AIHOOR A2 Review – Extra Bass Wireless Earbuds

AIHOOR A2 Review – Short words

Aihoor A2 Review: These wireless earbuds are worth for money. They are compact in design, lightweight, and portable. The A2 gives a battery life of up to 5 hours continuously and 30 hours once including their charging case. Secure fit with ergonomic design and 4 options of silicone tips in different sizes (XS, S, M, and L). Bluetooth 5.3 give a fast and stable connection. These cheap wireless earbuds also provide good decent as their price sound quality too.

Aihoor A2 review

AIHOOR A2 Wireless Earbuds

in-ear, true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5.3, built-in mic, touch control, battery life: 5 hours (single charge)/30 hours (with charging case), waterproof rating: IPX4, wide compatible: iOS/iPad/Android/Windows/Mac/PC/laptops, mode: mono/twin


There are plenty of wireless earbuds in the market nowadays that you can choose from cheap, moderate price, and high price. Most cheap wireless earbuds with charging cases are unknown brands, new brands, and not glorious. But many items of them come with good quality and good decent sound enough to enjoy listening to music. The AIHOOR A2 wireless earbuds are one of those. How about good and not for these cheap wireless earbuds, let’s go to the details of the AIHOOR A2 review, right now.

AIHOOR A2 Review – The Design and Comfortable

Aihoor A2 review

Small and compact dimension, the earbuds come with a short stem. The earbuds are only 3.3cm long (around coin size) and the charging case is only 4.61 cm in height. They are very lightweight, the case is only 46 grams, which is convenient for taking on the go in the pocket. While the earbuds weigh only 4 grams. The company provides you with 4 different sizes of silicone tips (extra small, small, medium (installed), and large), letting you find the best fit for your ears.

Touch control on the earbuds is easy. You can manage playback control (play, pause, skip tracks), volume up/down, answer calls, and activate voice assistant (Siri). However, the touch area is placed on the upper back of the stem earbuds. So if you want to twist or move earbuds please avoid touching that area. You should use your thumb and index finger to take on the bottom and top of the earbuds to move them. Some listeners complain about accidentally wrong function for example; skipping a podcast episode when they meant to just pause the music.

Unfortunately, the charging case has no power display which means you can’t recognize the real-time battery status. Another weakness that is the AIHOOR A2 Bluetooth earbuds are rather not fit people with big ears. Many people complain that it doesn’t fit due to they are too small for their ears. The manufacturer said the A2 is designed for small ears and is more suitable for women or people with small ears, which provides better-wearing stability and comfort.

The AIHOOR A2 wireless earbuds are available in colorful: matte black, gloss white, pink, red, navy blue, and red.

Build Quality

The overall materials are plastic and feel solid. The earbuds can withstand water at an IPX4 level, which is not much. This waterproof level can protect the earbuds from liquid splash, soft rain, or sweat while you working out. There is no mention of waterproofing for the charging case and I don’t think it’s waterproof.

The build quality is pretty strong, not fragile. If you use it carefully, I think it should last more than a year.

AIHOOR A2 Wireless Earbuds Review – Battery Life

AIHOOR A2 wireless earbuds review

This is one feature that is so good. The AIHOOR A2 claims the earbuds provide 5 hours and the charging case provides additional 25 hours. Even though this number isn’t much but enough for me. The playtime of 5 hours is enough for a short flight or running at the park in the morning. And the AIHOOR A2 can do as they claim, I can listen to music for almost 5 hours continuously while flying from California to Texas (including waiting time at the airport). That’s good.

When it comes to charging, it takes around 1.5 hours for fully charged earbuds. The case can charge via the USB-C port at the bottom of the case and take around 1.5 hours to fully charge as well. For me, I think it is a bit long.

