Artiste ADH300 review: Transmitter & Charging dock Rechargable

Artiste ADH300 review: Transmitter & Charging dock Rechargable

Looking for the best Artiste ADH300 review? Then you are in the right place. It is very essential to read reviews regarding the product you want to purchase in order to make a sound decision.

This Artiste ADH300 review will give you an insight about the company, the product itself, the product features and its the pros and cons. So, sit back, relax and continue to read.

Artiste ADH300 review

Company Overview

For some, there is nothing better than losing themselves in the cinema for a few hours. However, not everyone could put up home theatre without irritating their neighbours downstairs.

In case you live in a small apartment or if you want to watch your favorite TV show or game without disturbing your partner or neighbours, Artiste ADH300 2.4GHz Wireless TV headphones are a good way to immerse in your preferred programming.

The Artiste has some of the best technology patents, what is more, they also master the state of the art headset design as well as production experience. The Artiste is dedicated to giving consumers with genuine acoustic-visual feeling.

The ADH300 Over-Ear headphones are high fidelity long-distance music TV headset with thorough overall sound. The sound is clear and also makes sure good dynamic, capable of adapting to various kinds of music as well as meets the need of video usage on a daily basis.

ADH300 TV review shows that this TV headset is the best choice if you want to experience the real sound.

Artiste ADH300 Review – Product Description

The state-of-the-art ADH300 Artiste Headphones is ideal for connecting to stereo receiver, television or any other types of audio gadgets for a superb listening experience using a wire-free headphone. This wireless TV headphone from Artiste is integrated with wireless technology that sends out a superior wire-free signal which provides a crisp audio in the headset up to ninety-eight feet from the television.

Artiste ADH300

ADH300 Artiste Headphones review shows that this advanced headset is perfect for listeners wanting to enhance television dialogue and speech clearness or movie watching late at night in order to not disturb significant other.

People who may have a little bit mild hearing loss will surely love the voice/vocal clarity of the ADH300 Artiste Headphones.


Artiste ADH300 Review – Product Features

The ADH300 Artiste Headphones are integrated with state of the art features, which make them the best and the most sought-after TV headphones according to Artiste ADH300 review online. Some of these features are:

  • Remarkable Stereo Audio Like in Cinema or Home Theater

With these TV headphones, you will experience amazing clear and crisp audio with 30 Hz-20 kHz frequency response. It has 0.5 percent total harmonic distortion and 70db signal to sound ratio. It comes with wireless headphones which serve as the charging dock of the headphone and 2 AAA rechargeable batteries.

Artiste ADH300 Headphones

  • Wireless UHF System

The ADH300 Artiste Headphones are a 2.4Ghzx headphone that utilizes radio frequency signal and has a prolonged reception range of up to 100 feet, which don’t need keeping the unit in the line of sight of the wireless transmitter.

  • Comfortable and Lightweight

Artiste ADH300 review shows that these TV headphones are comfortable to use and feel amazingly lightweight on the head. Huge oval ear cups totally fit around your ears on a majority of wearers. It comes with an adjustable soft cushioned headband made to give utmost comfort. The construction is solid, top-notch signal transmission range as well as excellent audio quality performance. Listen to favorite music for longer hours without irritation.

  • Smart Features

The ADH300 Artiste headsets are integrated with smart features such as on/off LED indicator, volume memory preset, muting, low power indicator, speed charge, and most of all it supports Mp3, TV, iPods as well as smartphone devices.

Artiste ADH300 TV Headphones
Artistle ADH300
Headphone for TV 100ft Distance Transmitter – Charging Dock Rechargeable

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  • Working Voltage: Transmitter/charger DC 5V 550mA
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz-20KHz
  • Carrier frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Receiver: 2*1.2V AAA
  • Degree of Distortion: <0.5%
  • Modulation Modes: GFSK
  • SNR: >70dB
  • Effective distance: 30 meters

In the package

  • Wireless headphone*1
  • transmitter*1
  • RCA-3.5MM *1
  • Rechargeable battery: one pair
  • 3.5MM-6.3MMrotary union
  • Power Adapter*1
  • Specification*1
  • Warranty Card*1

Artiste ADH300 – Conclusion

Despite the many benefits these headphones offer, but it also comes with small disadvantages. Take a looks pros & Cons.


  • The ADH300 Ariste headphones provide impressive wireless audio extended range and comfortable fit.
  • It easily connects to TV, hi-fi video, computer or any source of the sound. And the connection is indeed rock solid.
  • The unique closed-back style of the ear cups offers good unwanted sound isolation, therefore, the audio coming from this headphone doesn’t escape out. The covered ear cup also assists to cut off the headphone users from the speakers of the TV or other environmental sound in your room.
  • This is easy to setup and provides strong performance for music listening and movie watching.
  • Very comfortable and reasonable.


  • Pricey.
  • The base station and the charging stands look cheap.


Yes, it’s true that there are reasonable Bluetooth options for utilizing wireless headsets while watching television.

But, if you are searching for a high-quality audio experience that provides rock-steady connection without latency problems and extensive range, look no further than ADH300 Artiste headphones.

According to Artiste ADH300 review, this headphone is a good option amongst music and TV fanatics even if it is available for a high price.

Where to buy Artiste ADH300 Wireless Headphones for TV

>> Artiste ADH-300 2.4GHz Wireless Headphones for TV


Artiste ADH300 Compare to Other Wireless Headphones for TV

Artiste ADH300 Vs Artiste 2018TV03 Vs Avantree HT4189 Vs SHIVR NC18 3D

Artiste ADH300 wireless headphones for TV

Artiste ADH300 2.4GHz

Work range 100 feet for wireless and 33 feet for Bluetooth, no audio delay, adjustable soft-padded headphones,  20-hours playtime per once full charge, smart power-off (3 minutes if no signal), frequency response 25Hz – 20KHz, weight: 16 ounces


Artiste 2018TV03 wireless headphones for TV

Artiste 2018TV03

Work range up to 100 feet  for wireless signal and 33 feet for Bluetooth signal, 20-hours battery life, Hi-Fi stereo sound, adjustable soft padded headband, full-sealed earpads, frequency response 25Hz – 20KHz, weight: 17.6 ounces


avantree ht4189 review

Avantree HT4189

Work range 100 feet for wireless, Bluetooth 4.1, zero lip-sync delay feature, support profiles: Headset-HDP-A2DP-AVRCP, Battery life up to 40 hours and 20 days for standby, frequency response 20-20KHz, weight: 7.4 ounces


SHIVR N18 3D Bluetooth headphones

SHIVR NC18 3D Bluetooth ANC headphones

Specs: over-ear, dimension: 7.87″ x 6.3″ x 3.54″, weight: 10.4 ounces
Features: Digital active noise cancelling, aptX LL (Low Latency), Bluetooth 4.2, 20-hours playtime at Bluetooth mode and 25-hours without ANC, smart play & pause, Built-in Gyroscope, hi-fi stereo, immersive 3D audio, ambient sound mode


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