Edifier W860NB Review – ANC Headpones under $120

 Edifier W860NB Review – Final words

All in all in the Edifier W860NB review, I would like to say that it is a pair of great headphones for this price tag of under $80. Although they lack premium build quality and look cheap plastic; nevertheless, it produces effective active noise-canceling and offers quite accurate sound.

Edifier W860NB

Edifier W860NB

wireless & Bluetooth, active noise-canceling, smart touch control, NFC connection, 25 hours of playtime (ANC off)/45 hours of playtime (wireless only), fold-flat and foldable earcups design


If you had ever read Edifier W860NB reviews before, you will know that these can be pretty comfortable over-ear headphones. Also, they deliver decent sound quality, albeit it’s not the best over-ear headphones. The Edifier W860NB, great headphones for less than $120 currently in the market come inside the best quality presentation box. It is lined with closed-cell foam safety and has fresh tech perfume which pleasantly wafts up as you lift the lid.

In the box, you will find a user manual and hard shell travel cover. It features an embossed brand logo on the top spot; a leather tabbed double zip around the edges, and a webbing loop on the rear to save it.

Edifier W860NB

Inside the cover, there is a mesh pouch containing a micro USB charging wire, gold plated 3.5 mm jack auxiliary wire, and fight more adept. The pouch features 2 compartments which are separated by VELCRO.

This is a fine addition that allows you to tuck away the flight adapter and AUX wire in the lower part and not have to concern about them shaking loose when running.

Edifier W860NB Review – Build and Design

Edifier W860NB review

The overall structure is plastic. The overall feel is not very durable. Also, include the swivels earcup join and collar but Edifier W860NB designs the headband with metal that is strong and prevents breakage.

The W860NB’s control uses a mix of physical and touch control. The touch control button is well but the certainty or reliability was moderate. The physical control button works well and is more reliable than the touch control.

One thing that is similar to ATH-M40X is If you are someone who has ears that are not too big, the 40mm dynamic driver of Edifier W860NB is spacious and deep enough to cover whole your ear and does not press your ears. Moreover; the earcup wraps up with soft synthetic leather and easily forms around the glasses legs. I found that the W860NB has no issue for those who wear glasses.

How the battery life W860NB can do?

When it’s come to Edifier W860NB’s playtime, I am so much impressive. The Edifier does as it claims, in the medium sound level, they can play for slightly more than 25 hours (ANC on) and almost 45 hours when only wireless (ANC off). The full charge time is just around 3 hours via a micro USB cable. That’s quite good for the over-ear headphones under $120.

Powerful audio with boosted bass

Edifier W860NB - Active Noise Cancelling aptX headphones

Unlike some high-notch ANC headphones, the Edifier W860NB has solid power control for the ANC. This means you can make utilize of it without pairing it to a mobile – super helpful if you just wish to enjoy some quiet time.

Much like the W830BT, these headsets punch way upper their weight when it comes to sound quality. I have been a big fan of their predecessors, which I still think are the finest-sounding wireless headphones under 200.

The Edifier W860NB has the very same sound signature and with the addition of the ANC feature, there looks to be a little more separation and cleaner overall sound quality.

Compare Edifier H840 to Other Interesting Over-Ear Headphones

Edifier W860NB Vs Movssou E7 Vs DOQAUS Life 3 Vs Oneodio A71 Vs Skullcandy Crusher

Edifier W860NB active noise canceling review

Edifier W860NB

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 10.63″ x 9.13″ x 3.19″, weight: 36.8 ounces, 40mm neodymium drivers
Features: active noise canceling, wireless, Bluetooth, NFC, playtime: 25 hours on ANC mode, 45 hours on wireless mode, built-in mic, smart-touch control, clamshell travel case, fold-flat & foldable design


MOVSSOU E7 - Specs & Features

MOVSSOU E7 – Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Colors: black, black-pink, deep yellow, medium purple, black-red, light blue, teal green
: over-ear, dimension: 7.68″ x 7.2″ x 2.17″, weight: 13.7 ounces, driver size: 45mm, frequency response: 20 – 20kHz, impedance: 16 ohms, signal noise to ration: ≥ 80dB, playtime: up to 30-hour,
Features: wireless, active noise-canceling, exceptional soft & comfort, earpads distribute pressure: designed to be pressure-relieving, Bluetooth 5.0 (Bluetooth range: 15 meters or 49.21 feet), adjustable headband, crystal-clear calls
What’s in the box: MOVSSOU E7 active noise-canceling headphones, USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, user guide


DOQAUS Life 3 Review


Color: black, blue, purple, black-brown, black-red, navy blue, rose gold, shadow gray
Specs: fit-type: over-ear, dimension: 6.7″ x 6.3″ x 2.8″, weight: 8.1 ounces, driver: 40mm diameter, charging type: USB-C
Features: wireless, Bluetooth 5.3, optimized sound quality with 3 EQ modes: balanced sound/extra powerful bass/high-definition sound, playtime 52 hours, fast charge: 3 minutes get 10 hours, built-in microphone, foldable design, adjustable headband
In the box: DOQAUS Life 3 wireless headphones, AUX audio cable, USB-C charging cable, user manual, parcel box


buy cowin e7 pro

Oneodio A71 – Professions Monitor Recording & Mixing Headphones (Dj )

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 6.65″ x 5.59″ x 4.09″, weight: 14.4 ounces, driver size: 40 mm, frequency response: 20 – 20KHz, transmission frequency: 2402MHz-2480MHz, impedance: 32 ohms, sensitivity: 110dB +- 3dB, max input power: 1600mW, Plug Type: 3.5mm/6.35mm stereo, Cable 1: 2m-3m 9.8ft 3.5mm to 6.35mm coiled cable, Cable 2: 1.2m 3ft 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable with microphone
Features: DJ headphones, mastering, studio, monitoring, broadcast, mixing, tracking, personal listening, foldable, soft padded ear cushions, 90° swiveling earcups for single-ear monitoring, in-line microphone


Skullcandy Crusher wireless over-ear headphones

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 7.9″ x 7.4″ x 3.5″, weight: 9.8 ounces
Features: wireless, Bluetooth, noise-isolation fit, adjustable sensory bass, activate assistant, playback: 40 hours, rapid charge: 10-minutes get 2 hours, built-in microphone, travel bag included in the package


Edifier W860NB Review – Pros & Cons


  • Good sound quality.
  • Touch gesture control.
  • ANC performing well.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Great battery life.
  • Nice clamshell travel case.


  • Minor hiss with ANC enabled.
  • Muddy bass.

The relatively affordable Edifier W860NB Bluetooth headphone delivers strong noise cancellation and fine Bluetooth audio, but the ANC feature changes the sound signature when in use.

All of the Edifier W860NB reviews, I just say that: these are ANC headphones that are worth trying at a very affordable price. There is still a lot of comfort for long-wearing sessions. and the sound quality is fair and better than other over-ear headphones in the market in this price range.

Where to buy Edifier W860NB

Edifier W860NB
Edifier W860NB:
wireless & Bluetooth, active noise-canceling, smart touch control,
fold-flat and foldable earcups design, NFC connection,
25 hours of playtime (ANC off)/45 hours of playtime (wireless only)