AIHOOR A2 Review – The Sound Quality

AIHOOR A2 wireless earbuds - Smallest wireless earbuds

I’m just honestly reviewing, the sound quality is not very good. The AIHOOR A2 wireless earbuds deliver decent sound quality for the price but are not excellent. In some songs, the A2 produces beautiful sounds but some tracks are annoying or tumultuous with this wireless earbud.

One thing that obviously I felt was that the bass was punchy heavy and boom. The vocals and trebles are nothing short of spectacular. The AIHOOR A2 can be used to listen to all genres of music, watch movies, and call, enjoying.

All in all, the AIHOOR A2 isn’t for those who are serious about music, the sound is good and decent for listening to general music. If you are a serious audiophile, I recommend should look at wireless over-ear such as Focal Bathys ( wireless ANC over-ear headphones) or Bowers & Wilkins PX7 S2 (wireless & advanced ANC over-ear headphones). But, both headphones are quite expensive.

Other alternative options for wireless earbuds with better sound quality, for example, Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX (price more than $200) or Tozo Gloden X1 (price more than $100).

Compare Aihoor A2 to Similar Wireless Earbuds

Aihoor A2 Vs Stador T69 Vs Monster N-Lite Clear Talk Vs Tagry X08 Vs Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX

Aihoor A2 review

Aihoor A2 

Color Options: black, pink, white, black/red, navy blue, red, tiffany
: form-factor: in-ear, dimension: 2.4″ x 1.77″ x 0.94″, weight: 1.41 ounces, driver: 10mm PEEK+PU dynamic drivers,  charging type: USB type C
Features: Bluetooth 5.3, true wireless earbuds, waterproof rating: IPX4, battery life: 5 hours (single charge on earbuds)/30 hours (with charging case), built-in microphone, extra bass, touch control, voice assistant: Siri
In the box: Aihoor A2 wireless earbuds, charging case, USB-C charging cable (20cm), ear tips: XS/S/M/L, gift carton packaging


Stador T69 wireless earbuds


Specs: dimension: 2.52″ x 2.05″ (charging case)/0.78″ x 1.33″ (each earbud), semi-in-ear design, driver size: 13mm, charging type: USB-C/wireless charging pad
Features: Bluetooth 5.3 (one-step pairing & automatic pairing after first connection), true wireless earbuds, waterproof rating: IPX7, battery life: 7 hours (single charge on earbuds)/28 hours (with charging case & use both earbuds simultaneously), fast charge, microphones: built-in MEMS microphones (crystal clear calls), hi-fi stereo sound, dual LED power display: both earbuds & charging case battery status, voice assistant, touch control earphones, comfortable fit, can use either bud,
In the box: STADOR T69 wireless earbuds with wireless charging case, USB type C charging case, user manual


Monster N-Lite Clear Talk Wireless Earbuds

Monster N-Lite Clear Talk (MH22107)

Specs: in-ear, dimension: , weight: , driver size: 10mm, frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, microphone sensitivity: 98 +/- 3dB, battery capacity: 40mAh (each earbud)/380mAh (charging case)
Features: true wireless, Bluetooth 5.3 (transmission range: 10 meters), one-step pairing, touch control, playtime: 8 hours (single charge)/60 hours (with charging case), waterproof rating: IPX8, voice assistant: Siri
In the box: a pair of Monster N-Lite Clear Talk wireless earbuds, a charging case, a USB type C charging case, 6 different sizes of ear caps, a quick start guide, and a warranty letter



Color: white, black, pink, purple
: fit type: in-ear, dimension:2.4″ x 1″ x 1.8″, weight: 3.52 ounces, speaker size: 13mm, charging type: USB-C/wireless charging, battery capacity: 300mAh
Features: LED digital power display, playtime: 5 hours (single earbud)/up to 60 hours in total via using in turn (with case), waterproof rating: IPX5, one-step pairing, auto-connect/auto-reconnect, ergonomic design, triple-layer composite diaphragms: provide powerful bass/stunning treble/clear mids, built-in CVC noise reduction mic, smart touch control: volume (+/-)/track control (previous/next)/voice assistant/play/pause/call (answer/hang up), each earbud can use in single


