SENNHEISER HD 660 S review – Best Headphones Under 500

Sennheiser HD 660 S Review – Final words

The outcome of my Sennheiser HD 660 S review, this open-back headphone is very comfortable and simple to wear as its predecessor and it feels as toughest Sennheiser has taken the level of refinement up a notch. They provide an exceptionally natural sound and convenience with detachable conductivity OFC copper cable. It needs some run in time to provide its best, but once done it puts in a consistently satisfying and strong performance.

Sennheiser HD 660 S - Audiophile open back headphones

Sennheiser HD 600 S

Hi-Res audiophile, over-ear, dynamic & open-back design, detachable conductivity OFC copper cable (signal integrity), Clean natural sound and excellent build quality, exceptional sound & advanced transducers


If you’re looking for top-quality headphones for enjoying music, then buy Sennheiser HD 660 S. They’re fine and perfect for neutral listening. They give a decent quality of the bass is enjoyable, consistent, and punchy. They have a mid-range that’s well-balanced and clear. Another great thing is that their treble is genuinely amazing. Through these headsets, their bass lacks a slight thump and is light muddy, and not consistent. If you’re interested to buy this, read this Sennheiser HD 660 S review:

Sennheiser HD 660 S – Design, Build Quality, and Comfort

Sennheiser HD 660 S - HiRes Audiophile Open Back Headphone

The Sennheiser HD 660 S rocks the conventional HD 600 series chassis but with a slick entire matte black finish. Except for the outer part and inner headband, the headphone’s body is composed almost entirely out of plastic. Still, this is one of the most reliable and durable headphone designs we have seen on a headphone.

We’ve owned a couple of these Sennheiser headsets over the years and not have once we had problems with their build. The single part on this that’ll need replacing is the pads, which ear out very quickly. You’ll probably have to swap the cushions out each year or so to make sure that they continue to deliver their internet performance.


Like the build quality, comfort is also extremely great on the Sennheiser HD 660 S. Thanks to their plastic build. These are very light, so we doubt anybody will have weight problems. The pads utilize fairly dense foam wrapped in velour and are extremely soft on the skin. I only want that they were slightly wider on the inside as a few people’s ears might touch the inside of the pads.

The single problem we have with the comfort is that the clamp pressure can be quite vicious out of the package. Nonetheless, this can be alleviated by extending the headband entire the way out and softly flexing the part that extends.

The Stability

Sennheiser 660 S headphones are quite stable because of their strong fit and huge cups. They do not sway around much but still are not made to be utilized for sports. Also, even if their wire is detachable, it needs quite a slight pressure to disconnect, meaning the headsets could be yanked off your head if it was hatched on something.

Sennheiser HD 660S Review – Sound Performance

Where to buy Sennheiser HD 660S

These headphones reproduce the complete audible range of frequency, from true low bass performance to well above 20 kHz. They feature awe-inspiring detail resolution levels and balance, making it a go-to option for hi-rest sound sources of any genre.

The SENNHEISER HD 650 model is without a doubt a convincing headset, but its successor turns out to be a more balanced option, is finer resolved and contoured in the bass, more stable in slightly less in the mid-range. Small but very noticeable differences make it very clear the Sennheiser HD 660 S is a better option.

The HD 660-S is not an embellisher. Instead, it highlights the audio source’s weakness, such as when a mix is too flat. As a, you can hear audio and level variations among newer and older productions.

A particular strength of these headsets is the bass range that draws tonality and dynamics perfectly. It draws down the lowest levels of frequency without overemphasizing. The accurate and tight response of the drivers that combines pressure as well as precision convincing is excellent.

These headphones also score well in the middle band. Instruments and voices are contoured and naturally reproduced. The vocals are to make out and show the corresponding spatial elements while also equal to serve.

In the treble range, HD 660S delivers transparency and details resolution that provides the sound a wonderful that only really be found in perineum headphones. Percussive details and small echoes you have not heard before can be discovered with glee. Besides, the Sennheiser HD 660 S surely shows the limits of production.

