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ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Review – Short words

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate review: It is a great wireless gaming headset and provides lossless audio with built-in ESS 9281 Quad DAC contains digital-to-analog converters (DAC).  The Delta S Animate headset is ideal for watching movies and playing games as well as good for listening to music as well. It is an exceptionally lightweight design and the ergonomic D-shaped earcup allows you to play games for hours without fatigue and pain in your ears.

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Gaming Headset - specs & feature

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate 

over-ear, wired, High-Res ESS Quad DAC (digital-to-analog converter), Customizable Anime Matrix Display, exceptionally lightweight (at only 310 grams), Ergonomic D-shaped ear cups, built-in AI noise-canceling microphone


If you are looking for wired gaming headsets and have a limited budget is not over $300, ASUS ROG Delta S Animate is one of the best options. Why? Let’s go to a short AUS ROG Delta S Animate review.

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Review – The Design

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Review

These gaming headsets from ASUS are novelty designed and unique in style. They are a pretty big size. The triangular-shaped earcup has perforations on the outer side of the earcups. The array mini-LED Animate dot matrix display on the side is really splendid and outstanding. The LED light is displayed on the perforations. Besides, it can be customized LED light to be image and text animated. The surface material is covered in matte plastic and black. Looks elegant but quite easily for smudges.

The earcup also can rotate 90 degrees as well as turn the cups sideways, which easy to store the headset in the bag. The headband is covered with a material that is like leather and also with a soft cushion on the outer side. Besides, the headband can also adjust for fitting those who have a large size of head. The length adjustment is well-designed and has a sound click while adjusting the length. They also have clearly marked on the core inside of the headband to easily remember your position.

There is a volume control and LED control on the left cups. The volume control is wheel style that is easy the adjust. The LED control has three levels: on, off, and microphone. There is a permanent cable attached to the left ear cup and luckless the cable is firmly attached and cannot be removed. That means if the cable is damaged we can’t replace a new one as well.

Best Gaming Headsets with Very Soft and Comfortable

Like most gaming headsets, the ASUS ROG Delta S Animate is well-padded cups, soft, and might be a bit warm around the ear if you wearing it for a long session. The headband is plush padding as well. The cups are D-shaped and around 2 cm in depth that deep enough to cover the medium-sized ear without pressing any part of the ear. However; those who are big-sized ears might feel uncomfortable if wearing the headset for a long session.

The Sound Quality – Moderate for Music but Great for Game

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate

The original sound of the Delta S Animate Gaming Headset for listening to music without any customized EQ via software is quite plain, not amazing but not too bad. The ASUS ROG Delta S Animate gives a sound performance that is not the best sounding in gaming headsets. I think they offer mediocre sound performance.

The bass is quite a boom, not too muddy or heavy. The mids still clearly hear the vocals, especially female vocals. The treble is not fierce and not too high.

But for gaming, the ASUS ROG Delta S Animate provides great sound. I mean it offers superior sound quality and clarity. Which let you elevate the gaming experience and help you get a competitive advantage in the game. It is a clear and precise sound. Thanks to ASUS Essence driver and airtight chamber technology that offer immersive sound. You can hear every detail and get clear sound for a true-to-life audio experience. These ASUS gaming headsets also come with a quad DAC that contains 5 DAC (digital to analog) converters and offers lossless audio processing.

Compare AUS ROG Delta S Animate to Other Gaming Headphones Under $300

Asus Rog Delta S Anmiate Vs Beyerdynamic MMX 300 2nd Gen Vs Sennheiser GSP 670 EPOS I Vs Corsair Virtuoso RGB Vs HyperX Cloud Flight S wireless

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Gaming Headset - specs & feature

