Amazon Echo Buds Review

Amazon Echo Buds Review

Amazon is starting into a war of wireless earbuds with release Amazon Echo Buds into the online market. There are lots of in-ear headsets or earphones that are wireless and control smart assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri in the online market. Nevertheless, the Amazon Echo Buds are super easy to access voice assistant, just play and hold the earbuds.

Amazon Echo Buds

The Amazon Echo Buds release with a price under $130 at And they come with a strong charging case. Expect that, amazon will begin to release this product into its market at the end of October this year (2019).

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Amazon Echo Buds Review – Design for fit

The look is not fashionable, black color design but simple look and seamlessly. They feel secure fit enough when wearing them while walking or working.

When it comes to IPX rating (water resistants of earbuds), the Amazon Echo Buds get rated IPX4, which against sweat and little rain. So, this product does not suit swimming and any activity which face truly water.

Whether your ears are big, middle or small size, the Amazon wireless earbuds will fit for your ears. Due to, in the package, you will get three sizes of ear tips to fit and comfortable in-ear seals your favorite songs.

Battery and Charging

Echo Buds review

The Amazon Echo Buds design to be true wireless earbuds, that means there is no wire to connecting between left and right earpieces or your playback’s device. Because of there battery on both left and right earpieces. They can play music continuously till 5 hours per one full-charge and total battery life up to 20 hours with a charging case.

20-hours battery life is not so longest playtime. I have seen some true wireless earbuds have more battery than the Echo Buds. But, that is enough to take you on your trip, exercise, or running in the evening.

Quick charge is another good point of Echo Buds, you can get an additional 3 hours for listening to music just only from charge 5 minutes.

Echo Buds and Sound quality

If you have read Amazon Echo Buds review from another site. You may know that Amazon working with the Bose team to offer Active Noise Canceling technology for the Echo Buds. That’s pretty effective to reduce every ambient noise. However, probably still a bit audible on some time.

The one thing that I feel is that the Amazon Echo Buds delivered balanced audio but seemed they give a little on the bass.

Alexa and Voice Assistant

The Amazon Echo Buds can work with Alexa App to control smart home devices, to play music, and do many things like asks for the weather. Besides, there many things that you can use benefits from Alexa as well, to ask for direction, set or check your reminder, check the calendar.

Besides Alexa, Echo Buds can very easy to use voice assistants, just touch and hold the buds to access the voice assistant whether Google Assistant or Siri on your smart devices.


  • Alexa integrated
  • Combine Bose Active Noise Canceling
  • Comfortable and fit your ears with 3 sizes of ear tips
  • Charging case include which give 20 hours playtime


  • Just IPX4, not good for swimming


Amazon Echo Buds
Amazon Echo Buds:
Bose Noise Reduction, wireless earbuds delivery immersive sound and
Overall 20 hours playtime, Alexa integrated and Google Assistant and Siri Assistant)


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