Logitech G930 review – Wireless Gaming Headset for PC

Logitech G930 Review – Short words

Logitech G930 review: This item is one of the most comfortable gaming headsets. Moreover, these gaming headsets also have Dolby 7.1 surround sound that makes it feel like you get into the game. There are many key features that are interesting about Logitech G930 such as log-free 2.4GHz, 3 programmable G-keys*, sound isolating (cushion earpads), folding NC mic with auto-mute, USB recharging base, up to 10 hours battery life, and also many more.

Logitech G930 review

Logitech G930 – Wireless Gaming Headsets 

Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound, Rapid-burst transmission, Wireless Headphones with Microphone, Rotate-to-mute mic


Logitech G930 review – best gaming headsets available for your PC

The competition among gaming headsets is one a role with many famous brands competing with each other to grasp the interest of gamers. Logitech is amongst one of the leading headset and other gaming peripheral devices companies.

Logitech G930 review

We’ve seen many Logitech gaming headsets in a similar price range. Though, this brand has taken a remarkable leap and impressed us with not just G930’s incredible specs but also its amazing performance. In this Logitech G930 review, we’ll take a close look at the Logitech G930 headset, we’ll find whether or not this product lives up to our expectations:

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Logitech Wireless Gaming Headphones G930 – Design and Features

The single issue looks to be durability. Some parts of these gaming headsets look to deteriorate and you’ve to be cautious not to damage them. In any case, spare parts are available for little money if something occurs.

The plastic builds well enough out of the box, but over time a few variants start to develop cracks that eventually outcome in a broken headset. Remember that durability is not high notch but as long as you do not abuse it, this headset should serve you for at least a few years.

The closed-back construction offers fine noise insolation. Meaning the surrounding noise would not bother you with your games and films, while the headphones still leak the sound you are enjoying but not too badly.

Logitech G930 Gaming Headphones Review – Comfort

While these headphones may have an unusual rectangular form they’re amazingly comfortable. Made from soft material, you can wear them very long without irritating your ears. The earpads are made out of soft cushions that do not put a lot of force around your ears.

The headband extends finely and can fit any adult head. Generally, comfort is the best class, something you would expect from a luxury gaming headset.

Game Performance of the G930 – Best Logitech Gaming Headset

One of the best features of the Logitech G930 in my point of view is its low latency and fine performance as a gaming headset. The headphone offers clear sound and OK bass for most games that were checked the Logitech G930 with, though the performance was not fine across the board in all the games we check the headset with.

In famous games like PUBG and Assassin’s Creed performance left something to be desired. The mic continued to perform remarkably in all games. Though not each one will appreciate that sound modulation options, you’ve some fun with it by using sound avatars. We believe that serious gamers will find some voice modulation gimmicky and sub-par.

best logitech gaming headset

Music Performance

The Logitech G930 is like previous models in many ways, and when it comes to the sound quality of music, this similarity is a downside. Music sounds bland, flat, and distant, and equalization options can just help so much. Presets for different genres could make a world of difference here, which only makes their lack more keenly felt.

I tried out the Logitech G930 with excerpts from Handel’s Messiah carry me back by previous crow medicine shoe and Salty Dog. None of them sounded great, particularly compared to the others. The soundscape was plain and tinny. While each note was clear, it was hard somebody had surgically eliminated the passion from every song.

Battery life

The battery performance for 10-hrs per charge, which is more than enough for most users. In case you run out of battery you can still utilize it while charging it with a cable. Compared to other headphones for games, the 10hrs battery life is extremely fine for a cheap gaming headphone like Logitech G930.

Connecting is simple and really looks to work rapidly and reliably without many disconnects in crucial moments. The connection keeps for about 40 feet, depending on the hurdles in between. Logitech uses its own 2.5GHz technology that’s supposedly up to 38 percent faster than Bluetooth.

This amazing feature is difficult to prove in real life, but the wireless link works as expected most of the time. Disconnections are very rare and the sound is clean without any hiss.