Compare Sennheiser HD 660 to Other Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser HD 660S Vs Sennheiser HD 660 S2 VsSennheiser HD 650 Vs Sennheiser HD 600 Vs HifiMAN Edition XS

Sennheiser HD 660 S

Sennheiser HD 660S

Specs: over-ear, dynamic open-back design, dimension: 10.12″ x 4.25″ x 12.6″, weight: 9.17 ounces (260g), frequency response: 10 – 41kHz (10dB), impedance: 150 ohms,  sound pressure level(SPL): 104dB (1 kHz / 1Vrms), total harmonic distortion and noise (THD+N): <0.04% (1kHz, 100dB),
Features: hi-res audiophile, exceptional accuracy and transparent sound, detachable conductivity OFC copper cable (signal integrity), versatile connectivity: 6.35m stereo plug/4.4mm stereo plug, supreme comfort: lightweight/airflow design/thick headband padding/soft velour ear cushions


Sennheiser HD 660S2 - Wired Audiophile Stere Open-Back HeadphonesSennheiser HD 660 S2 – Wired Audiophile Stere Open-Back Headphones

Specs: over-ear, open-back design, dimension: 3″ x 7″ x 7″, weight: 1.4 pounds, frequency response: 8Hz – 41.4kHz, impedance: 300 ohms, transducers type: 42mm high-performance transducers, total harmonic distortion (THD): < 0.05%, detachable para-aramid reinforced cables with OFC copper
Features: wired audiophile stereo headphones, high-fidelity sound, extra sub-bass, ultra-light aluminum voice coil, excellent impulse response & great timbre, exceptional comfort: breathability & plush ear cushions provide max comfort, earcup: improved ventilation (uniquely powerful vented magnet system)


Sennheiser HD650

Sennheiser HD 650

Specs: dynamic, circumaural, open-back design, dimension: 12.4″ x 10″ x 4.3″, weight: 9.1 ounces, frequency response: 10 – 39.5 kHz, impedance: 300 ohms, SPL 103dB, THD (total harmonic distortion): 0.05%, jack plug: 1/4″ / 1/8″ (3.5/6.3 mm) stereo, wired
Features: dynamic hi-fi stereo, neodymium ferrous magnet system (optimum sensitivity, excellent dynamic response), sound quality (exceptionally natural, spatial & accurate), able to connect to stationary hi-fi components (SACD, DVD-A, and CD players) directly


Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser HD 600

Specs: dynamic, circumaural, open-back design, weight: 9.1 ounces, frequency response: 12 – 40.5 kHz, impedance: 300 ohms, SPL 97dB, THD (total harmonic distortion): 0.1%, jack plug: 1/4″ / 1/8″ (3.5/6.3 mm) stereo, wired
Features: neodymium ferrous magnet system (optimum sensitivity, excellent dynamic response), high-quality open metal mesh grilles (supreme transparent sound), extremely lightweight aluminum, detachable OFC copper cable, specialized acoustic silk controls airflow


HifiMAN Edition XS Review

HifiMAN Edition XS – Full-Size Planar Magnetic Headphones

Specs: over-ear, open-back design, dimension: 11.89″ x 10.63″ x 7.01″, weight: 14.3 ounces/405g, frequency response: 8 – 50kHz, impedance: 18 ohms, sensitivity: 92dB, cable termination: 3.5mm, cable length: 4.76ft / 1.45m
Features: planar magnetic hi-fi headphones with stealth magnets design, adjustable headband, detachable cable for audiophiles, advanced design is acoustically transparent, dramatically reducing wave diffraction turbulence, ergonomically designed for maximum comfort even hours of listening, low impedance for easy drivability, invisible magnet architecture, premium build quality form supreme comfort and durable



  • According to the company, the new HD 660S features a new transducer look, resulting in enhanced control of the diaphragm movements thanks to a specially designed precision stainless steel coating, which is adapted to the contour of the diaphragm.
  • The launching of these headphones comes with a special video, and unlike what you would expect, it does not feature typical marketing discussion. The video also features the best sound, and we recommend listening to it with a fine set of headphones.
  • The HD 660S is also featured very light aluminum voice coils that make sure the highest impulse fidelity. These headphones transducers are carefully picked and paired by hand to make sure consistently narrow tolerance.

Sennheiser HD 660 S – Pros & Cons


  • Great Sound quality
  • Fine comfort
  • Effortless listening experience


  • Support of transducer looks plastic made

Where to buy Sennheiser HD 660 S

Sennheiser HD 660 S reviewSennheiser HD 660S – Hi-Res Audiophile:

Hi-Res audiophile, over-ear, dynamic & open-back design, detachable conductivity OFC copper cable (signal integrity), Clean natural sound and excellent build quality, exceptional sound & advanced transducers


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wired, over-ear, 50mm neodymium drivers, hi-res audio, super comfortable, superior noise isolation, detachable dual jack: 6.35mm/3.5mm, cord: DJ-style coiled cord (9.8 feet stretched). ideal for: recording/monitoring/mixing/personal listening, in-line microphone: control music playback & call management (answer/end/reject)

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (80 Ohms):

open-back great for professional mixing, total comfort & one-sided cable, secure fit, soft and adjustable  earcups – great for wearing comfortably for extended periods