Cowin E8 Review

Cowin E8 Review

Do you find yourself turning up the volume on your MP3 player or any portable devices to drown out the noise around you on the airplane or in a crowd? Do you feel exhausted after being in a noisy environment for an extensive period of time? Maybe it is time to consider Cowin E8 noise-canceling headphones.

When choosing noise-canceling headphones, you have to determine which style, earbud or around the ear, you prefer to wear.

Comfort is essential when choosing the best noise canceling headphones. Today, one of the best noise-canceling headphones available is the Cowin E8. This Cowin E8 review will help you know more about this product.

Cowin E8

Sound Quality Better

The Cowin E8 offers:

Superior stereo sound. Integrated 40mm ear cup aperture drives make this headphone capable of delivering a comprehensive sound frequency range that brings listeners parts of the sound they will not usually hear. It has accurate, deep bass response. Active noise canceling in-ear headphones provides crisp, quiet and powerful sound that helps listener enjoys the sound better. The manufacturer of this headphone tried their best to give you the best sound quality.

Design to More Comfort

Cowin E8 noise canceling headphones

The improved soft ear cushions along with the specialized protein provide amazing comfort ear pad and ninety rotating ear cup that also guarantees more comfort. The integrated soft ear cushions also come with magnetic adsorption that makes this headphone more comfortable and durable and makes you enjoy this first-class feature.

You can wear this headset all day long since it is lightweight, very comfortable around-ear fit and good skin texture. However, it is advisable to take off this headphone every two to three hours to allow your ear to relax.

Due to its high quality integrated NFC technology and Microphone, Cowin E8 offers high quality integrated mic so you can answer calls without using your hands that is convenient to free yourself from cables. NFC pairing assisted by voice prompts promises stable and fast connection with the Bluetooth enabled gadget.

More Noise Canceling

Lose noise and Free yourself

This headphone is matched with considerable noise reduction for work, travel and anywhere. The state of the art active noise reduction system is intended for people in city traffic, busy office and airplane cabin noise, which makes them focus on what they’re doing like watching videos and movies and listening to music. What makes this apart from the rest is that it does well under wireless and wire mode.

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Cowin E8 & E7

Compare to the previous E7 model, the Cowin E8 comes with upgraded soft ear cushions for further comfort. It also provides amazing sound quality compared to Cowin E7. However, this is more expensive compared to its previous model.

Cowin E8
Cowin E8 Active Noise Canceling Headphone
Upgraded Soft Ear Cushions with magnetic adsorption with 20 hours playtime

Why I choose Cowin E8?

There are many good reasons why I choose Cowin E8 such as:

  • It has great wireless range without affecting the quality of the sound. They are decent for many use cases.
  • It offers twenty hours playtime for every charge. The Cowin E8 comes with 600mAh battery to help you use this headphone for a long span of time, so worry no more about the power shortage during long travel. It is available with 18 months warranty and customer service is friendly and fast.
  • This headphone is lightweight. The headband is soft and comes with protein ear cushions. The ear cups spin for a fine-tuned fit.
  • The state of the art active noise reduction system is intended for people in busy office, airplane cabin noise as well as city traffic. This helps you focus on the things you’re doing like watching videos and movies and listening to music.
  • This headphone has the capability to minimize airplane roar. It provides true to life audio, clear vocals and precise guitars, crisp percussion, and clean bass. With this headphone, you will discover amazing audio quality which brings out the best in music like subtle details you might never have seen.

Cowin E8 Pros & Cons


  • No wire required; thanks to the integrated Bluetooth feature, just pair up your mobile phone or any Bluetooth device and enjoy to twenty hours of listening satisfaction.
  • The comfort, convenience as well as lightweight design makes Cowin E8 the best option for home, office and travel use.
  • Amazing build quality.
  • Great battery life.
  • Very comfortable ear pad.


  • The headband felt sharp and hard doffing into your head that can lead to major discomfort when wearing.
  • You can spin the ear cups to sit on the neck but big enough which is not relaxed and comfy to do so.


Final Verdict

Cowin E8 is indeed one of the good noise canceling headphones available in the market at this point in time. It comes with state of the art features that help promote the best listening experience. It is lightweight, very comfortable and can last for extended hours.


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