Enacfire E60 Review – Great Wireless Earbuds and Charging Case

Enacfire E60 Review – Great Wireless Earbuds and Charging Case

Enacfire E60, this ear a bud is considered one of the most affordable wireless earphones, but let us find the truth about it. Before we write the Enacfire E60 review, we’ve purchased and tested them to bring to you an unbiased review of these cheap wireless earbuds.

Enacfire E60 review

Enacfire E60 – The Design

The Enacfire E60 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds have a small, teardrop-shaped appearance. They have a clean contoured profile, with a unique glossy black ABS plastic shell. The Enacfire E60 ear tips extend well out from the buds themselves and made to seat deep in your ear.

This makes sure a secure fit, also fantastic noise isolation. The earbud is designed for round shape and quite big which can fill-up your ear canals. When earbuds are in your ears, may take sometime before you feel comfortable, but they are fit and snug. That’s why the Enacfire E60 also has very efficiency to filter out noise or noise isolating.

In the box, you will receive 3 sets of additional ear tips. If you want to make sure the finest possible fit, swap out for a various set. On the back-side of both buds, you will see small L and R indicators to assist you to keep track of them.

These mark the center of the smooth touch buttons that provide several features. You can utilize them to play/pause, answer or end phone calls, skip tracks, or even activate your voice assistant.

Enacfire E60 Review – Sound Performance Review

Enacfire E60 - High Performance and Super Durable


In this deep Enacfire E60 review, you will know how sound quality of this item. The sound quality of the Enacfire E60 is near the best of its class. It is well balanced, without any further emphasis placed on low or high tones. As an outcome, if you have an EQ setting on your MP3 player or mobile, it’ll respond superbly.

The high are very crisp and the lowers have solid punch. This is itself is unique for a pair of best Bluetooth headphones under 50. But the soundstage is also great. Audiophiles will be capable to hear any individual instrument, without interference or crossover.

Vocals will be right in the corner, just where they’d be. Whatever genre you prefer, you will be capable to enjoy it with Enacfire E60. The phone quality is also extremely fine. You would not have any latency in your conversations.

And provided the person on the other side has a fine microphone, you will hear them clearly and smoothly. In addition, the Enacfire E60 uses CVC 8 Noise Cancellation. This filters out background noise, so the other one can hear you smoothly.

Battery life

Best headphones under 50 dollars - Enacfire E60
One thing that isn’t mediocre on the Enacfire E60, the cheap wireless earbuds under 50 have one good point that I very pleased, they will provide 7 – 8 hours on a single charge. That almost twice when compared to other wireless earbuds. However; as with most Bluetooth earbuds, this is a manufacturer’s rating support on playtime at moderate volumes. Your real performance will vary based on bit rate, volume, and other factors.

That said, 8hrs is fine for wireless buds, and fine enough for just about anyone. If you need more battery performance, the case with these buds holds a reserve charge that is fine enough for 5 recharges. Your complete battery life comes out to around 48hrs.

The earbud case will recharge in less than 2hrs through USB type C. Enacfire E60 is known in the part of the top quality of their batteries. As such, it’d come as no surprise that they offer earbuds with even greater performance.

The Connectivity

Enacfire E60 Wireless Earbuds and Wireless Charging Case

The Enacfire E60 earbuds pair with your mobile through the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This is the most upgraded version of Bluetooth, and it performs flawlessly. You get extremely less latency and lag which means you can watch films or play video games without any issue.

In addition, you get a much more stable and smooth connection. This means no dropped phone calls, and no shuttering in your connectivity. Lastly, you get a decent range of 33 feet or 10 meters, so you do not have to feel tethered to your mobile all the time.

Enacfire E60 wireless earbuds also are paired individually. This makes hands free calling very easy, especially when driving. It also means that you can dual battery life by using one earpiece at a time.

But unluckily, E60 can’t use both earpieces on mono mode, which means unavailable for listening to a single bud while the other charging.

