ENACFIRE T1 Review – Cheap Pack With Quality

ENACFIRE T1 Review – Cheap Pack With Quality

The ENACFIRE T1 earbuds are a fine pair of TWS earphones, offering some top-end functions, like USB type C charging, one step pairing, and fine sound quality. They have a finely balanced sound profile that has a bit extra kick of bass, but that should be versatile enough for most genres.

They isolate a fine amount of background chatter and have great battery life for TRW earbuds. If you’re interested to buy these cheap true wireless earbuds, let’s jump into the ENACFIRE T1 review for further details.

Enacfire T1 Review – Design

Enacfire T1 Review

The ENACFIRE T1 earbuds have the very same style as the 1st generation. Our unit has a fine matte white finish which should not attract as many fingerprints as other glossy models like EARFUN TW200 and ENAFIRE E90. Overall, they look a bit more premium than their competitors. If you do not like the stem design, check out more buds like looking ENACFIRE T1.

The charging case of the buds is great. It feels a little more premium than any other model thanks to its matte finish, and it now includes USB C type charging. It is worth noting that while we do not test this, we tried on several chargers around the office and found that it looks really amazing.

The earbuds feel quite stable in your ear once you find the perfect fit with its supreme fit design. Once you reach a decent seal, the earbuds likely will stay perfectly in your ear even during light walkouts or runs. Unfortunately, they do not have optional fins for proper stability which would help enhance this even further.

Enacfire T1 Wireless Earbuds – Sound Performance

Enacfire T1 Noise Cancellatoin Calling

The frequency response of the buds might not up to snuff to TWS earbuds, but it does the thing in a pinch. It is aimed at hitting mutual loudness as a pair of hundred USD buds, though the bass reproduction is a bit heavy-handed.

If you are thinking you can do without the additional bass, these features are not included in these buds. The midrange frequencies are perfect, but the bass notes can be very loud and lead and to a sensation called auditory masking. That means that the bass of the T1 can overwhelm the midrange sounds and make it sound like they are missing.

We promise that they are not missing, you just have to fix your preset to find them. These are a solid option for commuters, particularly those who need to tune out the clatter of daily life.

The ENACFIRE T1 is not equipped with the ANC, but not several earbuds at this point are. They are one size fits all to help you to get the right fit.

Enacfire T1 Review – Fit and Comfort

These earbuds are finely comfortable. Depending on your pain threshold, you will be capable to sport the earbuds for about an hour before fatigue sets in. these with high sensitives skin might tap out after the 50 minutes mark. A few will find that the big round cavity applies little burden on the concha that intensifies the long time you wear the earbuds.

I prefer the fit of the Apple Air Pods Pro, as its elongated frame feels more decent and sits smoothly on the ear.

The T1 buds feel a little unstable, particularly when run, which might trigger nightmares for those who have already lost their first pair of Air Pods down a swear drain.

Call Quality

Best wireless earbuds under 50

One of the largest scene stealers is mic quality – the built-in mic works decently to capture your voice and remove background sounds. The system is very impressive and outperforms some of the pricier models. During call background, the sound reduction is much enhanced, though not fully eliminated.

You might notice some wind sound, but it’d be tempered enough that you can surely make phone calls outdoors. If your point si call quality, the Enacfire T1 is wireless earbuds that you should buy one. They also come for under 50 dollars. Although not be good as Samsung Galaxy Buds Live or Sony WF-SP800N, but much cheaper.

Key Features

  • Touch control – earbuds adopt sensitive touch control to less hurt your ears with pressure and allow you simply tap to control track, calls, voice assistant, easily off/on, pause/play music, simply hands-free calling during working, meeting or driving.
  • Easy to pair – the buds offer a quick pairing system, uncover the case, and hit on the Bluetooth list. They’ll connect each other automatically, and widely compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Long Playtime – Long Playtime: Last up to 7-hours on a single charge and the charging box provides 5 times. Sum up of playtime up to 42 hours
  • Type C Charging – having a type C port on the case has some benefits. It’s a safer and quicker port than the often micro port.
  • IPX8 water-resistant IPX8 waterproof: T1 wireless earbuds design to complete resist water and sweat with IPX8 rating you will happy for bringing them to outdoor activities. These wireless earbuds under 50 are perfect for outdoor sports

Compare Enacfire T1 to Other Enacfire Wireless Earbuds

Enacfire T1 Vs Enacfire E90 Vs Enacfire G20 Vs Enacfire E60

Enacfire T1 specs

Enacfire T1

Specs: in-ear, dimension: 4.72″ x 4.33″ x 1.57″, weight: 0.15 ounces, Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm chipset,
Features: 4-mics built-in, aptX lossless audio, waterproof rating: IPX8, touch control, battery life: 7-hours (single charge)/42-hours (with charging case), call noise cancellation (ENC technology), quick charge, deep bass


Enacfire E90 - specs

Enacfire E90

Specs: in-ear, dimension: 2.44″ x 0.94″ x 2.01″, weight: 0.16 ounces, Qualcomm aptX chip,
Features: aptX extra bass, CVC 8.0 noise cancellation, dual mic, ergonomically and lightweight design, playtime: 8-hours (single charge)/48-hours (with charging case), waterproof rating: IPX8, touch control, quick charge, aptX lossless audio


Enacfire H500 wireless earbuds review

Enacfire H500

Specs: in-ear, dimension: 4.49″ x 4.09″ x 1.77″, weight: 5.3 ounces, advanced chip: energy-saving/high-efficient/faster connection
Features: true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0, support audio code: HFP/AVRCP/A2DP/SPP/ACC/SBC, deep bass, premium lossless audio, dual mic, ergonomic design, playtime: 8-hours (earbuds)/40-hours(with charging case), touch screen, waterproof rating: IPX8, auto paring, quick charge, mode: mono/stereo, passive noise cancellation


Enacfire G20 wireless earbuds review

Enacfire G20 Wireless Earbuds

Specs: in-ear, dimension: 2.95″ x 1.34″ x 1.34″, weight: 0.14 ounces
Features: Bluetooth 5.0, CVC8.0 noise cancellation, dual-mic, waterproof rating: IPX8, apt-X, playtime: 7-hours nonstop/42-hours with charging case, smart touch control & ergonomic design, fast-charge, 3-size of ear tips provide (S/M/L)


Enacfire T1 Review – Pros & Cons


  • Fine mic quality
  • Decent battery life
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • Quick pairing


  • Fit and Comfortability issues

Enacfire T1 – Verdicts

All in all, the conclusion of the ENACFIRE T1 review, they’re fine in-ears for mixed usage. They are good at sounds, decent in the bass, and an excellent choice for phone calls. I’ll recommend these buds if you’re looking to buy budget-friendly earbuds.

Where to buy Enacfire T1

Enacfire T1 Review
Enacfire T1:
Bluetooth 5.0, 4 Mics built-in noise cancellation, aptX lossless audio, Ultra-lightweight
42 hours playtime (with charge box), IPX8 waterproof rating



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