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX review

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX

Specs: form factor: in-ear, stem design, dimension: 2.6″ x 1.1″ x 1.9″, weight: 2.29 ounces, materials: aluminum/tempered glass/polymer & silicone, charging type: USB-C/Qi wireless charging
Features: true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5.2 (support codecs: AAC/SBC/aptX adaptive), adaptive ANC/transparency mode, battery life: 6 hours (ANC on)/8 hours (ANC off)/20 hours (with charging case), waterproof & dustproof: IP57 rating, microphone: built-in 6 MEMs mics with beamforming technology, multipoint connection: yes (2 devices active at the same time), use either bud: yes, EQs: 5 presets in the app
In the box: Beoplay EX true wireless earbuds, wireless charging case, USB-C charging cable, interchangeable ear tips, quick start guide


AIHOOR A2 Wireless Earbuds – Pros & Cons


  • Cheap
  • Good battery
  • Design to compact, portable, and lightweight
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Mono/Twin mode – can be used either earbud
  • Bluetooth 5.3


  • Mediocre sound quality, good for the price
  • Not great for big ears
  • No power display
  • No ANC

AIHOOR A2 Review – Final Verdict

The AIHOOR A2 wireless earbuds are very cheap but good decent quality. With 10mm PEEK + PU dynamic drivers produce extra bass for those who are bass lovers. Compact design and lightweight is easy for portability. Battery life is 5 hours and 30 hours when including their charging case. The wireless earbuds are still ideal for working out with IPX4 waterproof and secure fit with 4 pairs of silicone earmuffs included in different sizes. With Bluetooth 5.3 delivers a faster and more stable wireless connection. Okay, it’s time to end the AIHOOR A2 review right now. I’d hope that this review will give you useful information, thank you.

Where to buy AIHOOR A2 Wireless Earbuds

Aihoor A2 reviewAIHOOR A2 Wireless Earbuds:

in-ear, true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5.3, built-in mic, touch control, battery life: 5 hours (single charge)/30 hours (with charging case), waterproof rating: IPX4, wide compatible: iOS/iPad/Android/Windows/Mac/PC/laptops, mode: mono/twin


Alternative Cheap Wireless Earbuds – May be great for you

GuavaPods A80 Pro Wireless EarbudsGuavaPods A80 Wireless Earbuds:

Bluetooth 5.3, auto-pairing after opening the case, true wireless earbuds, driver size: 13 mm, waterproof & sweatproof: IPX7, built-in environmental noise-canceling microphone, battery life: 5 – 6 hours (single charge)/50 hours (with charging case), type-C fast charging, hi-fi stereo sound & crystal-clear calls, deep bass, smart touch control, voice assistant: Siri,

see deals – eBay

Bcaikair NEW-i17 Wireless Earbuds

Bcaikair NEW-i17 Wireless Earbuds

in-ear, wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5.3 (fast speed/more stable/15 meters Bluetooth range),  LED power display (real-time show battery status), playtime: 5 – 8 hours (single charge)/ 36 hours (with charging case), battery capacity: 60mAh (earbuds)/400mah (charging case), waterproof rating: IPX7, lightweight (4g) & comfortable, 9D stereo sound effect, smart touch control, voice assistant: Siri, in the box: New-i17 wireless earbuds/type-C charging cable/ear tips (S/M/L)/charging case/user manual

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Bnuina 1 Wireless EarbudsBnuina 1 Wireless Earbuds (Apple MFi Certified)

in-ear, drivers: 14mm noise-canceling, waterproof rating: IPX7, Bluetooth 5.3, low latency (zero delays), Bluetooth range: 33 feet – 50 feet, hi-fi stereo sound, battery life: 5 hours of playtime (single charge)/24 hours of playtime (with charging case),  smart touch control, voice assistant: Siri, CVC 8.0 technology

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