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Gaming Hedset

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 10″ x 8.5″ x 4.5″, weight: 310 grams, driver: 50mm neodymium magnet & tilting at a 12 degrees angle, connectivity: USB-C/USB-A, cable: 1.5m USB-C/1m USB-A, ear cushion texture: 100% fast-cooling protein leather ROG hybrid and fabric mesh, frequency response: 20 – 40kHz, impedance: 32 ohms, channel: virtual 7.1
Microphones: pick-up pattern: unidirectional, ASUS AI noise-canceling mic, frequency response: 100 – 10kHz, sensitivity: -40dB,
Features: wired, hi-res ESS Quad DAC (provide lossless audio), studio-quality sound (reveals all detail of the original recording), lighting: single-colored LED & customizable AniMe Matrix display/soundwave mode, ergonomic design: fast-cooling D, instant control: volume adjustment/mic mute/light on-off/soundwave mode, foldability: yes
Platform: PC, Mac, Playstation 4/5, Nintendo Switch
In the box: ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Gaming headset, detachable microphone, ROG hybrid ear cushion, USB-C to USB-A adapter, user guide


beyerdynamic MMX300 2nd Gen review

Beyerdynamic MMX300 (2nd Gen) – Professional Gaming Headset & Multimedia

Specs: fit-type: over-ear, closed-back, dimension: 3.0″ x 3.0″ x 6.0″, weight: 11.7 ounces, frequency response: 5 – 35kHz, impedance: 32 ohms, sound pressure level (SPL): 96dB
Features: wired, full function control with wired remote, spacious sound, optimized voice transmission (perfect communication), crystal clear sound, noise-canceling microphones, replaceable earpads & headband


EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset

EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 670 – Wireless Gaming Headset

Specs: form factor: over-ear, dynamic closed-back design, dimension: 8.7″ x 4″ x 9.5″, weight: 1.5 pounds, frequency response: 10 – 23kHz, sound pressure level (SPL): 112 dB, microphone: (frequency response: 10 – 7.3kHz, sensitivity: 47 dBV/Pa), cable length: USB 1.5m
Features: wireless (work range up to 10 meters), low-latency, Bluetooth 5.0, long-life battery: 20 hours (Bluetooth mode)/16 hours (low-latency wireless), fast charge: 7 minutes get 2 hours, comfortable: soft/noise-isolating leatherette earpads/adjustable headband sliders/reduces pressure with a double-axis metal hinge system, compatible: windows 10/PS4/mobile phones, flip-to-mute mic, 7.1 surrounds sound & custom audio preset, noise-canceling mic


7.1 surround sound gaming headsets

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Gaming Headphones

Specs: full-size, dimension: 9.37″ x 3.59″ x 8.25″, weight: 13.1 ounces, frequency response (headphones): 20 – 40kHz, microphone: Omni-directional detachable microphone/frequency response:100 – 10kHz,  sensitivity: 109dB, impedance: 32 ohms, neodymium magnet, connection: USB, headphones, mini-phone 3.5 mm, wireless
Features: premium memory foam earpads and headband, ultra-low latency, playtime: up to 20 hours, wireless length: up to 60 ft, micro-perforation RGB lighting on each ear cup


HyperX Cloud Flight S

HyperX Cloud Flight S Wireless

Specs: over-ear, closed-back design, dimension: 7.47″ x 7.42″ x 3.45″, weight: 11.9 ounces/320g (with mic), driver: dynamic magnet neodymium 50mm driver, frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz (headphones)/50Hz to 18kHz (microphone), impedance: 32  ohms, total harmonic distortion (THD) < 1%, charging type: USB
Features: 2.4GHz wireless, sound: 7.1 surround sound (wireless range up to 20 meters), detachable mic LED with mute indicator, support wireless charging (Qi-certified),  long battery life: up to 30 hours, game & chat audio balance, Supreme comfort & durability, customizable onboard control, earcups: 90° rotating


ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Review – Pros & Cons


  • Customizable LEDs
  • Super comfortable for a long gaming session
  • Provide superior sound quality and clarity for gaming
  • Well-padding earcups and supreme soft


  • Not wireless, and the cord is quite stiff

ASUS ROG Delta S Anicate Review – Final Verdicts

All in all in the ASUS ROG Delta S Animate review, these gaming headsets provide great sound quality for gaming and also movies, but felt a bit too rounded off in music. I feel that it hide some of the detail the drivers are capable of. If you are not an audiophile for music but you are an avid gamer and looking for the best headsets under $300 (in fact sometimes the price even dropped below $250), the ASUS ROG Delta S Animate would be one of the great choices.

Where to buy ASUS ROG Delta S Animate

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate Review

ASUS ROG Delta S Animate:

over-ear, wired, High-Res ESS Quad DAC (digital-to-analog converter), Customizable Anime Matrix Display, exceptionally lightweight (at only 310 grams), Ergonomic D-shaped ear cups, built-in AI noise-canceling microphone