Best headphones fit fоr you

Best headphones fit fоr you

In our present life, people can see headphones everywhere. No matter where you are, in the house, outside the door, all kinds of English listening examinations, it seems that the headphone is indispensable. From the invention of headphone to the present, it is developing with the advance of technology. So if you want to find the best headphones that work for you. You’ve come to the right place.

Best headphones

The best headphones products are getting mature from the first two small speakers in your ears over time. Whether the type of headphones or wearing styles, even the pronunciation of the core unit, it has a lot of changes. This article will present the technical changes of headphone from the invention till now.

The original headphone is a tow pronunciation units hanging on the edge of ears, up to now it has developed many types of headphones. Taking it by and large, including headphone, ear plugs, ear loop and the new development bone conduction headphones.

Best Headphones – Headphones Evolution

Head wearing headphones are the first type of headphones. Comparing to the other type of headphones, it is poor in the express of undertone and is inconvenience in carrying.


ear plug ISOtunes Noise Isolating_files

Earplug is a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of headphone. The small size makes it very convenience to use outside. As urban developing, environmental noise increase, an in-ear monitor is a new breakthrough product that is more suitable for the outside world applying.

Ear loop

Ear loop Kenwood KHS-31C

Ear loop can be regarded as an intermediate product of earphone and earplug. It is very beautiful in wearing. However, it does not have any clear characteristics.

Bone conduction headphones

Bone Conduction Headphones Ear-Shield

Bone conduction headphones is a relatively new technology, in the use of vibration theory, transmitting the sound through the skull to the listening center directly. However, this product is still not popular; it is indefinite whether it can bring to a revolutionary breakthrough for the headphone. According to the application of headphone, the type of headphone becomes enriched. Generally, it falls into three types as open, closed and semi-open headphone.

  Open headphones

Sennheiser HD 600Open Headphones - Sennheiser HD 650

Open headphones generally bring a sense of comfort while listening, will not cause any pressure to the ear. It is applicable to enjoy music indoor. But the type of headphone has a great impact on the environment, with a certain regional limitation.   Example of these type of headphones such as Sennheiser HD 600 and Sennheiser HD 650.

Closed headphones

Closed-back Ultrasone Inc

Closed headphones are widely used in the monitoring areas, it comes with a soft tone pad to wrap the ear, so the ear can avoid from being disturbed by the noisy environment in the process of listening music.

Semi-open headphones


Beyerdynamic DT 880

A semi-open headphone is a modern type of headphone that integrates both the advantages of the tow headphones above. It is popular among the teenagers in the process of listening music by mobile phones, mp3, and personal stereos etc. It cannot be completely over the ears, but can reduce outside noise. The Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250 Ohm is a sample of semi-open headphones

Wireless headphones

best headphones

The headphone is now moving towards to the development of wireless and noise reduction. It is more freedom while using the wireless headphone, with the development of technology, wireless technology getting mature, ensuring the sound quality of wireless headphone in our daily lives. The Bluetooth headphone is a best apply of wireless headphone, it is rapidly developing at present as the development of the mobile phones.

Cowin E-7 Wireless headphones

As the city’s noise pollution getting serious outdoor, during using common headphones, in order to cover the noise, what we can do is increasing the volume. So it follows that you cannot enjoy the wonderful music but also have a great affection on your own hearing. The emergence of noise reduction in most best headphones makes a good solution to this question. For example, monster beats studio, the noise reduction specialist.

Monster beats studio is the appropriate headphones of the NBA star Kobe. It owns a special design of strong noise reduction. There is no need to increase your headphone’s volume outdoors, makes you enjoy the music better and protect your ears at the same time.

The development of headphone is rapidly, just as the development of technology. Until now, the headphone has been 70 years of development history. We cannot predict the future of headphone, nowadays, it is a bardian times, everyone has different tastes. So, they are expecting having a music space for their own, the headphone is approaching this goal. In the end of this article, we hope every customer can purchase an ideal product.

Best Headphones – Type of headphones

There are many kinds of headphones and depending on what your needs are you have an easier decision on what kind you will actually need. There are five kinds of headphones: earbuds and in ear which stick in your ears, on ear which sit on top of your ears, over ear which cover your ears completely, wireless which are cordless, and finally headset which add a microphone to the mix.

Best Headphones – Earbuds and In-Ear Headphones

Phaiser BHS-730

Earbuds and in ear headphones great for commuters as the sound is in your ear and does not “leak” out to others around you. The real advantages area that these headphones are very very portable and kind of hidden within your ears. There are however drawbacks to these earbud style headphones. With a small size of headphone, you will not have the big soundstage and range of sound that a larger speaker can give you. One of the biggest problems is that since these headphones sit inside your ear and this can be dangerous at large volumes leading to hearing problems in later life.