Compare Logitech G930 to Other Gaming Headsets

Logitech G930 vs Logitech G430 vs Corsair VOID RGB Elite vs Sennheiser Game One Vs Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense

Logitech G930 review

Logitech G930, Model 981-000257

Specs: Dimension: 9.8″ x 9″ x 4.3″, weight: 8 ounces, drive size: 40mm, frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz (headphones)/50-20KHz (microphone), impedance: 32 Ohms, Sensitivity: 90dB SPL/mW (headphones),  -40dBV/Pa re: 0dB = 1 Pa, 1KHz (microphone), wireless, corded USB connection, Analog 3.5 mm jacks
Features: Rapid-burst transmission, Low-frequency effects (LFE) channel, Agile frequency, noise-canceling mic, playtime: up to 10 hours, sound: Dolby 7.1 Surround sound, 3 programmable G-Keys, microphone pickup pattern: cardioid (unidirectional),on-ear controls, mute-light


Logitech G430 Gaming Headset with Mic

Logitech G430, Model 981-000536

Specs: dimension: 9.84″ x 8.98″ x 4.33″, weight: 8 ounces, impedance: 32 ohms; sensitivity: 90dB SPL/mW, frequency response: 20 – 20KHz (headphones)/50 – 50 KHz (microphone), cable length: 10.5 ft
Features: sound: DTS 7.1 surround sound and Dolby 7.1 surround sound, 90-degree swivel earcup, foldable, noise-canceling boom mic, microphone pickup pattern: cardioid (unidirectional), OS compatible: PS4/Windows 10/Windows 8/ Windows 7/windows Vista, on-cable controls, adjustable boom mic


SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless review

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Specs: form factor: on-ear, dimension: 3.54″ x 6.55″ x 7.37″, weight: 1.5 pounds, driver size: 40mm, frequency response: 10 – 40kHz, impedance: 32 ohms, sensitivity: 102 dBSPL @1 kHz/1mW, microphones: (frequency response: 100-10kHz, sensitivity: -38 dBV/Pa), transmission box: (wireless 2.4GHz lossless & Bluetooth 4.1, work range: 40ft, compatible: PC/PS4/Xbox one/mobile, audio: Dobly audio, connector: 3.5mm/USB/optical)
Features: wireless 2.5G, Bluetooth 4.1, Bluetooth profile: A2DP/HFP/FSP, support: DTS X Headphones 2.0/hi-res, microphone: retractable boom/noise-canceling, playtime: 2 x 10 hours (dual battery)


Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset

Specs: dimension: 2.44″ x 2.5″ x 9.25″, weight: 10.5 ounces, open-back design, frequency response (headphones): 15 – 28KHz, impedance: 50 ohms, exchangeable cable, SPL (headphones): 116dB, sensitivity: microphone: 38 dBV at 94 dBSPL, connector: 2 x 3.5 mm / 1 x 3.5 mm
Features: noise-canceling microphones, microphone: automatic by raising the boom arm,  plush velour-covered XXL ear pads, compatible platforms: PC/Mac/consoles/mobiles/tablets/Xbox one


Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense review

Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense

Specs-Headphones: over-ear, dimension: 9.88″ x 8.15″ x 4.13″, weight: 12 ounces/334 grams, driver: 50mm Razer(TM) TriForce Titanium, frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, impedance: 32 ohms (1kHz), sensitivity: 98 dB (1kHz), connection type: USB-A, cable length: 1.3 meter/4.27 feet
Specs-Microphones: pattern: detachable HyperClear Cardioid microphone, pickup-pattern: unidirectional, frequency response: 100Hz to 10kHz, sensitivity: -42 +/- 3dB
Features: wired, sound: 7.1 surround sound (THX Spatial audio), earpads material: heat-transfer fabric/leatherette/memory foam, passive noise cancellation, control: (volume: up & down, mute mic: toggle on/off, haptics adjuster: off/low/medium (default)/high), lighting: Razer Chroma RGB (16.8 million colors & a suite of lighting effects)
Platform: PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch (docked mode)


Logitech G930 – Pros & Cons


  • Excellent mic performance.
  • Outstanding sound quality for the price.
  • Low latency.
  • Optimum comfort for extended wear.
  • Decent app support.


  • Inconsistent Bass delivery.
  • Subpar bass.
  • Below average noise isolation.

Final Verdicts

The outcome of my Logitech G930 review; the headset provides very fine audio quality, a high-end wireless range, decent battery life, and a retro yet feature-packed design. For such a price, the Logitech G930 headset is definitely one of the best gaming headphones available for PC.

The Dolby 7.1 surround sound is only an added bonus to all functions that headphones sport. Lag-free wireless links will keep you in sync when you move from spot to spot within the range of the transmitter. If you need a lot more immersive and deeper gaming experience then and you are looking for something relatively affordable, the Logitech G930 is the ideal gaming headset for you.

Where to buy Logitech 930

Logitech G930 review
Logitech G930:

Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound, Rapid-burst transmission, Wireless Headphones with Microphone, Rotate-to-mute mic


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