They still have both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see what it is.


  • Nice design and look stylish
  • Good build quality
  • Great audio and clarity
  • 4 AI microphones array and 360° voice pick-up
  • good wireless range
  • wide-compatible with multiple devices
  • Perfect for small to medium meeting rooms and max support 5 – 8 attendees


  • Talk time could be better
  • A bit expensive

eMeet M2 Bluetooth Speakerphone Under $200 – Final Verdicts

If your target is clarity sound for meeting and compatible with various devices, the eMeet M2 is probably a good option for you. This speakerphone offers a strong Bluetooth connection and supports attendees up to 8 people. Plus with 4 AI microphones and 360° voice pick-up, which help you get clear audio while teleconferencing.

Where to buy eMeet M2 Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone

eMeet M2 Review - Conference speakerphone for 5 - 8 people
eMeet m2:
portable Bluetooth speakerphone, high-quality audio, acoustic echo canceller technology
12 hours playtime, Voice assistance (Google & Siri), multiple connection modes, support up to 5 – 8 attendees


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