Best Headphones – On Ear Headphones

Skullcandy Grind Wireless

These on-ear headphones type are a great type of headphone around the house. They will give great response and have a big range as well as the possibility of a very large soundstage. The drawback of the on ear headphone style is that since the sound is not blocked by anything much more sound can leak out and people around you can hear the music that you are listening to especially at higher volume.




Best Headphones – Over Ear Headphones

Over Ear Headphones Mpow Bluetooth

Over the ear, style is the kind that you are most used to seeing. These headphones cover your entire ear and are the kind that is most often noise cancelling. The sound on these headphones can’t be beat and the lack of outside noise and the control of the sound by the manufacturer in making the sound perfect in your ear. The drawback of over-ear headphones is that they are large and when wearing and listening these headphones will mean that you can’t hear anyone around you… maybe this is good and maybe not

Best Headphones – Wireless Headphones

Skullcandy Hesh 2 black-silver

Wireless technology is found in almost every gadget, and headphones are no exception. Wireless headphones transmit sounds through different methods such a infra-red, radio frequency (RF), analog and digital transmission. The latter method is said to be the best-sounding wireless headphones as long as you remain in a certain range or line of sight

Wireless is the headphones that you will use if you want to move around listening to music. With wireless, since they are usually over the ear, there are no limits to how good they sound. Since these headphones need to use wireless RF technology the real drawback is the weight and price

Best Headphones – Headsets

headsets Mpow Pro

Headsets are on ear with a microphone. Usually, these are paired up with a computer and video games so the quality is not expected to be great and often is not. The really great thing about these style of headphones is that you can, in fact, multi-task listening to music until you need to talk on the phone or whatever you are using the microphone for.

Headphones are a great investment for many people. With the cost of speakers being so high and with the proliferation of MP3 players there is a real need for most people to have a great music listening experience by listening to music with one of the sets above.

Best Headphones – Over-the-Ear or Closed Headphones

Closed-Headphones LyxPro HAS-10

Because your entire ears are covered, these types of headphones are the most accurate among the headsets since they obstruct the external sounds coming from the environment. As a result, you get to concentrate more on the sound rather than the noise from your surroundings. Professional who use these headphones are quality analytics in the BPO industry, recording artists, DJ’s, and recording studio producers. Most of these headphones are made from foam or leather, but some can be made from other materials.




Best Headphones – Sports Headphones or Clip on Headphones

sport headphones SENSO ActivBuds

You may remember this category of headphones as the yellow headphones that used to come with the yellow colored Sony Walkman. Nowadays some of these models have a plastic like a hoop that goes over the top of the head, around the back of the neck, or clip onto the ear. These are the type I personally like to use when running, or lifting weights at the gym. They stay on your ears a litter better than earbuds during activity, don’t need to be put in your ear canal, don’t’ overheat your ear, are portable & easy to travel with, and are fairly low cost

Best Headphones – Ear Pad Headphones

ear pad - Rockville DJ1500 DJ Headphones

The pads from these headphones sit on your ears as opposed to in your ears (like earbuds) or fully encase your ears like (full-size circumaural headphones). They tend to be fairly comfortable, can provide high-quality audio reproduction, and don’t overhead ears as much as fully sealed headphones are typically moderately priced. However, they can become uncomfortable over long periods of use because they push down on the ears since they sit on them.

Best Headphones – Fully Sealed Headphones

Fully Sealed headphoens - Blue Lola Sealed Over-Ear

These headphones are also known as “cans”, stereo headphones, ear cup headphones and even a few other names. Basically, they seal around the ear, so that it is fully enclosed, which helps to eliminate outside noise while producing a very high-quality audio listening experience. These headphones provide the highest quality audio listening experience delivering full broad range of sounds and eliminate outside noises. These headphones can overheat ears & be uncomfortable over long periods of time. They are typically not as portable as the first two styles above, and they can be quite expensive depending on the model.



Best Headphones – Tips to buy the best headphones with your budgets

Having quality and the best headphones is not only necessary for those who are using a CD or MP3 player. Headphones can also be very valuable when you are going to listen to the music or any audio program on your stereo or your computer. That is why it is very important for you to choose the right pair of headphones. You will certainly need the headphones that will be perfect for each use, regardless of where you are when you use them. At this time, this article is going to give you several tips that will help you to choose the best headphones.

3 Tips to choose the best headphones.

The first thing that you have to do is to determine how much money you want to spend on getting the best headphones. Since there are various options of headphones that available on the market today, you can find the price on are yearning for. After you have decided a maximum that you are willing to spend on the best headphones, you can start to narrow your options.

