Learn about sleep stages and the sleep cycle

Sleep is a natural occurrence and essential to the body, as it allows the body and brain to rest fully. So if you don’t sleep enough or suffer from sleep deprivation, it will have a very bad effect on your body.

Sleep Stages (Levels of Sleep)

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Our sleep cycle is normally divided into two stages: normal sleep and dream sleep.

1) Normal sleep (non-rapid eye movement sleep, or non-REM sleep)

This non-REM sleep phase is further divided into three stages, as follows:

Stage 1: We begin to sleep when we are sleepy. It is generally only for a short time. During this phase, the brain begins to slow down. if awakened during this period. We are rarely sleepy or may feel that we are not sleeping. Perhaps there was a slow rolling of his eyes. Some people may experience the phenomenon of shock (hypnic jerk) or the feeling of falling from a height. and then woke up. In addition, some people may hear or see something (hypnagogic hallucinations), which occur when sleep at this stage does not affect the body much.

Stage 2: The transition between sleep and deep sleep is the period of falling asleep or sleeping. During this phase, the heart begins to slow down. The body’s temperature will drop slightly. Usually, during this period, it takes more than 50% of the normal amount of sleep, including increased concentration.

Stage 3: Deep sleep During this phase of sleep, the body becomes less responsive to external stimuli. If awakened during this period, it will be very quiet. The body will be in a state of rest as much as possible. and secretion of growth hormone

2) Dream sleep (also known as Rapid Eye Movement sleep, or REM sleep)

Sleep during this period is characterized by rapid eye movements. During this time, our brain works similarly to when we are awake. More than any other sleep phase, this is the time for dreams. This sleep aid helps with memory. permanent learning and the creation of imagination

How does the sleep cycle work?

While we begin to sleep, we enter Non-REM Phase 1 and gradually advance to Phases 2 and 3, respectively, and then fall back into the Non-REM Phase from Phase 3 to Phases 2, 1, and then REM. Then start coming back into non-REM phases 1, 2, and 3, which is the beginning of a new sleep cycle.

From the beginning of REM to the beginning of REM, another cycle is called the Sleep Cycle, in which one sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes, and consists of about 80 minutes of non-REM and another 10 minutes of REM in a night’s sleep. There should be about 3–6 sleep cycles to be considered good and effective sleep.

Our sleep stages and sleep cycle measurements measure how well you sleep. can be accomplished with a sleep check. This can be done both at home (a home sleep test) and during a sleep examination in a medical facility.

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