Easily Using With E60s’ Touch Sensor

With touch sensors feature, you will easily play and pause with a single touch on the right or left the back of earbuds. Simple skip track just touches twice on the right earbud. Return a song by twice tap the left earbud. How to change the volume on earbuds? Simple to increase the volume by pressing and hold the right earpiece and decrease the volume by doing the same on the left earbud.

Compare Enacfire E60 with Other Wireless Earbuds

Enacfire E60 Vs Enacfire F1 Vs Kissral Wireless Earbuds Vs BEBEN Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

Enacfire E60 review

Enacfire E60

Specs:  dimension: 2.50″ x 1.45″ x 1″, weight: 0.18 ounces
Features: Bluetooth 5.0, wireless earbuds & wireless charging case, IPX8 waterproof, aptX deep bass, playtime: (earbuds: 8-hours/charging case: 5 x 8-hours) – total playtime are 48-hours, built-in dual microphone, ergonomic and sport design, CVC8.0 noise-canceling, touch sensor


Enacfire F1

Enacfire F1

Specs & Features: True Wireless, IPX8 waterproof, CVC8.0 noise cancellation technology, apt-X lossless audio, Bluetooth 5.0, 8-hours playtime per charge (208-hours cycle playtime with portable charging case), extraordinary comfort (zero pain and discomfort), touch control, easy pairing by one step pairing, HD stereo sound (richer bass), lightweight (4.02 oz)


kissral wireless earbuds

Kissral Wireless Earbuds, Model: a

Specs: in-ear, dimension: 6″ x 3.2″ x 1.8″, weight: 3.52 ounces, Bluetooth 5.0,
Features: True wireless, Hi-Fi sound, battery: 3500 mAh, playtime: 6.5-hours/charge, total playtime: 90-hours with charging case, charging case LCD battery display (remaining power display), one-step paring, ergonomic design to fit comfortably, adjustable ear cup sizes (3-sizes S/M/L in the box), waterproof: IPX7 rating, support Siri voice assistant, touch control


BEBEN Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds

BEBEN Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

Specs: dimension: 2.4″ x 2.4″ x 1.4″, weight: 2.56 ounces, USB connection, built-in mic
Features: Bluetooth 5.0, waterproof rating: IPX68, 3D Sound Effect & Binaural Stereo Effect, battery life: (earbuds:6-hours/charging case: 4 times charging for earbuds/total playtime with charging case: 30-hours), TWS (True wireless stereo), adjustable headband, foldable design


E60 Wireless Earbuds Still Provide Comfort

The excellent design of the Enacfire E60 wireless earbuds provides immense comfort to the user. A user can utilize it for a long session without getting any itching or pain. Besides, these cheap wireless earbuds is creating for sports like running or workout, because they come with the IPX8 waterproof rating. They also have features aptX deep bass and built-in dual mics.

Also, it blends with the user, and also it’s not simply noticeable to others.

Enacfire E60 – Pros & Cons


  • The E60 earbuds have a one-step connectivity feature to connect to devices.
  • Simply to charge these headphones on the go with its Bluetooth charging system.
  • Provide seamless music experience with 33ft of the mobile’s range offering a wireless experience.
  • Affordable price.
  • Best quality sound.


  • Noise-canceling should be better.

Final verdict

In my deep Enacfire E60 review, I noticed E60 is a versatile and best quality headphone that gives a superb wireless experience. The bass and sound quality is also fantastic. Excellent design and it can fit smoothly in your ears.

The Enacfire E60 wireless earbuds is highly recommended for someone are looking for good call quality with clear sound earbud and strong connection.

Where to buy Enacfire E60

Enacfire E60 Wireless Earbuds and Wireless Charging Case
Enacfire E60 – Secure and Fit Design:
Wireless earbuds with wireless charging case, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, 8-hours + 40-hours form charging case
Great for sport with IPX8 waterproof



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