The second thing is to consider when you will use the headphone the most. This will help you in determining the size of the headphones that you have to buy. It would be better decision if you are choosing the earbuds or the smaller headphones. If you are going to use them while walking or on the train when you are on your way to work. On the other hand, choosing the larger headphones would be the right decision if you are going to use them at home.

The third thing that you need to do is to determine whether or not you want to have the best headphones that come with special features. It is found that some headphones are designed with the ability for increasing the bass that you hear, while the others are specifically designed for blocking the outside noises. If you are choosing the headphones with these abilities, you should be ready to pay more money. Usually, these types of headphones have better quality than the standard pair.

If your money is short, save some more

Best Headphones

If you really want good music, never settle just because your money is short to buy good quality headphones or earphones you are eyeing. Delay gratification a little bit because buying a cheap product and listening to it afterwards only emphasizes why some brands are prices as they are. Any product below the mid-priced range is generally a waste of your money. Now, if you just want something where you can listen to music to while away the time, may be you can buy a basic set of headphone or ear plugs. Still, you don’t skip on the research. Just because you are buying for cheap doesn’t mean you purchase the first gadget you see.

Let your purpose guide you

Before the what, you need to answer the why. What is your purpose in buying a set of headphones and where will you be using them? Will you buy headphones and put them on just to while away the time at school, doing the grocery or in your room? If you are using them on your way to school or work, will you be walking or crossing streets? If so, maybe earphones would be the better option because they don’t drown out the noise of your environment as much as headphones, which may incapacitate your ability to hear onrushing vehicles.

Do you want to pursue a career in music? If so, then you may have to burn a lot of money to purchase the best headphones that will last a while. As a rule of thumb, the larger the device is, the louder the sound quality will be on the flip side, smaller doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. As evidenced by the earphones for iPhone or the B&W CS.

Listen to old and new music

best headphones

To get a better grasp of how your headphones sound like, run it through a series of tests. One of the most effective is to play the standards. Old music gives a good barometer of how the gadget’s range of sounds performs. That’s because contemporary music is compressed too much due to technology so older songs will allow you to gauge its frequency response. The best music is to play the classics. So before you buy headphones, have a listen to on a lot of Mozart, Bach or Beethoven because they make us of multiple instruments that will really exert your gadget’s treble and bass to their limits.


Best Headphones – Beneficial Headphones Feature to Look Out For

Sensitivity and frequency response, appearance and the size of the best headphones are the most common things that buyers look for when comparing models and looking for the best pair for their use. But with headphones now becoming more and more sophisticated, you would need to go beyond the usual features and look at the special features some of the models come with to enjoy the most pleasant listening experience.

Sound isolation and noise canceling features.

Best Headphones

The best headphones have noise cancellation feature which uses tiny microphones to effectively capture ambient sounds. These sounds get electronically reversed and reintroduced to output speakers. So that you enjoy the better clarity of the original sounds without any noise interference. Sound isolating feature, on the other hand, creates some barrier between the sounds in your environment or setting and the ears. The headphones with these features usually fit snugly in the ear canal, thus isolating the outside noise so you can enjoy your audios uninterrupted.

Bone conduction

This is a feature that has best headphones sitting more on the cheekbone, so that your eardrums are bypassed when the sound is being delivered. The sound is delivered straight to the inner ear through head bone vibration. It is an amazing feature if you want to enjoy the clarity of your music without drowning out background noises. If you are a jogger, this kind of a feature can be beneficial because you underwater use.


Best Headphones

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you should consider getting best headphones that have this feature. Because it makes it easy for you to monitor heart rate during workouts without requiring an extra device. The best headphones are designed to gather information directly to the ears with some models. Feeding the audio cues directly to make workouts even easier. The headphones that have this feature are usually compatible with fitness apps that are popular.


Volume limiting

It is a feature that keeps the audio volumes at safe levels, making the headphones best for kids and even adults who want to keep hearing protected. The best headphones that have this feature are designed in such a way that they keep the volume at around 85dB or even lower.


The features can be beneficial depending on the use of the best headphones. If you are a gamer who has a need to communicate with other players, then it might be a great feature for your gaming sessions. The microphones can include small cords or they could be in-line built and come complete with controls to mute or add and reduce microphone volumes.

Sound surround

It is a feature that accurately reproduces sound in multi-channel surround formats and the best headphones for home theater and gaming uses. The headphones usually use electronic processing to emulate directional surround sound cues from tow speaker drivers.

There are so many headphone types and models and when you are careful with the features you can get the most suitable for you listening preferences.