Sennheiser Momentum Headphones Review

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones Review

Sennheiser Momentum is introduced to be one of the first and excellent multi-media headphones released by Sennheiser Company.  With its company name, this Momentum got an excellent score prior to its design and comfort.

Sennheiser Momentum review

Sennheiser offers a lot of headphone in the market. In all these, the Sennheiser Momentum is one of the best wireless noise-canceling headphones and most groundbreaking of all time after being released in the market.   That is why Sennheiser Momentum review highlights how customers will be happy and satisfied with this headphone.

The Sennheiser company design Momentum 2.0 wireless for mobile media player and phones. Its performance and specifications will also satisfy the needs of even the most demanding audiophiles. This is the reason why Sennheiser Momentum remains as one of the most excellent and top choices of music lovers who want to get high performing headphones at their reasonable rates.

Sennheiser Momentum – Sound Quality

Sennheiser Momentum review emphasizes that the sound quality is very beautiful with spacious and flat sounds that allow recordings to be heard even without the addition of color or characteristics. This is a headphone that makes the most out of acapella vocal and challenging acoustic performances with a detailed breath and clear audible tone.

The bass, midrange, and treble are amazing as they all provide a detailed sound which is good and pleasant to hear. There are no complaints such as harsh treble in using this headphone based from Sennheiser Momentum review.

The bass sound was also richly reproduced which is why you can easily hear some slaps of bass string reverberation and drum skins.  The precision of the headphone also means to say that you could determine poor recordings. And, this way, you will be able to hear those ultra-low kinds of bitrate compressions.


Sennheiser Momentum review
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0
Closed back, on-Ear Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation, Two built-in microphone technology – Black

Great for Music and Movies

Due to the amazing and great quality of these headphones, it is now regarded as one of the greatest headphones when listening to different music genres and when watching movies.  This is perfect for those who really want to hear clear and loud sound of music without experiencing any unnecessary sounds.

This is the reason why Sennheiser Momentum review highlights how this headphone plays its essential role in music and movies.


Sennheiser Momentum – Design

This Sennheiser Momentum is beautifully made with classy looking design perfect for those people who are more up to fashion. Despite the fact that it is made from premium material, this headphone is still very comfortable and lightweight for you to wear. This only means to say that you will never experience any difficulty when you make use of this headphone.

sennheiser momentum 2 wireless review  Sennheiser Momentum reviews

From the time you have opened the box where this Sennheiser Momentum is placed, you will be greeted with a box that shows you just how high quality this headphone is. This comes in a folded couch that comes with zip-up container. This is beneficial when you want to keep your headphone at its good condition.

During the first time that the headphone was released in the market, this was already made available in its brown color. But, these days, you can already have the black version, too. It also features leather covered headband and earpads perfect for your ears.

Sennheiser Momentum

In addition to that, it has metallic finished earcups which could be moved down and up freely on the slotted headband to complement the size and the shape of the head. This is a closed back design that provides moderate external noise isolation. That is why with the Sennheiser-Momentum-2.0-wireless review, makes this headphone perfect for you.

Sennheiser Momentum – Conclusion

When you read on the Sennheiser Momentum review, you will notice that there are a lot of benefits that this headphone can offer you. Despite the benefits emphasized in Sennheiser Momentum review, there are still some minor problems that you might experience in using this earphone that include. These are benefits and some minor flaws of these headphones:


  • Lightweight and very comfortable for you to wear.
  • Build and sound quality are excellent.
  • Headphones always come in a nice and safe carrying case with two cables one for microphone and one for a remote.
  • This headphone has its elegant and full-sized ear pair that features its brushed stainless steel type of plush and headband along with leathery covered earpad that is very comfortable to the ears.
  • This will never let you feel uncomfortable and awkward even when used for long time duration.
  • Earpads are very soft and durable to the ears.
  • It is perfect for a portable media player.


  • It is offered at its expensive price.



This Sennheiser Momentum is simply one of the best headphones you should have today. Despite of the simple or minor issues that you will somehow experience from using this headphone, it will never outweigh the many benefits that it can offer you with.

From the sound quality, design, performance, and value of this headphone, you are most assured that you will never regret it purchasing one in the market. The Sennheiser Momentum review highlights how this headphone is one of the most valuable headphone investments you should never miss out today. You will definitely appreciate just how useful this product can be.

This will also ultimately leave you fascinated and impressed. For sure, you will love it having this headphone for its excellent features and more. This is incomparable to other products for its specifications and more!

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